Feel uncertain about my relationship

It’s Okay To Feel Unsure About Your Relationship | Thought Catalog

feel uncertain about my relationship

It's Okay To Feel Unsure About Your Relationship you're ultimately saying “hey, I think you're cool enough to spend the rest of my life with. Most often, the anxiety comes from a feeling of not being secure in their relationship. A heightened anxiety can often occur because they. Assuming you know your partner well and this is a long term relationship your Is it normal to feel a little uncertain at the beginning of a relationship?.

feel uncertain about my relationship

But the beauty of the uncertainty in relationships is that it is in this space that our ultimate spiritual growth evolves, and where we can find more joy and more happiness than anywhere. So just how do we overcome the innate urge to self-protect during periods of uncertainty?

It’s Okay To Feel Unsure About Your Relationship

How do we learn how to surrender control to trust and faith? Through understanding, practicing and mastering the skills that are critical to your success in finding, nurturing and creating an outstanding relationship. There is a lot to learn and appreciate about the needs, feelings and behaviors of yourself as well as your partner — and, most importantly, how to use these understandings to best support your partner and your relationship.

Do you give your partner the cold shoulder? Do you hold back love? Becoming aware of your behavioral patterns makes it easier to recognize them when they arise, and helps you achieve more objective viewpoint when emotions take hold.

Recognizing your triggers and patterns is just the first step — next, you must share this information with your partner. Open up to your partner about what you need in order to release your inner withholding and connect.

How To Get Over Uncertainty In Your Relationship Without Pulling Away

Let your partner play a supportive role in helping you work through your fears and finding a new approach to any destructive patterns. You may be surprised just how much more trust this can create. Communicating openly, and not just talking but really communicating with your partner, can erode much of the uncertainty in relationships.

Find out what drives your partner, what they are hungry for, what their goals are. Find out what their pains are. Open up and give this person your love and honesty. In that moment, I realized that the relationship was over.

feel uncertain about my relationship

Well, according to me it was. Now, all I had to do was break it to him. Of course, it was difficult.

feel uncertain about my relationship

We were both hurting. I hated letting him down, but I could not live a lie. So, I mustered up the courage to finish a partnership that appeared perfect on paper. Either way, I did both of us a favor by listening to myself and bringing the relationship to an end. I closed the door on an apparently perfect partnership, but now I am open to something else, which will be more in alignment with who I am and what I desire.

Dealing With Relationship Insecurity - 10 Tips To Handle Insecurity

Or are you ill, moody, or depressed? This invaluable system is our emotions. For over a month, I was mostly unhappy. I was tired and sick and in pain. And never underestimate the accuracy of your intuition. And ask yourself the following questions: This is an excellent indicator as to whether or not to keep him or her in your life. Do you feel good about yourself when your partner is around, or does your other half bring out the worst in you? Are you growing emotionally and spiritually as a result of being with this person?

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Or has this part of your life begun to stagnate? How about your partner? Can you be yourself with this person? Or are you trying to be someone you think your partner wants?