One piece shanks and luffy meet again crossword

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one piece shanks and luffy meet again crossword

There need to be more 'Shanks and Luffy reunite' fics. Thank you for " Yesterday, the Pirate Straw Hat Luffy found Raftel, and the One Piece!" "Will we have to fight?" Sure enough, when they looked again, he was gone. What did you think was the outright best One Piece moment, episode, chapter, to Ace's death) was just how Calgara and Noland promise they will meet again, . Luffy is running down a hallway, clearly disturbed by his father's presence. .. And it's something about Shanks and Buggy that's been bugging me for awhile. The One Piece manga has finally ended the Whole Cake Island arc and jump started After a major shake-up with Luffy and the Straw Hats, fans see title will certainly be Shanks' mission to find out if they ever meet again.

What was wrong with the universe? He took a deep breath. Quick as a flash, he turned around and swung the heavy pan straight for the pirate's face. Strangely, he seemed to miss contact, and swung around wildly before landing solidly on the ground. What happened to the pirate? A voice spoke up behind him. How did he- "Haki," Straw Hat said.

Kenbunshoku at least, by the looks of it. This is a problem! How am I going to keep the village safe? We don't need any pirates pillaging and raping!

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He hesitantly got back on his feet and rubbed his aching back. Luffy was watching this with wide eyes. First the man starts to make him meat, and then he tries to hit him. Why was he acting so funny? He started toward the odd man. All pirates do is hurt things. Especially if you are the King of them all! I'm not gonna do anything bad.

I was just exploring, and I got hungry.

Buggy and Shanks.. Long time no see {HD 720p}

Can I please have some food? Luffy, and I-… already am… the King of the Pirates. Huh, I almost forgot. This man reminded him of the village children. Surely it was just good luck that allowed him to claim the title of Pirate King. I'll just try to get him off the island peacefully, he thought, and then everything will be alright.

You can call me Luffy. Can you make me some meat? I left before anyone could stop me. You're the Pirate King! Do you want to hear about them? Robin and Chopper had entered the small library and were poring through the books. Nami was shopping along the biggest street, dragging Sanji along with her to carry her bags.

Zoro and Brook had gone to the only place they thought they could get their swords polished professionally, and Usopp and Franky had gone to the junkyard to look for spare parts. Robin looked up sharply and Chopper shivered in his seat.

Nami grabbed Sanji's sleeve, and Sanji besides being insanely happy about Nami on his arm felt a chill in the air. Zoro felt the Wado Ichimonji creak in it's sheath. Brook's afro deflated slightly.

Usopp kept hearing noises that gave him goose bumps. Franky had a terrible premonition. All of them, in their different locations, looked around. Something was definitely off. Someone was getting into trouble. Luffy grinned and nodded.

They had seen the pirate crew around, but they didn't seem like they were going to harm anyone, so they let them be. The lookout was back in his crows nest with his telescope. He kept wondering about the pirate ship. What had the pirates been doing? He couldn't see their ship now. Maybe they continued on? It looked like another ship. Why would there be one out here?

The almost never received visitors and the first pirate ship had been a rarity in itself. Sure enough, when he focused the lens, he could make out the faint shape of a large ship, and flaying from the mask, a Jolly Roger. His trembling hand dropped the telescope, and he stumbled quickly down the stairs.

This was a joke, wasn't it? There was no possible way that another pirate crew could be passing through. The only got a visitor every other year or so. They all rushed to the shore for the second time that day.

Cries rose up as they realized that the lookout was telling the truth. There was another ship coming towards them. They all stared in silence as they drew closer and closer. By the time the ship had moored as close to the shore as it could, some of the citizens of Rumtown had fainted.

A long plank bridge was lowered to the edge of the water line. Across it trudged a tall man with bright red hair, followed by a grey haired man, and a man with yellowish dreadlocks and a gun. The leader waved dismissively behind him and the plank pulled back. He turned to the people gathered watching him. He glanced at the faded welcoming sign lurking crookedly on a nearby tree.

This kid was crazy. Not as good as Sanji's, though. As he gulped the last of the food, he glanced toward the door. I'm gonna go explore, ok? I'm not gonna kill or 'nything. Does he still think that I'll go kill all the villagers? Then, once you're done exploring, you can leave. It really shouldn't surprise him anymore. He'd seen this boy eat; he'd acted as if he was starving.

one piece shanks and luffy meet again crossword

He just couldn't believe that he was still hungry. Luffy bounced out of the door and into the open. You can't go out like that! There wasn't anyone spying on them, right? No witness and no one can ever prove that he took the King of the Pirates out for a walk around town.

Shanks blinked and looked around. No one said a single word.

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Still there was no answer. Maybe a little pillaging. If they are, their dead bodies seem to have all adopted a look of shock as you stepped on shore," Yasopp said sarcastically. Shanks rolled his eyes. He sighed and started walking farther inland. Come on, you two. Let's go find the place on our own.

Shanks whistled as he walked through the diminutive town. I told you, they just appeared out of nowhere. Benn was trying to hold back chuckles, and Shanks was failing that very thing. It's entirely possible that she had- pfff- flying monkeys as her evil henchmen. She was hard to beat until one of the crew tripped with a bucket of water and it sprayed all over her. What kind of witch melts in water, anyway? It really should be easier to spot than this, shouldn't it? We were gone for over a week.

No news, no den den mushi connection, no anything. There will be newspapers there. Two suspicious men had just entered it. He pointed it out to the others, if not somewhat reluctantly. Shanks nodded and threw it on. You two should put some on if you're coming with me. Benn chuckled with amusement. I'm going to go with Yasopp. No bar fights, even for defending people, ok?

I really don't want to cause a commotion when we really need to stop here. A few minutes earlier, Luffy and the mayor were casually walking the streets of Rumtown.

Mayor pointed out the place he was talking about to Luffy. Luffy looked at it curiously. Well, it smells good. It's got to have some good food!

They walked suspiciously unsuspicious into the building. Luffy and Mayor took a seat at a table in the corner of the room. There were very few people in there for some reason. Maybe they're all fishing? He sighed and walked behind the doors in the back. After you've become you-know-what?

What are you going to do now? Luffy looked at him with a strange look on his face. That's where you're from? That's the weakest sea! In walked a strange cloaked man from out of the street. Oh, that's right, Luffy thought. I probably look strange with this cloak on, too. The man glanced around and settled at a table next to them. Luffy glanced at him again. He was strong, he could tell. This would be trouble if he decided that he wanted to fight.

Luffy looked up when the man arrived with his food. He was amazed by all the food. This is going to be delicious! The strange man at the other table snorted quietly. Luffy gazed at him innocently. Meanwhile, Yasopp and Benn had gotten directions to the junkyard and were digging through the scraps looking for usable parts.

Yasopp frowned as he shifted through a pile of metal parts. I think that there are other people over there. Let's go check them out. Maybe they have some parts I can use! Shanks stared at the man you had ordered all of that food. Was he seriously going to eat all of it? Even if this man was a D, this was ridiculous! Where did he put it? The man had noticed Shanks staring at him. This man- he was clearly more powerful than he had assumed.

His strength of will resembled that of the marine rank of Admiral or higher. What is a big fish like him doing on this tiny island? He can't be an admiral, he's too small. He didn't seem particularly threatening at first glance, but now that I really look at him… I can't tell what he looks like because of that cloak. Maybe he's a pirate.

The man spoke again. The strong one didn't flinch an inch. But I didn't know that there were more on the island. Shanks put his arm around the man's shoulders.

The other man laughed and bonked him on the head as a response. Yasopp answered with a glare.

one piece shanks and luffy meet again crossword

His appearance made the two men stare. His body seemed to be made primarily of metal parts. Can you help me find some parts? The cyborg looked at him, puzzled. Benn answered for him. Then we can help. The other man nodded and his hands flew faster. Franky shouted back to the two men. What are you doing out here? Do you live here? Franky's laugh boomed the loudest. I'm a sniper, too! Where is your weapon? Can I look at it?

As Yasopp went to pick it up, Franky started talking, and Benn watched warily. It appeared to be a slingshot of some kind. Yasopp shot a look at him. He was surprised and a little angry when Benn hit him over the head. What was that for? They really didn't want to beat these people up.

Strangely, they both looked as if this was normal. There was no freaking out what so ever. Yasopp stepped closer to the one on the ground. What could be going on in there? Inside the bar, two famous pirates were eating drinking together, both unaware of the others' infamy. What could possibly go wrong? Luffy was shoveling food into his mouth under the hood, and Shanks was watching with a bemused expression.

