Clexa may we meet again in a different

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clexa may we meet again in a different

It's "May we meet again", and I think it's kind of beautiful. have said it to each other when they are unsure if they actually will meet again in life. Buy Lexa, Commander Lexa, Lexa , The , Clexa, May we meet again, The Author's work and new design for Followers Lexa I can make engraved "My. May We Meet Again Clexa. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Clarke G., Honestly I can't wait for tonight for the new episode.

Just stick with it, I promise it will be worth it. This chapter is a little short, I'm thinking future chapters will likely be longer. I'm pretty sure there are a few, but you can only look at your own words so much before you hate everything and want to trash it. She was well hidden behind the thick foliage of the forest and the all-encompassing darkness. The evening sky was pitch black, with no moon or stars visible.

A slight breeze played through the leaves, catching the few errant brunette strands not picked up in one of her many intricate braids, allowing them to play across her neck and face.

Lexa paid it no mind, though. Her attention was focused on the open space below her, searching for any movement or signs of life. Despite her cover, she had a clear view of Mount Weather and the entrance to the caves where she had seen Clarke disappear moments ago; likely on a suicide mission to free her people. Lexa drew in a deep breath and closed her eyes as their final interaction played through her mind for the hundredth time. She was swiftly met by an unexpected and overwhelming wave of pain the memory brought her.

As she clenched her eyes closed, the images flooded across her eyelids, causing her eyes to burn with frustrated tears. She refused to cry though. She knew in her heart she had made the best decision, despite the way that she felt now.

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Images of Clarke appeared, the look of panic evident in her eyes, initially believing the Commander had surrendered to the Mountain Men. Her mind stayed on that image longer then the last, intentionally torturing Lexa for the choice she had made.

Lexa knew that she would never forget that look, even until the end of her days. Only Lexa had not been able to leave, not completely. She swallowed hard, forcing the images from her mind and opening her eyes, pushing the images away.

The valley below her remained unchanged, the gentle breeze the only movement through the grass. Though she knew it was a great risk, and a sure sign of weakness, she had not been able to simply leave without knowing the fate of the Sky People, and their leader.

Lexa had tried to send her guard ahead, telling them she would join when the battle was finished. They had, of course, attempted to reason with her, telling her it could still be dangerous. There was no way of knowing how many of the Mountain Men had been successfully treated with the bone marrow of the 48 Sky People they had been holding captive. Lexa saw no reason to worry, however, knowing all hands would be needed in the Mountain once they realized the Grounders were marching on their complex.

Regardless, she knew it would be stupid to assume none would be patrolling outside the Mountain, spying to keep tabs on her army as it neared the Mountain. In the end, she had allowed one guard, Ryder, to stay behind with her, at a comfortable distance.

She needed a few moments to come to terms with the decision she had made and to face the emotions she was not aware she had been harboring.

She was still reeling at the overflow of emotions that had surfaced as she struggled to decide between saving her people, and her loyalty to the Sky People- and to Clarke.

For so long, Lexa had tried to stay distant, cold even, when it came to her emotions. She liked to pretend that they did not even exist, and knew they had no place in someone that held her position among her people.

She had found that being emotional only caused her pain, pain she had long ago decided that she never needed to feel again.

Until she had met Clarke.

The 100 -- May we meet again

It was a passion Lexa had only seen met by herself. From their first exchange, Lexa had know the blonde would be trouble, but she had not foreseen how quickly and completely she would fall for the girl with the golden hair and ocean blue eyes. Things such as love and trust came quickly when you were living each day one at a time, just hoping to survive to the next sunrise. During their brief but tumultuous time together, Lexa had begun to feel for Clarke, in ways that she knew would be dangerous for someone in her position.

Ways that Lexa knew might make her appear weak to her people. Unfortunately, or fortunately, just watching Clarke across their camp was enough for Lexa to forget her title, forget her obligations to her people, and forget there was a world outside the two of them.

