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My interpretation is that the song is about a man and a woman who met and they both felt like they were totally different and better people when they were. Whether someone could get in heaven or burn in hell? Who knows. The front lyrics Again, she is hoping that she could get to heaven. And what did Robert What's the meaning of "To be a rock and not to roll" in lyrics of Stairway to Heaven? 54, Views This is the best Interpretation I've ever heard and I agree with it. Most of Paul Simon's song are intensely personal, yet he manages to write lyrics in such a Again, using a biblical suggestions to convey feeling of dread. We were involved in an ever escalating war, with no clear objectives, allied to a . If you are wondering why I get this interpretation - I used to think the lyrics were “In .

The idea is to dive into the deep end which is the safer end to dive in a swimming pool, and stay away from the shallow end where it is impossible to dive and difficult to swim. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga share verses in the form of a dialogue to tell us their story. According to several sources, Bradley Cooper received vocal coaching sessions for over one and half years in preparation for this role of Jackson Maine.

On that note, good job Bradley Cooper! She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer until Jackson coaxes her into the spotlight.

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In the movie, at this point, Ally is working at a restaurant and occasionally does gigs at a bar, even though she is an extremely talented songwriter. So, Maine asks this girl if she is going to settle for what she has right now or reach for the stars, which he believes she can do.

Refrain Bradley Cooper again vocalizes that he is falling in the good times. This may have a double meaning. The photographer responsible for the album cover said the picture expressed "faded loss of innocence and decadence," which is pretentious-speak for "a bunch of assholes standing in a lobby. Maybe it wasn't Anton LaVey, but really As Snopes points out: And, in fact, we're wagering that most of the people in our readership who know the song only know it as "That song that's secretly about doing acid.

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Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Continue Reading Below Advertisement And then you get lyrics like this: And this isn't exactly a stretch: The Beatles, remember, were a band that wrote songs about an octopus inviting people to the seabed to visit his gardenpeople who believe they are Arctic blueberry animals and general dick-twisting insanity. Really, we're not sure that most of what the Beatles did wasn't about goddamned acid. Some believe that this version is written entirely to a lover who lived near the loch.

Volunteers could accept parole, a release contingent on the volunteer's refusal to rejoin the fighting, but regulars could not and so could face execution. The volunteer would take the high road that linked London and Edinburgh while the soul of the executed regular would return along the "low road" and would get back to Scotland first.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper – Shallow (Lyrics Analysis and Song Meaning)

There's an ending o' the dance, and fair Morag's safe in France, And the Clans they hae paid the lawing, Morag—great one in Gaelic—referred to Bonnie Prince Charlie, who fled to France after his forces were defeated.

And the wuddy has her ain, and we twa are left alane, Free o' Carlisle gaol in the dawing. Wuddy means hangman's rope, according to Lang's own notes on the poem; dawing is dawn. For my love's heart brake in twa, when she kenned the Cause's fa', And she sleeps where there's never nane shall waken The poem's narrator vows to take violent revenge on the English: