Meet the freegans documentary about scientology

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meet the freegans documentary about scientology

Dani Bass discusses the concept of 'freeganism' and the activity of bin diving Dani . It was a pleasure to meet the team and it was clear they give total you could come along to one of our events: a film screening, a direct action, this dogmatic certainty is more suited to cultish religions like Scientology. The film An Inconvenient Truth and the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate of the National Pagan Association, the Rosicrucians and Scientology . .. live 'on the land' in simple structures and meet some of their needs directly from it. Gross' () work on Freegans in Oregon who state that they would not be. entities are a part of the belief system — our minds first go to Scientology or Heaven's Gate. . participate in the creation of a documentary about the group, and maintain an official site, been dubbed "garbage eaters" for their dumpster- diving habits, also known as freeganism. I have met up with many former members.

She plays a practising Christian and private security operative charged with infiltrating a shadowy eco-anarchist commune. They committed and believed in the characters. That really comes out in the sex scene, I think.

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Batmanglij says they did it because they felt "angry and frustrated" at the world around them. I don't feel nourished by it.

meet the freegans documentary about scientology

Out on the road, I found myself shocked at how alien normal life suddenly seemed. One night, everyone stripped naked and got into a fountain in the rain. It was a different way of seeing the world; suddenly you see everything as public space waiting to be reclaimed.

Myles Aronowitz She tells another story about waking up one morning on a city rooftop, surrounded by other travellers. Across the way in a skyscraper was a guy in a suit, sitting at his desk on a conference call. I was rolling up my sleeping bag and we caught each other's eye. There must have been six feet between the buildings, but the gap between our lives felt massive.

How committed is Marling to the freegan cause? The East is a neat and provocative thriller, but its social message is hobbled by a high regard for youthful angst; Freud would be weak-kneed at the number of parental issues present here.

At its worst, The East is guilty of other-life tourism, taking advantage of a cause without committing to it, using environmentalism and corporate crime merely as convenient catalysts for the characters' internal quarter-life crises.

It's a green film by a green writer. In each of her films, she has created relationships held hostage by questions of identity and threatened by the fear of discovery. In Another Earth, she befriends a man after killing his family in a drunken hit-and-run.

meet the freegans documentary about scientology

Naturally, as the group's FAQ states: The Remnant Fellowship began in the s and has its roots in Gwen Shamblin's Weigh Down workshop, a method of weight loss. Yes, this one particular cult grew out of people wanting to shed a few pounds. Shamblin's basic philosophy was that people should turn away from the love of food and instead put that love in God. After being featured in magazines like Good Housekeeping and a having a book published by Doubelday, Shamblin turned her little weight-loss empire into a ministry — even firing those employees who didn't join the Remnant.

Most recruits practice from their homes and are sought out by the Remnant through their attendance of a Weigh Down event. While members would argue that the Remnant is a legitimate church, a harrowing account from a couple who was recruited into the organization for a time tells a different story: Funds that are received through the sale of Weigh Down products and seminar fees or through donations to the church are used to support each respectively in order to help hurting people of every nationality discover the love of God that can set them free.

The official website calls it "a spiritual school [in which] the Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum of self-mastery, based on the interdimensional understanding of energy—the joining of science and spirit. Of course there is the possibility of becoming enlightened through a process called "channeling," which gives the practicer access to these other frequencies. The Normans also insisted on being able to access past lives, with Ruth claiming to have accessed of her past iterations.

After Ernest Norman's death in the early s, a division within the group started forming; one side that remained true to Norman's earliest theories and others that took it in a more science-fiction-inspired direction complete with a supposed space fleet landing that was to occur in that helped solidify its identity as a UFO religion. While the organization offers classes that can be attended or live-streamed, it seems most operate only on "suggested donations.

Though the Source Family purported to be committed to healthy living, by some reports Baker was a man with a temper — who also had 14 wives. InBaker sold the restaurant and moved the group to Hawaii, where he later died in a hang-gliding accident. Members of the family would go on to write about their experiences in the group, participate in the creation of a documentary about the groupand maintain an official sitein which they describe themselves as follows: We became aware that we had come to this little planet to serve The MRTC was a doomsday cult that had convinced its members the world would end on January 1, — the turn of the new millennium.

When that didn't happen, the leaders gave a new date — March 17, — and ensured that it would be the end of all things for their followers as early as weeks before the date given. Hundreds of followers were locked inside a church as it was set ablaze, some of them already dead via poison, and hundreds more were brutally murdered. The scariest thing of all? Police suspect Kibweteere and Mwerinde are still at large — despite initial reports that they had died in the fire. This means they own nothing and have even been dubbed "garbage eaters" for their dumpster-diving habits, also known as freeganism.

But however you slice it, Jim Roberts created a cult. Within the cult there are Elders who dictate what you can and cannot do — no internet usage, and contact only via pay phones, for instance — and this chilling account of a former member in a Reddit AMA goes further into details about what it's like: We could easily leave, but we were afraid of going to hell. They would shun you from the group if you disagreed with the doctrine.