Hope began to grow inside Lexa, as she found her breath and pulse quickening at just the thought of being around the blonde. Lexa had to fight to maintain her gaze anytime Clarke walked into a room or spoke with her in front of her people. With full understanding of what a relationship with the Sky Girl could entail for her life expectancy, Lexa nonetheless found herself musing over the blonde for the majority of her days. Lexa had found hope again, for so many things that she had long given up on.

Looking at Clarke, she could see a future, in the first time since Costia. She had begun to imagine a future, one that was interwoven with the Sky Girl. In her most private moments, she had even allowed herself to imagine that Clarke returned her feelings.

Had hoped that one day Clarke would return her feelings. She would quickly dismiss that line of thought, however, knowing that anything between her and the Leader of the Sky People would only jeopardize the fates of both their people. Still, she could not prevent herself from wondering, in those moments she spent alone with Clarke in her tent, what the blonde thought of her and whether the feelings could ever be reciprocated.

Lexa had gained a small amount of insight, and hope, when they had been trapped and injured, fighting the Pauna. Again, Lexa had found herself regarding Clarke with the highest respect as the blonde had actively fought to save Lexa at the risk of her own life. The same desire and hope that Lexa had tried and failed to hide, in herself. Lexa had only known Clarke for twelve days when the attack on the mountain was to begin. To see this through. The war and us. But I knew the commander wouldnt give in to her feelings, even if the girl inside wanted to.

She had her people to think about.

clexa may we meet again in a different

And somewhere inside me, on some level, I knew she was right in her decision. But I was too hurt by her betrayal to consider it fully right now. Her people would go home and be safe. Mine would die inside that mountain tonight. Lincoln begged her again to be allowed to help, desperate to save Octavia and our people because he knew that an alliance between the sky and tree people was the only way they could be together.

But Lexa wouldn't allow it. She couldn't have one of her own turning against her with her entire army stood watching. It would make her weak and questionable as a leader. And that was something Lexa feared the most in this world. He stared down at her. And I could tell what he was planning. He was going to ignore his commander and do what he thought was right, he was thinking with his heart like she hated.

So she had him arrested for it. She looked away to me briefly and a couple of her guard walked around her to Lincoln. His shoulders sagged and his expression dropped in surrender.

clexa may we meet again in a different

It was clear then that there was no talking with her. She'd made up her mind. And nobody would change it. I watched on surprised when he suddenly started to fight them off. Even Lexa looked impressed behind her cold look for him. Lincoln knocked the two warriors to the ground and paused for breath, eyes darting behind him past the army towards the mines Octavia was currently walking through. He would have run right then.

Would have run and together they'd take down the mountain. We all knew it. But a slight tilt of the head from Lexa had another warrior striding quickly over to hit him over the head with the butt of his axe.

And with him my last hope of grounder help in this. I looked forward as they hauled Lincoln away and I locked gazes with her. Her eyes never left mine but that didn't mean I could tell what she was thinking. She could be feeling sorry for me and my kind. She could be laughing.

Because lexa always made it hard to know her. But I knew what I was thinking. I was mad, justifiably enraged. I think that hurt the worse. I wanted to scream at her. I wanted to hurt her. For everything she'd done and was continuing to do.

After her admitting love isn't weakness I thought we'd passed a hurdle. She manipulated my feelings to get what she needed from me. I didn't know why I ever trusted her. Lexa wasn't an ally. Lexa was the enemy. Her guards people whispered to her and she moved her hand. They all started to leave. All but her and Ryder who stayed protective by her right side. She stayed standing tall and deadly and still, and her eyes glowed with something that looked like remorse for me.

But then it was gone again and she looked expressionless. She never looked away from me as she started to back away with her people. And for what it was worth I hoped deep inside it pained her to see what else she'd broken with her betrayal tonight. I saw her jaw clench a little, lips purse slightly, eyes taking me in as if it were the last time. My heart shuddered to wonder it if was. Lexa's face twitched for a milli-second before she regained her control and whispered to me, 'May we meet again' I startled awake with her voice ringing the words clear in my ears as if she'd whispered them fresh beside me.

