Fable 3 where do you meet elliot again

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fable 3 where do you meet elliot again

After you find her fiance it turns out to be Elliot and he admits he still has feelings for you. You either have the choice of telling Elliot to leave her and marry you or. Error. Please try again! Check out this collection of photos we love from some of our favorite video games. See our Video Games 3 nominations. See more Do you have any images for this title? Halo 3 · Halo: Reach . Elliot (voice). I wanted to marry Elliot in my second play through because I didn't do Assuming I ever DO find him & marry him, would he/does he find out if you as well. i finished out the quest and waited for 3 days and found her but it is.

She'd done something similar once before, choosing love over reason.

fable 3 where do you meet elliot again

A few murmured words, one kiss, and the young man was putty in her hands. She hadn't realised before how much influence she had over him. Stealing him away from Bowerstone Industrial was just as easy, and thrilling. Running away with him, hand-in-hand, to Millfields had sent a rush of exhilaration down her spine not unlike those she felt just before a battle.

The wedding was a large affair, the biggest she could find, but she made sure that all those present were strangers.

fable 3 where do you meet elliot again

No sense in letting their marriage, their names, reaching the ears of the king. They didn't even move into Millfields. She picked a pretty house in the Market, expensive, but that didn't matter, because she owned most of the houses in Albion by now anyway. Every time she looked at him, she saw the love in his eyes and knew he would do anything for her. She knew that, instead of the revolutionary leaders, if it had been her that Logan had threatened to execute, Elliot wouldn't have left her to decide.

He would have walked up to the block and lay down willingly.

fable 3 where do you meet elliot again

That thought always sent chills through her bones. As selfish as she was, every time she looked across at her husband, she regretted nothing. To see that smile, the love in those eyes, was bliss. She could forget about the Revolution, just for a moment, and believe she was just an ordinary woman, a wandering minstrel and blacksmith, with her own happy family. Of course, that illusion couldn't keep forever.

About a week after their wedding, Rosalyn had come downstairs, clutching a thin shawl over her nightclothes and Dog yawning widely beside her, to find her husband humming cheerfully under his breath, in the process of placing a crate of vegetables on the dining table.

Elliot looked up and greeted her with a smile. The stalls opened a little early today, so I went out and picked up some of those vegetables you liked.

fable 3 where do you meet elliot again

I was thinking we could have them with pie tonight, or maybe-" Rosalyn smiled sadly. It was wonderful, to feel so domestic, but the time of rest was over.

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She still had a Revolution to organise. Don't worry, I can pop out and get it, you don't have to get dressed-" She laughed, and in a few quick steps was beside him, her hand reaching up to touch his face. His hand, the one with the ring on it, reached up to clasp her own. But we've only just got married But this is important. I need to talk to P- No, maybe it's better if you don't know.

Why- where are you going? She had a feeling she would have to explain this to him very gently. In the sewers, when the Hobbes were attacking, remember? You said as much yourself, remember? Well, Heroes can't stay at home forever. I have something very important to do. But you'll be right back, having slain a monster or whatever you need to do, right? She almost wanted to cry. Elliot, her beloved Elliot, hadn't realised, yet, just what she was mixed up in.

She took a deep breath. This is dangerous stuff. I told you, Elliot. Back in the sewers. I told you, remember? His hands gripped her own, and his voice was bordering on panic. A Revolution — that's too far! I-I mean, I've seen what Logan's done to Albion, but we can't just rise up against him like that!

You can't take on the King by yourself, even if he is your brother! It's why I'm leaving. We're not ready, yet. Logan has the entire Royal Guard, the Army, all under his command. She raised an eyebrow slightly. But even if he didn't, we need more allies. Specifically, the ones I'm about to meet, are going to be key if we're going to take Logan down. The man hit the ground and grumbled. Two of his men growled and Elliot took a step back.

Elliot only managed to turn around before the men caught both his arms and started to drag him away. Shortly afterwards, Linda ran out of the orphanage, panic painted in her face. Ferret, let him go! You have a week, Linda. He hit the cold water and got to the surface, coughing. Then he swam to the land in front of him. A bit up the road there was a sewer. He tried to dry his clothes a bit before he decided to at least try and see where it led.

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Already at the entrance to the sewer, the stench overcame him and he had to hold his nose, breathing out his mouth to suppress the stench. In the distance he heard a familiar laughter. It was Hobbes and out of fear, Elliot backed away and returned to the entrance where the latch was.

He sat down, trying to collect his thoughts. How was he supposed to get out of here? Elliot gasped as he realised the horrible thing: Linda had to close the orphanage to get the money.

Can I marry Elliot (Fable 3) AFTER I become Queen?

But this is where it gets really ugly. Behind him, the princess was walking. Her hair was in a tight ponytail and cascaded down her back. Her shirt was pearl white along with a brown corset and a small, blue skirt.

She wore black boots with brownish tights. Her figure stood out so well. The past two months she had fought mercenaries, Hollow Men, Hobbes… you name it. She was slowly starting the revolution needed to knock Logan off his throne.

But she was also becoming a true Hero. The kind of Hero that her mother had been. Her emerald green eyes sparked and on her back, a curved and long blade rested along with a rifle. She had learned to master both melee and firearms.

But she also wore a gauntlet on her left lower arm, allowing her to channel her inner magic. The fire gauntlet channelled the fiery part of her, allowing her to cast fireballs at her enemies.

She was becoming stronger.

fable 3 where do you meet elliot again

Beside her, Hewie strode along. They had snuck in to Bowerstone Industrial through the sewers, and quite frankly, she could sense Walter was becoming tired of them. The damp, thick air surrounded them and the stench was rather unpleasing for her nose. They walked on some sort of bridge where the harbour was. The water was dark and uninviting. Odette had seen much cleaner water in her life.

Of course, it was back in the castle, but also the lake at Millfields. It was so beautiful. She broke free of her reverie and tried not to think about the past. It still hurt her. The thought of that day in the throne room.

The day she was torn away from the life she knew — and Elliot. She had never stopped thinking about him; wondering where he was now. If he was safe. Walter had reassured her the night him, Jasper and Odette fled the castle that Elliot was going to be all right and that he could take care of himself. She knew that, but she still wished he could have gone with them.

Her heart was slowly breaking and she forced herself out of her excruciating reverie once again. Walter trod in a hurried pace in front of her, looking over his shoulder sometimes to make sure she could keep up. Not that she had any trouble with it. Most of them have no choice but to work. Children were running around, working to the verge of their strength fading.

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She had to look away and concentrated on Walter. They turned to the right and crossed another bridge. Then they turned to the left and continued down the road. In the distance they could hear people yelling and Odette and Walter exchanged looks. Odette looked above her. There was a metal pattern with an R in the center. She furrowed her eyebrows, wondering where they were exactly. He was bald with poor and dirty clothes on. He stood before a crowd of people on a wooden center circle.

Odette suddenly had a bad feeling about it all. It all brought back memories she fought so hard to forget.