Natsu and lisanna meet again someday

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natsu and lisanna meet again someday

But someday, maybe when he get a little grown up, and after he get through the writer in the fated meeting, and Gray (Gemini) in Oracion Seis arc. . Natsu does love Lucy because after lisanna coming back he barely talks. Pantherlily, Juvia, Gray, Lisanna, Wendy, Elfman, Bickslow, Cana, Erza, Evergreen, Gajeel, Levy, Lucy, Natsu. "I may not be able to see you, there may be hundreds of miles. Open .. Fairy tail During Tartaros war Natsu did get his scarf back but lost his family. I like to get a tatoo with the emblem of Fairy Tail someday. After Lisanna arrives back in Earth Land, she wears a light-blue striped shirt, with . Natsu asks why she didn't tell the truth when they first met, to which Lisanna if she can someday be his bride when they grow up, causing Natsu to blush.

For Lucy, in the beginning, she easily blushing when a guy tell her 'something sweet', just like when she blush by Loke in Loke arc, the writer in the fated meeting, and Gray Gemini in Oracion Seis arc. It's natural, cause Lucy is a girl who never date any guy before. And why I support and love Nalu more than anyone else? Because Mashima-sensei made their moments so many, so simple, yet so sweet.

More than other couples.

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Example, Lucy is blushing just because Natsu thanked her. How's that thing not special?

natsu and lisanna meet again someday

Mashima-sensei always make the two of them together. And they have a special relationship. Not just relationship between 'friends'. Also, in the interview with Sorcerer Magazine, both Natsu and Lucy said they have the best relationship with each other. But someday, I'm sure Mashima-sensei will make him understand what is love, and realized his 'different, special feelings' for Lucy as 'love'.

natsu and lisanna meet again someday

During the key of the starry heavens arc after the whole clock destroyed lucy came flying and is fall among the stars, mean while natsu asks where lucy is while on a octopus and runs after her. It was natsu, he leaped forward and caught her and broke her fall, but still wore a big smile. Also there was a youtuber who was doing a facts video on fairy tail and one of the fact was that Hiro Mashima did say that he just might make NALU a thing.

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When Natsu has been planted an anti-ethernano tumor by Brandish, Lucy knowing that she's weaker than Brandish still, fought Brandish just to save Natsu. Lucy said to Brandish, "I admit it Your far stronger than me!

I don't have the luxury of losing! We still have training tomorrow" THe dragon yawned and fell asleep 3 sec flat 'Hmmm, I wonder if i still got my power' Natsu got up and and went outside the cave 'If im in the past.

I can save Lisanna and prevent going to Edolas again, And I need to get stronger to defeat jellal and save simon, I wonder if i still have the lightning thing laxus gave me' "Only one way to find out! How did you get so powerful in one day?

Since when are you watching there" Natsu sweat dropped "Since you got up and leave the cave" Igneel grinned "You Tried some spells i havent taught you yet, Impressive" "Uhmm pops Can you Train me harder than before, I need to get stronger" Natsu ask with puppy eyes "Hmm. For this day forward I shall be Strict, Do you agree with that Natsu?

Off to Fairy tail! While Travelling he met a Crying boy, same age,taller and got black spiky hair. Im looking for my father too! Dont laught but my father is a Dragon" Gajeel wait for the insult but never hear Natsu laughing "Mine too" Natsu put his hand on Gajeel's shoulder "Come with me and maybe someday we can find them!

He Smiled at her and saw her blush 'Payback time lissy!

natsu and lisanna meet again someday

They open the Door and saw a little old man sitting on the table. I cant hear you? What color and where do you want me to stamp it? Welcome to fairy tail!

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Mira tilted her head "How did you know my name? Yeah hehe" Natsu sweat dropped Mira still staring at him with suspicious look but then looked away "Very well then!

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My name is Lisanna! I was not looking where i was going" The bluenette Tried to pick some books up, and when they tried to pick up the last book they touched each others hand and blushed "U-uh sorry!

natsu and lisanna meet again someday

My name Is Gajeel" He then scratch the back of his head "My name is levy! Nice to meet you!