Meet your meat full documentary about homesteading

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meet your meat full documentary about homesteading

Volunteer at a self sufficient homestead in La Codosera, Spain We have a beautiful, rural, two-hectare organic finca near the Spanish town of La Codosera Looking forward to meeting you!:) . Roberto is full of energy for life, has an incredible knowledge about food and is inquisitive about other cultures and ways of life. Find out what goes on before the meat makes it to your plate. Meet Your Meat! .. Watch the BBC documentary 'A farm for the future' - on the worldwide food and .. The Homestead Survival: "River Of Waste" Documentary On Multinational . by Chicken Thistle Farm Homestead: Farming, Gardening and Homesteading We then talk about the vegetable garden, seeds and the real farm meeting, 4/8/ .. agricultural assessment, Annual farm meeting, A full episode of farming for .. We review a documentary on GMO's and discuss eating healthy and nutrient.

meet your meat full documentary about homesteading

Columbia, Israel, Australia and the UK - some friends, some lovers and some brothers Luca France and Dani New Zealand building the spiral herb garden Sun drying fruit and veg And another great team - Latvia, Estonia, Australia Solar cooking - outdoor kitchen with a view They have been fantastic volunteers from the start - interesting, friendly, sociable and more importantly, hard-working! They have just taken any task thrown at them and just got on with it - working independently and cheerfully no matter what.

They help with communal tasks … read more outside of their working hours without being asked, are happy to explore the area in their free time and are just genuinely lovely young people. Thanks for everything, guys and we wish you well with your future hosts I really enjoyed my time there.

I had one of the healtiest diets I ever had in my life, I met loads of great people.

meet your meat full documentary about homesteading

Wish you all the best BnM. He is a gentle, hardworking young man with a wonderful sense of humour, intelligent conversation and an understanding of communal living - he helps out whenever it is needed yet is happy with his own company and can easily entertain himself in his free time.

He stayed with us for three weeks … read more and was exposed to a full range of the less interesting gardening jobs and uncomplainingly got on with all of them!

  • Volunteer at a self sufficient homestead in La Codosera, Spain
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He would be welcome back anytime. Thanks for everything, Amrito - happy volunteering wherever you go! Quite simply, they are beautiful people, inside and out and life here is not the same without them.

They are, for starters, vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic, generous, hard-working individuals who … read more are an absolute pleasure to be around. They build amazing walls, cook fabulous food, find things to laugh out loud about everywhere and shower affection on each other and everyone around them.

Meet Your Meat

They were here for several months and never once did we tire of their company. Do not miss the opportunity to share a part of your life with these two if you are lucky enough for them to choose you - you will be richer for it in so many ways. Huge love to you both - don't ever change and remember that you have a home here with us always. They are really nice. We like them a lot.

Even when you get concussion. Maybe the worst part, they are terrible workers. But good with spaghetti. It is a majestic place run by an incredible dog … read more with 2 sidekicks. The humans they own are really very good.

meet your meat full documentary about homesteading

There is work which must be done but it feels like play you enjoy life so much. The food, oh the food. We lived the good life. We felt at home from the start and it felt like a really positive exchange. Becky and Mooch are people who are willing to be open and share their lives and time and if you are willing to do the same you will have a wonderful experience.

Martin and Becky have a beautiful piece of land and they are very friendly and open-minded persons. We felt there like at home. Hope to see you again this year.

Jana speaks great English and is a lovely, gentle, kind soul. Jirka arrived with no English at all but is an incredibly cheerful, smiling, sociable guy who was happy to learn whatever any of us … read more chose to teach him Both have an excellent sense of humour and are just lovely people to have around.

We were very happy to have them stay longer and share Christmas with us Thanks so much for everything Desde un principio nos han acogido muy bien y nos hemos sentido como en casa y formando parte de la gran familia.

meet your meat full documentary about homesteading

Ha sido un placer y un regalo habernos cruzado en el camino y haberos … read more conocidos. Roberto is full of energy for life, has an incredible knowledge about food and is inquisitive about other cultures and ways of life. We loved having them to stay - they are great company, loads … read more of fun yet get on with all the tasks we gave them. Gracias por todo - espero veros de nuevo muy, muy pronto! They would be welcome back anytime: I had a great time in Becky and Martins peace of paradise!

Its impossible do not fall in love with the pets, I miss them a lot!! I am very thankful for having the opportunity in spending time with you guy, learning some about the farm and get to know your wonderful life … read more journey!

She house-sit for us and looked after everything perfectly. Always ready to help out and try her best with everything. Thank you so much Priscila. It was a real pleasure to have him here and we hope to see him here again one day soon! We moved to 15 acres in the foothills of South Carolina. Still, we never thought about homesteading. But in the next two years my life changed drastically. In my mom died, at the age of 50, from cancer.

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Her oncologist mentioned something about learning to read labels and looking at what is in our food. I had no idea what we was talking about. The month after my mom died I took his advice and started watching food documentaries and doing research online. I was floored to say the least.

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A month later my husband and I got chickens. With chickens… My husband whom I refer to as Mountain Man still works a full time job outside of the home. I stay at home to maintain the homestead and the kiddos while he is at work.

How big are your gardens? We have over 1, square feet.

meet your meat full documentary about homesteading

I can take no credit for the garden. Mountain Man is in charge of that.

Meet Your Meat

Do you have any fruit or nut trees on your homestead? We are planning to learn how to make hickory nut milk this year. We are planning on planting fruit trees in the next couple years. Do you have any livestock on your homestead? We have 11 ducks — 9 which are female. None are laying yet. Once they do we will hatch their eggs in our homemade incubator and raise those ducks for meat. We will also use their eggs in our baked goods.