What sleeping position says about relationship

What Your Sleeping Position With a Partner Says About Your Relationship | HuffPost

what sleeping position says about relationship

To help you understand your relationship better, here are a few sleeping positions of couples and what these say about your love life. What happens when you throw different sleeping styles -- and What Your Sleeping Position With a Partner Says About Your Relationship. When you share a bed, your sleep position can be a passive aggressive way to say, "I don't trust you," "I'm pissed," or "I can't get enough of you.

The Night Language of the Body is something called "illegal Spooning" because the person has retreated because they want space. The Tangle This extremely intimate position is even more rare than the Spoon. It tends to happen when there is either intense emotions at play like after lovemaking or at the start of a romantic relationship.

what sleeping position says about relationship

Some couples maintain it throughout their relationship but it isn't necessarily a good thing. According to Elizabeth Flynn Campbella New York psychotherapist, "[the couple] could be overly enmeshed, too dependent on each other to sleep apart.

Believe it or not, this position is a sign of a stronger relationship than The Tangle.

What your sleeping position reveals about your love life | The Times of India

Yet only eight percent of couples adopt this two-part position. Sweet said it's, "A compromise between intimacy and independence, allowing for the best of both worlds. This is actually a good thing. According to a study done by relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet, couples that sleep back-to-back without touching are "connected and secure in themselves.

This position shows both closeness and independence in the relationship. The Back Kissers If you sleep back-to-back but you touch with your butts or backs, this is also a good thing -- but it's also novel. Sweet, this means, "Both partners are relaxed and comfortable with one another. The Nuzzle This sweet position, in which one partner rests their head on the other's chest, while their legs are intertwined is often seen in early relationships and occasionally rekindled ones, according to Dr.

what sleeping position says about relationship

This is a very nurturing posture that creates a sense of protection. Shirley Glass, a psychologist and martial therapist, also notes, "There's a high level of trust here," as this snuggling position has a "strengthening sense of comradeship and protection. A pair of tangled legs is also a sign that the two of you can't get enough of each other -- even when you're sleeping. You probably finish each other's sentences and take care of each other," Wood said. The Space Hog If a partner takes the "starfish position," one in which they sprawl out and hog the bed, this means that they tend to be selfish -- especially if they begin to push the other partner so they're hanging off the bed.


If this is happening in your relationship, it's time to have an honest conversation. He sleeps on his side and me on mine. In fact, if he gets too close, I move away. He breathes so heavy that he blows my hair and wakes me up. People that say they spoon are full of shit. So I'd say we face away from each other," says Denise V.

Ultimately, couples, no matter how into each other they seem to be, have some very different sleep preferences.

What Your Sleeping Position With a Partner Says About Your Relationship

But all these sleep positions do send a message. This is not for a selfish sleep style like the starfish or a stiff one like the soldier," says Sarah Brown, sleep and wellness expert with Mattress Firm. Typically, free fallers and yearners fall into the spooning category.

The Face Off Graeme Adams Something that you maybe have done when you were just getting serious with your partner but it's abandoned by most after time. Very important to have a hybrid mattress for all side sleeping so you have something that contours to your body for comfort and gives you the support you need at the same time!

what sleeping position says about relationship

Once the shine is off the apple in the relationship, couples usually retreat to a style that is less invasive but still says, "I love you honey. The Loose Spoon Graeme Adams The loose spoon has the same protective feeling as the closer spooning position except it allows for a little more freedom in the relationship. The Chasing Spoon Graeme Adams "When one person wants space in bed and the other wants more attention, the chase is often a position they end up in.

This coupling typically involves a yearner and someone who enjoys the fetal position or the log position. The Tangle Graeme Adams Couples who tend to tangle together facing one another all night can be a little bit too dependent on each other. However, staying in this position the entirety of the night or sleeping this way for months at a time signals an unhealthy dependence," says Brown.

What your sleeping position reveals about your love life

Liberty Lovers Graeme Adams Couples who sleep back to back without touching typically have a healthy relationship. These people are usually yearners, fetal sleepers, or log sleepers," says Brown.

The Nuzzle Graeme Adams "When one person sleeps with their head on the chest of their partner and entangles their legs this is another protective and trusting sleep position similar to the spoon," says Brown. It is most common between rekindled romances and signifies a passion in the relationship — so hopefully you also know your sex positionsnot just your sleep positions!

Typically one person sleeps like a starfish and they other is forced to sleep in fetal or another position that takes up little space," says Brown.

what sleeping position says about relationship