Mayor slapped the top of his head. Why is a man like you guiding a pirate around town for? I just want him to leave! If he's wearing a cloak like I am, he thought, he must be as famous as me. No doubt he doesn't want to get recognized either. What was he going to say? It's no big deal; we're both pirates, right? Franky waved his hand at the two other pirates.

one piece shanks and luffy meet again crossword

He liked these guys and he didn't want them to run away. And they would run away once they realized that the two guys they'd met in a junkyard belonged to the crew of the Pirate King, Monkey D.

Now Benn raised an eyebrow. You got something to hide? You tell us you your captain is, and then we'll do the same. If you want to know, we'll tell you. The crew that we belong to is that of the Yonko Red-Haired Shanks. The man on the ground's shoulders tightened slightly, and then went back down.

The cyborg laughed and snapped his sunglasses back on. Well, that was disappointing. Or, at least, why aren't you panicking? We've been meaning to say hello to you guys for a while now. He died ages ago. There's no way-" "No, not the old one," Franky said.

You expect us to believe that there's a new King? Mayor gasped and the strong man leaned closer. Another piece of meat vanished from the table. Mayor looked nervously around. Then maybe he'll leave you alone. With that level of Haki I guessed over thirty.

Now, what was the mayor of this fine town about to say? Both Yasopp and Benn's jaws hit the ground. Luffy is King of the Pirates?! Where has the time gone? How long has it been? This is going to be the most awkward meeting ever.

See also Chewbacca Defensewhen a red herring is used to baffle your opponents, and Non Sequiturwhen an event does not make sense in context. See also Big Secret. Has nothing to do with With This Herring. If a major star is used to sucker the audience rather than the actual characters, you've just been served Dead Star Walkingor at least an aversion of Narrowed It Down to the Guy I Recognize. Subject to being Spoiled by the Format: Due to the nature of this trope, unmarked spoilers ahead!

Early chapters point to Touma being in love with his sister-in-law and former teacher Akiko. Chapter 5 however, reveals that this was a lie that he created to hide the fact he is in love with his childhood friend Taichi. In the first volume of Accel WorldKuroyukihime reveals that a Burst Linker known as Cyan Pile is trying to hunt her down to collect the point bounty on her, and she knows very little about the person controlling this duel avatar except for the fact that this person goes to her school based on the fact that Cyan Pile can challenge her while she's logged into the school intranet.

Kuroyukihime initially assumes that it's Haru's Childhood Friend Chiyu, given the hostility between them in their first meeting although Kuroyukihime intentionally eggs Chiyu on to gauge her reactions and that Chiyu is one of a handful of possible Burst Linkers besides Kuroyukihime and Haru. Haru refuses to believe it, since the Chiyu he knows is no good at video games or keeping secrets, and insists on convincing Kuroyukihime.

It turns out that Chiyu's Neurolinker was infected with a backdoor program, enabling the true culprit, her boyfriend Taku, to challenge Kuroyukihime remotely even though he doesn't even go to her school. The first one of the five that we see is even given a name, but when the time comes, he decides not to join up with the other four.

In fact, he almost gets them killed by cutting the rope one of the heroes is going down. He gets his Karmic Death soon enough.

Ulquiorra appears from the start to be Aizen's right-hand man among the Espada, and the ultimate target everyone needs to reach to save Orihime. When Ulquiorra realises Ichigo thinks he's the top Espada, he reveals he's only the fourth Espada. Barragan takes command in Aizen's absence, making it seem to characters that he's the top Espada until it's revealed that he's only the second Espada. It's an unsuccessful example as Kyouraku admits to his opponent the real number one he'd suspected all along that Barragan was number two, but had been hoping otherwise.

Neither one of them did it; V. Then again, given the significant changes that the plot of season 2 allegedly went through due to the time slot changeit's possible that this could be less of a Red Herring and more of an Aborted Arc. It was, however, made clear at the end of season 1 that Cornelia had nothing to do with Marianne's death, contrary to earlier implications.

During the doppelganger business in Delicious in Dungeonone of the Marcille's states that has mostly gotten over her issue with eating monsters, after having eaten all sorts of things like merfolk eggs.

Laios realizese she is the doppelganger Marcille not due to that but due to her casually pouring out boiling water, an action that earlier in the story nearly got her killed by an angry Undine.