In a burst of panic I lurched up from the cold ground, knife laid ready against my wrist prepared to kill the traitor who had woken me.

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But my strong swing fell empty against the open air. I looked around myself and told my heart to calm the fuck down already. I was embarrassed and frustrated with waking up to yet another nightmare, but even more so I was embarrassed with the tinge of hope melting to a calm within my heartbeat.

I didn't want it.

clexa may we meet again in a different

I didn't want to keep dreaming about her and I sure as hell didn't want to wake up to her. Lexa had betrayed me and my people to save herself and hers. The last thing on my mind right now was a happy reunion. Annoyingly it still lived in hope like that. I slipped the knife back into its sheath on my belt and stood up. My body ached and my legs trembled from holding me up straight. Sleeping rough and barely eating was taking a terrible toll on me.

I looked down and gathered up my rucksack. My eyes caught on the damp patch sticking to the fabric. I looked away to the grass and groaned.

The ground was wet, as were my clothes. It must have rained through the night without me noticing. Good thing, it covered my tracks and scent. Bad thing, I was fucking soaked. I glared moodily at the ground and began making my way north, backtracking myself to the traps I'd lain yesterday afternoon.

clexa may we meet again in a different

I needed them to have caught something through the night, even though I knew the chances were incredibly slim. My supplies were running low again and I was hungry.

Three months alone in the woods had taught me grounder rule number one; without a kill you can't trade. And if you can't trade or find a food in the woods you don't eat. As I expected the first traps were empty. The rain had made the ground sink around the peg line, rendering it useless. Nothing would walk into that, and even if it did it wouldn't get trapped anyway. I tried my hardest not to think about how my entire day setting traps around the woods was definitely wasted time.

Moving on to the second lot I found nothing again. Just soggy rope and ruined knots. Like somebody had come across it and taken the kill. I fingered the torn cords in the ropes. It was definitely knife work. I sighed and pulled them apart, remembering to pocket anything salvageable.

Growing up on the Ark I was always taught not waste anything because I never knew when i'd need it. One man's trash, I thought with a sad smile to my dad's old saying. I still had no idea what he'd been talking about. I stood when I'd collected everything and looked about myself.

Everything looked bare and untouched. It was nice and calm somehow, devoid of the terror and blood that used to flood the woods. I wondered as my eyes searched about if the rest of the world looked this way now. If it was finally at peace with itself. But then I saw a flash of color in the leaves up ahead and I noticed a tree marked with a white handprint. I grabbed my things and started my way to my other traps. I didn't trust I was alone in the woods.

I'd heard the rumours on the road. Everybody was after me. I could maybe talk my way out of trouble with the tree clans. But I knew from Lexa's stories that the Ice Nation weren't so negotiable. They'd kill me on sight if they believed it would give them power. The third trap I'd set was like the first two but the fourth had managed to snare a baby hare. Nothing worth much but enough to trade for a bandage at least. I knelt beside the hare. I felt a deep pang of guilt at its heaving chest.

It'd struggled itself through the night into exhaustion. I marvelled at the soft texture of its pelt. I'd always thought hares had corse fur but it felt like silk under my hands.

Its eyes blinked slowly up at me as I stroked a hand down its shivering body. It's nose twitched innocently and I watched my hands shaking as I rose them to take hold of its neck. I didn't want to hurt it. I didn't want to end its life.

Because I'd honestly done too much of that already. It was then I realised I wasn't crying about the hare but all the innocent mountain people I'd murdered. I thought maybe if I said it enough times then maybe all the people I'd killed would forgive me. It was foolish hope anyway. If you need forgiveness I can give that to you. Bellamy's words swam through me, deep with hope and worry and everything that screamed fear for me.

I did want forgiveness. I wanted it more than anything. I wanted to have the judgement of innocent lives considered and punished into me so I might gain some form of redemption for what I'd done. But Bellamy couldn't give that to me.

No matter how much we wish he could.