Sermon about love relationship

sermon about love relationship

All Christian relationships have this as their goal: to help each other stay year to the theme of love (especially the sermon series in the spring. Catch up on the Real Love: Relationship Matters sermon series! March 4, By ClioBethany. We've been working through a sermon series about being in. Revelation When The Love is Gone Dearest Jimmy, No words could showing the beautiful relationship between Christ and the Church.

Before we can deal with a problem we have to admit that there is one. Jesus told them they were doing some great things Hard work, perseverance, intolerance of wicked men, and testing the words of false preachers, are all good things. Some who are struggling in their marriage and they feel like a complete failure … but the fact is you may be a good father or a good mother.

You have perhaps been good at your job. Robertson defines it as a definite sad departure This is not something that happened by accident but it is something that happened because of a decided decision. The Oklahoma State Study discusses the process of falling out of love and says that the decisions might be gradual decline, little things over a long time that take us to that place Or there may be a pivotal moment where you allow an event to reshape your feelings.

It could be a change in the way you think about yourself that causes you then to change the way you feel about others. But whether you got there over time or you seemed to get there all at once, there is a problem. It is emotional, it is spiritual, but it is also physical. He describes how hormones fire because of pain that increases our adrenaline and embeds memories of pain.

A True Love Relationship Sermon by Patrice Kelly, Deuteronomy -

Then it gets to a point of trauma and cortisol floods the area of short-term memory to the point that it does actual nerve damage to the area of the brain that stores short term memory.

So, whether you have fallen out of love with your spouse, or fallen out of love with God and his ways, it is a serious process that involves every part of your being. You were anxious to serve.

Finding the love of your life

You sang the songs. But somewhere along the way something happened … or little by little you changed your process. In your marriage, perhaps jobs, kids, dirty socks, habits that were cute before and became annoying after; and little by little things changed.

Maybe you were ignored or unappreciated.

sermon about love relationship

You might have been legitimately wronged. Perhaps you stopped attending church regularly because of work or other commitments. The person meets your greatest needs, is a perfect fit for you, and your body is flooding with cortisol and you are naturally high. Female testosterone levels increase making you more aggressive and Male testosterone levels go down making them more receptive and we get wound up in this feeling we call love like being at the bottom of a huge waterfall and we wish that it would never end … Remember that.

Knowing the name of God tells us something significant about Him, but How can we really get to know all about God and who He is? And how can we come to know Him on an intimate, personal basis?

Lesson Healthy Relationships (Colossians ) |

God pursues a love relationship with each one us. He knows us and he wants us to know him. God has given the spirit and the spirit gives wisdom and power; for what? If you take the whole bible and divide it relationally, Genesis 1 and 2 deals with humanity created in right relationship with God. The rest of the bible up to Revelation 19 deals with the broken relationship between us and God and Revelation 19 on deals the restored relationship.

So the bible is dealing with God restoring a relationship between us and him. God is pursuing a true love relationship with us.

sermon about love relationship

There is no guessing that God really loves us the fact that He gave his son as a sacrifice proves that John 3: But do we really love Him? Yeah it is basic, but do we live our lives as if a relationship with God is the central thing in our lives. In love, God has chosen to reveal Himself to us. He wants us to know not just that He exists, but who he is.

What Do I Do, when the Love is Gone?

And, he wants us to know Him not just as some Supreme being but as loving Father who cares for His children and wants to have a living relationship with them. The most important thing that we need more of is not money or power, even though some more money would be good right about now.

But its true love for God.