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dragon ball z gt until we meet again

On the final episode of Dragon Ball GT, The Eternal Dragon appears in the sky without being summoned and explains why the dragon balls. DBGT Episode 64 - Until We Meet Again Dragon Saga. or Dragonball GT Episodes 'Till the Day We Meet Again. This is just a quick one shot that I wrote at 2 am. It's my personal spin on the series finale. I know a lot of people don't really care much for GT.

It's my personal spin on the series finale. I know a lot of people don't really care much for GT, but it had its moments.

This is just what I wanted to happen. Vegeta had witnessed the final confrontation and when the dust finally settled he quickly realized that he could neither see nor sense the dragon. He directed his gaze toward the spot where he saw the younger saiyan last.

His expression became downcast at the sight of the still form. Though he was looking at him, he could no longer sense his presence. He inhaled deeply at the sight before him as he silently paid his respects to his fallen rival.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of movement around himself. And he turned around to see Trunks pushing a large piece of debris off of his mother and sister. The proud saiyan immediately flew over to his family.

dragon ball z gt until we meet again

And just then, the rest of the gang emerged from the rubble. Gohan grunted as he pushed aside large rocks. A collective "yes" was heard throughout the makeshift arena. Bulma sighed in relief at the confirmation of life among her family and friends and crossed the short distance to her husband and wrapped her arms around his neck and embraced him tightly, in turn, he encircled his arms around her waist. They stayed like this for a while until Bulma pulled back and noticed that someone was missing.

When she followed his gaze it became clear that he was, in fact, answering her question. Her heart swelled with the all too familiar feeling of hurt that occurred when she knew that her loved ones lost their lives in battle. No tears fell as she closed her eyes and mourned her longtime friend. Her grieving process was cut short by the abrupt shaking of the ground.

She looked back in the direction of Goku just in time to see all seven of the mystical orbs, she had searched majority of her youth for, levitate and glow. His question was answered when the balls came together and out shot a fearsome creature that flew towards the sky.

A Bittersweet Victory! Until We Meet Again!

It swirled and danced until its body became a tangled heap in the air above, much to the shock of the group below. The Eternal Dragon had returned. Bulma was the first among them to gather herself enough to speak.

I mean I never heard him do this kind of thing. The mighty dragon stared down upon the group from his perch in the clouds. He seemed to be searching the crowd. When he turned to the ,ever so still, body of their comrade he came closer. Chichi saw the light out of the corner of her eye, and her face lit up.

dragon ball z gt until we meet again

The miniature savior blinked in confusion at his family and friends until he looked up. So I'm guessing all of the Shadow Dragons are gone? Goku looked downwards thoughtfully before looking back up. Followed by a barrage of enemies from your past, a final wish was made, causing the balls to crack under the pressure of negative energy. The dragon balls were meant to be a thing of amazing magic and power. Something to be revered and not as an ease for a method, but the dream of never having to use them.

Goku glanced over at his family. So many people have died. I take full responsibility. And I just wish that the people of earth and the universe didn't have to die for nothing. The fight was never theirs to win or lose, but they all lost anyway. Goku shot his head up. The dragon gave a single nod. Vegeta cocked his eyebrow in confusion. Goku said nothing, instead it was Shenron who did the talking.

What do you mean?

  • Until We Meet Again

He snaked around the two of them as he got lower to the ground. There was no way around it. This has been constant since the beginning of time. And this has occurred everywhere, not just on Earth. And every single time it does you are in the middle of it all.

I'm not a fighter! How could I possibly be apart of this prophecy?

dragon ball z gt until we meet again

Bulma went still as she began to see images invading her vision. Shenron then turned his eyes to the saiyan, and Goku got caught in the same trance-like state. The both of them seeing hundreds of pairs of peoples, through many lifetimes. Growing and sharing their lives together. Vegeta stays behind, frustrated at how far ahead of him Goku was. Now, even Gohan is ahead of him.

He heads elsewhere to train. They leave behind Mr. Satan and a few lingering humans who were covering the Cell Games. As he comes to, Mr. Satan is surprised by the missing stage. As he is approached by the announcer Jimmy Firecrackerhe decides to take credit for Cell's demise, claiming he was nothing more than "cheap tricks".

ZTV gets the audio transmission working, and announces Mr. Satan as their hero. Everyone arrives at Kami's Lookout, and Dende asks to heal Gohan first.

When he wakes up, he sees Dende's smiling face. Dende apologizes for Goku's death, but Gohan is unconcerned, having felt his spirit and heard his voice when he defeated Cell. He was sure his father helped somehow. Piccolo remarks on how much Gohan has changed. Android 18 awakens, having been healed by Dende at Krillin's behest. Krillin tells her that Cell has been defeated. Yamcha is still afraid of her, but the others do not worry about it as much.

Piccolo tells her that Krillin protected her after Cell threw her up. Gohan blurts out in realization that Krillin is in love with her.

dragon ball z gt until we meet again

Android 18 shows no gratitude and flies off the platform, leaving Krillin fighting back tears. Piccolo says they should hurry and gather the Dragon Balls so they can resurrect Trunks and the other humans killed in the Cell Games.

With the Dragon Balls assembled, Dende summons Shenron. Android 18 notices the sky getting dark, and returns to the platform and hides when she sees Shenron appear.

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Yamcha wishes for the humans killed by Cell to be brought back to life, and Shenron grants it. Before their eyes, a restored Trunks breathes again, and rises; this shocks Android Piccolo notices that Goku has not returned, but Shenron says he can now grant a second wish. However, the limit on the number of times he can resurrect someone is still in effect. He cannot revive Goku again. Krillin suggests trying to revert time, but Tien says that would bring Cell back as well.

Dende then says that the Dragon Balls on New Namek can revive him, since Porunga does not have the same limits on resurrection. Yamcha suggests they wish to go to New Namek.

At this point, everyone at Kami's Lookout hears the voice of Goku. He tells them that he died the way he wanted to: He says that what Bulma said about him being a magnet for trouble was true, and the world might get some peace without his power attracting new threats. So he tells his friends and son that he wishes to remain dead, and help King Kai get resituated in the Other Worldsince he, Bubbles and Gregory were also revived by their wish to revive those killed by Cell.

Goku is certain Gohan will someday take his place as Earth's defender.