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In a Dazed & Confused interview earlier this year, the writer said: “Each time he We get to the venue, and I'm told Thug will be there in about 30 minutes. . The short version is that Lil Wayne's relationship with Birdman. Gucci Mane's facial tattoo of an ice cream cone causes my finger to inch "I'm sure rappers are racing to get their Gucci Mane/cream on the. He aired out his feelings, writing, "I feel like I'm probably being cheated on," before Noah and Xan have been very public about their relationship online, regularly Noah Cyrus Is Still "Confused" After Dramatic Breakup With Lil Xan . Gucci Mane Drops The Plush "Off The Boat" Video On Release Day.

If this was my husband we'd write said heffa a check with a quickness and drop a mixtape or put them overpriced waist-trainers on sale to make up the difference. Then take another exotic vacation in my Gucci swimsuit perched up on a yacht on the coast of some island wearing every diamond I own. You living this luxury lifestyle, this comes with the territory Stop whining and cut the check Now, mine might be reduced because of my salary increase but not by much.

I can be her financial advisor. The max you're going to get is somewhere around thousand regardless of the fathers wealth. That's my observation from reading about this and other celebrity child support cases of men who are residents of Atlanta. FukkFolks Maybe he tried this already. Says this is so she won't release finance information to blogs and media. He might be willing to an increase.

But doesn't want his private info leaked. But how much you wanna bet his dry cleaning bill along with his over the top vacations are 15 times this amount. Carrington I agree with him, although I think you should want your son to live as well as you Why don't YOU have to work anymore because you make a baby with a man with money?

I'm sure he does other things for him. Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed Ok that makes sense. But with 20 K she and her son should be good.

Gucci Mane’s Baby Mama Demands $20K a Month in Child Support

Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed Oh ok! Once again I got selective seeing LOL. Now who paid for the 1mil plus in jewelry Keysh picked up from a miami jeweler recently? If child support is based on his income and hes raking in more than 24, a month it needs to be revaluated????? FukkFolks He needs to pay up. Just found out supposedly the son is special needs.

All of it What???

Gucci Mane tells judge he's 'very rich', but his baby mama doesn't need $20K a month child support

Let him live in a nice house without fear of utilities being cut off. As long as the child's mother is working then I see nothing wrong with her requesting an increase so her child can live the same lifestyle of his father. He and Keyshia live in Miami. Trace da Ace sooooo Wasn't that the whole debacle with her when they were doing the wedding special???

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So NOW she is claiming them??? I know Gucci was hotter than fish grease when he first got out the pokey First he's up there looking like a watermelon with stripes while looking at paying an outrageous amount of money for child support he shouldn't be forced to pay. Its been verified before anyone says that is hearsay. Queen B Yea he definitely needs to b paying more than that at least 10k imright??

FukkFolks Okay I thought it was just me. They some kids but not hern. Why I said IF they hers.

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Aretha's tribute and ticket sales. I mean all that ice they be dripping in Keisha spend that a month on clothes no doubt And baby mama slept with old Gucci Who had to sweep up them feathers after they started shedding all over the dayum place? I'm pretty sure hers are well taken care of. GAPeach This is what flexing on the "gram" will get you.

Coco Mcluvin Every time you see them, they are dripping in designer labels from head to toe. Of course, she was gonna request an increase! And all of those kids look alike, especially the boys Because i didn't know she had kids until the wedding special.

I remember she was all in Rick Ross Videos too Yup, I said it That maybe why she hides her kids. Parent who stay cute and keep their kids cute, will floss with their kids ,for example "friend of the blog" Monica Brown. Her kids always look like little kid models. Ain't nobody seen Keisha kids to say what they look like. She better than the witness protection program about hiding them kids.

GAPeach They flaunt their wealth constantly. Let him pay for his child to be just as hood fabulous and gaudy as they are.