Jellal and erza meet again soon

It is complicated That is what Erza says when Lucy asked her how things are him. jellal was soon possessed, turned on ereza, met again 8 years later and was . Jellal Fernandes (ジェラール・フェルナンデス Jerāru Ferunandesu) is a . As the other slaves boarded ships meant to ensure their freedom, she reunited with Jellal, is quickly able to forgive him for his misdeeds after Jellal's manipulation wore. Erza was a orphan living at a orphanage when she met Jellal. She became friends with Jellal, but was soon adopted and force to leave her.

Gray mentions that they are no longer enemies of Fairy Tail and that they intend to now fight sins and do good instead of bad. Ultear asks for a favor from Fairy Tail, they explain that every year there is a strange magical force within the stadium and that it could be related to that of Zeref, they want to investigate and find out whats happening and causing this.

Erza agrees to whats Jellal wants to do because if there is a problem at the stadium then it could be a problem to Fairy Tail also. Ultear says that by helping them, she wants to give them something in advance, she mentions something to them that will help them. She explains that her Time Ark magic has the ability to raise their level of their abilities. She tells them that a mage usually has a contained of magic in which they can use in order to show their powers, as well as fight others.

Her magic will be able to open up another magical container so they can absorb the Eternanos from the air. She explains that the second power is refered to Latent ability, Second Origin, this will allow them to use the second containing, or Second Origin so they can use both their powers, this would be similar to doubling their powers or powering up a needed times. Natsu and the others agree to it. Jellal and Erza are talking by the beach while the sun goes down. Erza asks if his memories are back.

She raises him when they accidentally trip and roll down the hill, as they do, they knock and bump into mysterious plants which launch sparks of light into the above night. They both fall down when Jellal is on top of Jellal, they both look into each others eyes when the whole mood changes from a dark night to one which is full of magic and light! The sparks of light enhance the mood as they both recognize that they have something which needs to be sorted between each other.

But Ul shook her head slowly hugged her nephew and she quietly spoke into his ear, "I'm sorry dear, Jellal, Erza can't stay with us, we barely have enough money to support you and Ultear.

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He believes in Erza and her true self. You two seem to share a bond that can't be broken. No matter how far away Erza is, you will always have her in your heart. Jellal wiped the rest of his tears away, bewildered of what Ul was trying to say to him. He Broke from his embrace with his Aunt questioning her, "What do you mean Erza will always be in my heart?

I became friends with her recently; we haven't known each other for that long? I over-heard you two talking, both of you made a promise to never abandon each other. That promise alone shows you two already have a deep bond. And besides…", Ul looked up at the endless dark starry sky above quietly speaking "Once you meet someone, you never truly forget about them. Took in what Ul is saying to him, and just slowly nodding his head, not speaking anymore just hoping Ul is right and that he will see Erza again one day.

Ul stood back up shook off the dirt from her jeans, stretched her arms out content with herself smiled greatly to both of the children, "Well you two we better be getting back to the orphanage, Erza will be leaving tomorrow so she will need a good night rest and as for you Jellal you will want to say goodbye to Erza before she leaves tomorrow.

Erza snapped back into reality, though slightly confused by what is going onreplied quickly to Ul "Oh…uh yeah. Ul gave them one more smile before walking back to the orphanage. Meantime Jellal and Erza walk slowly behind Ul, so the two friends could have their final conversation before Erza leaves. I wish to have gotten to know you better", Jellal spoke to the red-head first. You don't need to apologize to me. It was going to happen eventually, besides…" Erza answered back to Jellal.

Erza grinned facing him, she smiled greatly, "I am happy I got to meet you Jellal, I hope we could see each other sometime in the future.

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At that moment, Erza waved to Ul and Jellal, to tell them goodbye for now. As Jellal and Ul walked away from the orphanage and back at their home, Jellal saw Erza wave, and he sorrowfully waved back. And at that point those two began to go their separate ways. The next day, Erza awoke to find that her bags were already packed and her breakfast already on the table.

Erza bewildered by all this wondered to herself who did all the packing for her. Though she could care less right now, that just means she doesn't need to pack anymore. Your temporary caretaker of this here Magnolia Orphanage.

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I didn't realize it was you, sorry. Um what do you want? He's been waiting for you for about 5 minutes. Before Erza can talk back to an impatient old woman, another mysterious voice arise. I thought you were waiting outside, when did you…" But was cut short by Makarov. The door appeared to be open so I just walked in. What's more important right now is this little girl.

Erza looked at the man, he was short maybe as short as her. He was old, probably in his 80s, had a white mustache and snow white hair.

He was all wrinkly but the old man smiled passionately at her; this showed he was a good person. Erza nodded her head steady. Makarov somehow pleased that he got her name right was chuckling to himself. As you heard my name is Makarov. But would greatly advise you call me Master Makarov, or some people at the guild call me Gramps. Either way works fine; I'm sure you will love the guild once we arrive there. There are a lot of kids just like you. So you won't need to worry about how they think about you.

Quietly listening, Erza eyes lighten up with confusion asked Makarov ,"Wait what is a guild? You mean there are more kids like me, but isn't that the same as a orphanage? A orphanage is for kids with no homes, but a guild, a guild is a home. A home for anyone who have lost their homes or for those who have a home, in other words it's a place for wizards. The wizards take job requests and take on jobs to earn money for their lives.

And as a guild, we are all family. We all had our fair share of fights, and burdens that we carry. And that what makes us so unique. Even more confused Erza questioned him again, "But… a wizard? I am not a wizard; I don't have any magic powers to help people.

Why are you taking me to a place like that?