Rebuilding a relationship poems about trust

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rebuilding a relationship poems about trust

When you trust someone, you allow yourself to be vulnerable. Any relationship that isn't built with a secure foundation of faith will break. So that they can grow, rebuild, and become whole enough to love and trust the next. 16 Quotes About Fixing Broken Trust | trustrecipe Trust Poems, Love Always, Love Poems, Broken Trust, Trust Love, Rebuilding your Relationship House--Gottman Relationship Therapy, Relationship Building. Rebuilding trust when it's been broken is not dependent only on the person in their decision not to trust, as long as they choose not to, the relationship has no.

But the thing about trust, is that it relies so much on the unknown. It is a testament of faith, that despite the odds and no matter what the world says, you believe the person you love will do you no harm.

rebuilding a relationship poems about trust

This is understandable, right? When we are broken, we are bitter. We know about heartbreak.

'Rebuild' poems - Hello Poetry

We know how it feels to be crushed, shattered, damaged, betrayed. We keep ourselves closed like little roly-poly bugs, folding inside ourselves as soon as we might be close enough to really feel something.

rebuilding a relationship poems about trust

After time, we open. Layer by layer, to love. Which is the real problem. So here you are.

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They make you question yourself. They make you doubt yourself. The way they treat you is the complicated mess of their life.

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Their before-you life, their broken life. Whoever they used to love betrayed them and they are no longer the same. So they question you.

Yes, you love this person. Yes, you are loyal to this person. Yes, you are honest and would never hurt them and care so deeply for them and their broken, painful past.

But you are someone who is worthy of trust. And the baggage that this person carries, drags like dead weight is only that—dead weight.

rebuilding a relationship poems about trust

My life is crumbling Day - I feel both distain and joy of your love life since we broke up. You can't seem to keep anyone around you Day - trying to rebuild my self esteem and a bond with my closest friends Day - once again confiding in the wrong people and leading others on Day - found my anthem, my song that will get me through this pain and will show me that I won't be tortured by this anymore, not today Day - slowly rebuilding my life, each day reminding myself that this too shall pass Day - the thought of you is one of distain and regret Day - a whole year, and still the nights torture me with regret, sorrow, and loneliness.

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I have only a song to get me through and it is becoming not enough. Day - happy birthday wishes were not sent Day - the cold nights make me miss you more than I should.

December is a hard time for a break up Day - I thought I'd found love but it was too selfish and not selfless Day - feeling good, my friends are close and scarves are wrapped tightly around my neck for warmth Day - I finally feel free Day - my freedom has been revoked as the mind torments my soul with unrequited love for another Day - Most of my time is spent without you anywhere on my mind.

I seem to have virtually forgotten you until I am reminded.

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Though when I am reminded, it is a flood. Day - the thought of you is one of nostalgia Day - today someone I went to high school with asked me if I was still dating 'that girl'.

rebuilding a relationship poems about trust

I said no, and they asked what her name was, as they seem to have forgotten. I quickly end the conversation and leave. I get in my car and then I realize what just happened.