He is unsure about our relationship

My Boyfriend Is Confused About Our Relationship – What Do Men Really Think

he is unsure about our relationship

A man feels compelled to commit to a woman when he thinks his life will be easier with I have the same issue and now my boyfriend is unsure about us I think I. Aug 1, My boyfriend of a year said he doesn't know whether or not he wants to be with me but is unsure of whether or not this feeling is a phase so he. Sep 25, My boyfriend loves me, but is unsure of what the future holds. He is confused about our relationship.

I would be perfectly happy never hearing these words in sequence again in my life. Even when someone utters them in a wholly different context, my body tenses up; a pain shoots through my chest and stomach.

Topic: Would you continuing see a guy who seems unsure?

I wasn't particularly marriage-minded. In fact, I had always worried that I wouldn't find someone to whom I would feel comfortable committing. Nevertheless, there it was, about eight months in. Doug was kind, smart, attractive, and we enjoyed each other's company. I felt love and peace and the sense that I had found my partner. It never occurred to me that his lens on our relationship might offer a different impression.

His face would light up when he came home at night and saw me. When he would leave for work earlier in the morning, he would run back in to the bedroom and squeeze my feet, because he didn't like leaving me.

he is unsure about our relationship

I believed I was seeing what I needed to see. But Doug admitted that he had reservations about our relationship.

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That though he loved me, he harbored doubt. So he didn't have an answer to give.

he is unsure about our relationship

I don't do well with that, so I searched for one. I asked anyone who would indulge me on the topic, and I perused countless relationship threads on the web. I searched and I searched. And I waited and I waited -- for an answer to come to me, for the answer to come to him, or to read a story with predictive value.

I wish I could say that eventually I gathered the strength to end it.

he is unsure about our relationship

Or he sort of did. We spent a year on-and-off, and then even after a final break-up the following summer we periodically saw each other throughout the year or so after; in fact, we slept together in seven different months of that one-year period.

We also emailed at least monthly, usually more, and I'll admit I generally initiated contact. Yet up until several months ago, our conversations and messages were still filled with his expressions of affection, love, and hope for a potential future.

He continued to use my pet name. On Valentine's Day of last year, he said that the holiday "only made our not being together that much harder. At the close of one of our email conversations this past fall, he ended with, "I'm going to take a nap now.

Wish you were here with me. I stumbled across a picture of him on what appeared to be a date at an upscale charity event.

Would you continuing see a guy who seems unsure?

The timing of the event coincided with recent meetings we had, ones in which he had averred that he was not seeing anyone. Something about the picture told me otherwise.

With a sinking feeling, I checked her Twitter and Facebook accounts, revealing a series of pictures of them together dating back to the summer of the previous year. Did he say anything about chemistry? Perhaps I misread what you wrote but I did not see that he said there was no chemistry.

At the same time it is not good if he sees you as himself and a friend, I have had that and we actually ended up as very good friends but I also felt he was just that. What I am wondering about is why he thinks you are more invested than him?

Do you show it in different ways? Do you tell him you love him, write him many messages and the like? If so I would pull away.

  • Breaking Up: He "Wasn't Sure" About The Relationship -- So Why Did I Stay?
  • My Boyfriend Is Confused About Our Relationship

At this point pulling away is a good idea anyhow. But I would not necessarily cut contact, it depends on how much contact he initiates and wants to see you. If he does, I would give him a bit more time. Again we may say that he is emotionally unavailable, perhaps he has unfinished business with his ex or at least he feels that way, this is the only thing that concerns me along with him feeling emotionally detached.

It Isn’t You He’s Unsure Of, It’s Himself

These things are reason for concern as you may end up being the rebound relationship for him. Just wait a bit longer and address the issue a month later if he keeps reaching out. In the meantime, act more independent, free, less readily available, etc. He feels some chemistry i think. I know there is huge physical attraction. He also really likes my personality. December 18, at 4: What did you do? What ended up happening Amelia???

he is unsure about our relationship

January 22, at 5: I did the same as you and had a talk, very long talk, with the guy I was seeing. So we both decided to dial things back a bit. But I will tell you, for your own sanity, I would just think of him as a friend and do your own thing.

Try to leave it alone and detach yourself a bit from him. The feelings may never go away, but the ball is ultimately in his court. Not the other way around. Still see him in your mind as a friend and have no expectations of him. If you start having expectations, it puts a lot of pressure on the situation and things will start to get out of control once again. I would even go as far as not having sex with him because that would only complicate things even more. Take your time and do you.

Do yourself a favor and just do you. January 23, at From my experience, for a man to fall in love with you he DOES need to have some kind of infatuation towards you in the beginning.

I wonder what happened in the end. September 19, at 1: He has been separated from his wife for over 2 years and has 2 kids. I am a single mum of1. Now the biological clock is ticking fast. What do I do? What bold step can I take to make him uncomfortable enough to know if he will move forward or remain stagnant September 19, at 5: With my current boyfriend, he told me on our fifth date this was after 1 month of going on dates, 2 months since we first started talking that he saw me as someone he would want a relationship with and that he was ready to be my boyfriend.

he is unsure about our relationship

Following that we went on a couple of more dates when he asked me again how I felt about it. I was ready then and told him that I was ready to take this forward. Maybe give him a little bit of time?

Have fun and go on dates with him! Until then, also consider yourself single and meet other guys. Give other guys who ask you out chances cause you never know who else you might find.

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September 20, at 5: I know exactly how you feel but time to take the chords of your heart and life in your hands: September 20, at 9: September 20, at 2: So,the bottom line is that he wishes,hopes it can work but really ,it is not going to. Author Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 of 25 total Reply To: Would you continuing see a guy who seems unsure?