Extremly accurate and forgiving, which is more important than distance period, though I will say it was just as long as my ex- Callaway FT-Tour driver that I have since launched! Dec 18, 40 Comments. I was most impressed with tee shots into the wind, just bored right through, the spin has been greatly reduced that is a FACT. I currently have one in 9. The LS offers both without sacrificing either. Since I like two of the same club I went with them.

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Adams Speedline 9064LS Driver

Any comment on how it compares to the Speedline Fast 10? While neither myself nor anyone else who hit the LS for us can honestly claim it gives us 15 or even 10 more yards, most of our testers did find it to be at least 5 yards longer than their current driver.

To me it doesnt seem like a cc club speedlien it looks smaller and as mygolfspy quoted it was a very forgiveing club i would have to tottally disagree. Just got this driver and played it for the first time on Saturday Sept 3. Nice design, excellent performance, and great value. Would love tohear some feedback because im amazed at how many people have said the dispersion has been better than any other club I wish it was for me….


Mid-High S 3. Despite being only a few CPMs apart in flex, the difference in feel is substantial, which if nothing else illustrates that when comparing shafts, flex only tells part of the story. Put in the new Fuji 906l4s Speeder — the club is now amazing!

Pseedline Taylor would have been in the rough. The combination of distance, forgiveness, and accuracy the LS gives just cannot be beaten in my opinion. We have a strict formula we follow to arrive at these scores, and the Adams deserves every bit of the A grade speedpine it finishes with.

Low-Mid S 2. My flight mates also tested the driver. This golfer can only hope… Great review as always and objective which is why this site and these reviews are valued!!!

Yes, it was an Adams LS, and I have one on order. I too have won a few club championships.

Adams Golf Speedline ls Driver Headcover | eBay

Extremly accurate and forgiving, which is more important than distance period, though I will say it was just as long as my ex- Callaway FT-Tour driver that I have since launched! Absolutely, the best to ya this season…. I have insomnia tonight so I thought Id come in here to share. Clem 8 years ago. With its open face, the D is punishing from a forgiveness standpoint, and also very ugly. I have a chance to get a LS Gamma stiff flex shaft. Your point is valid, but at the same time, my thinking is, rather than play these rebate and gift card games, manufacturers should price the clubs appropriately from day 1.


I swing slower than most and wondered if my swing speed was why I could not poke it out past yards. Definitely getting more yards off the tee!

Thanks for your input. When testing irons I found the Adams to be one of the better irons along with Wilson Staffs.

Thank you for your comment Michael…we will make sure to include this on future reviews. I just have a general comment. Makes the driver several swing points heavier.

Scott 3 years ago. Of course, when a couple of those guys tell us that the LS sounds great, it makes us think there really might be something special about this club.

They are very affordable now. With saying all this, the LS has been my favorite driver thus far due to its looks, feel, and stability.