Marcille assumes that the merfolk eggs are what tipped Laios off, but is horrified to learn that that part was true, Chilchuck just made Laios keep quiet about that. Red Herrings are a staple of Detective Conanbut a big one happens in the recurring Black Organization meta-arc when Vermouth finally shows herself and it's not who you think it is at all.

She's been impersonating Dr. The suspicious-looking foreign English teacher? She's the FBI agent on Vermouth's trail.

This is exactly what Izaya wants people to think. Since Mika Harima has the same face as Celty Sturluson and has a scar that goes all around her neck, everyone is led to believe that Mika is a corpse that has had Celty's missing head grafted on to it to give it life. It later turns out that Namie manipulated Mika into undergoing plastic surgery that would make her resemble Celty, and subsequently gave her memory-altering drugs to hide the truth.

During the Grand Magic Games arc, it at first seems that only one person had come back from the future to give warnings about what will soon happen, but that that person had given Princess Hisui and Captain Arcadios conflicting information for some reason.

During the two's conversation late in the arc, Arcadios calls this informant a woman, causing Hisui to tell him that her informant was a man. It turns out that Future! Lucy wasn't the only one who came back through the Eclipse Gate Rogue's Ax-Crazy future counterpart had also managed to find his way to the past, but for a much more sinister purpose.

Invoked with Silver, Gray's father, as well. Silver pretends to actually be the spirit of Deliorathe demon responsible for Gray's childhood trauma, inhabiting the corpse of his father. In actuality, Silver was brought back to life as his own self by the necromancer Keyes, and was a good person who wanted Gray to put him out of his misery. A slightly more minor example in the form of Weisslogia and Skiadrum not being dead despite Sting and Rogue remembering having killed them.

Apparently dragons can alter the memories of humans somehow. They then both proceed to die a few minutes later, making everything a bit of a moot point. While they do have an important connection, they're definitely separate people. When Alphonse reunites with Hohenheim, he explains the situation to his father.

Hohenheim then asks him if he's sure he wants to tell him, given that the leader of the Homunculi looks just like him. Alphonse is silent for a moment, refusing to back down, and Hohenheim says he's relieved that his son trusts him. When Edward is about to go fight Gluttony, Riza Hawkeye gives him a pistol, telling him it may just end up saving his life.

Much later, when his alchemy is switched off by villainous Anti-Magiche realizes he still has the gun and pulls it out, but is never able to shoot anyone with it. When they first meet, Barry the Chopper drops a potential bombshell that Al may have never really existed as a human; that Ed created all of his memories and personality and stuck them onto a suit of armor.

It's eventually revealed that this was just Barry screwing with Al's head. In the Ghost in the Shell: After discovering that Yu has carefully imported a sniper rifle from overseas, they spend the bulk of the episode under the assumption that he plans to shoot the politician from a distance. Then, just before the killing is scheduled to occur, Togusa finds a teenage boy Bound and Gagged in a bathroom stall, with his school uniform having been stolen.

It turns out that the sniper rifle was a clever misdirect, and Yu's real plan was to disguise himself as a high school student so that he could get close enough to the politician to stab him to death. Early on in Gosicka government official is murdered, and Victorique is able to deduce that the killer is a blonde girl with an injured hand. He soon notices that Avril's right hand is bandaged, and she becomes very tense when questioned about it.

This is actually Foreshadowing for a completely different crime. It turns out that "Avril" is actually a Phantom Thief named Kuiaran the Second, who kidnapped the real Avril and assumed her identity so she could infiltrate the school.

Kuiaran's hand wound came from being bitten by the real Avril while she was tying her up. In the beginning of "Remote Island Syndrome Part 1" in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiyawe see an adult woman ripping apart papers and letting them fly from the balcony. Does this have anything to do with the following plot? In fact, the "murder mystery" that follows is one great big red herring; it's just a game set up to prevent Haruhi from getting bored, which could have inadvertently caused a real murder mystery to take place.

Similarly, The Kindaichi Case Filesas a fellow mystery manga, makes use of the red herring. Perhaps two of the best were in "No Noose is Good Noose," indicating two different innocent suspects as the killer. The fact that Utako Mori's name is an anagram for "komori uta," the killer's trademark phrase? The presence of Takashi Senke in the background of one of the photos of suicided students, indicating a possible motive? Both mere coincidence, with no purpose other than to draw smug readers away from the real clues.

Although the second served a doubly sneaky purpose. Those who remember that red herring may be more inclined to dismiss Senke as a suspect in "The Forest of Cerberus," only this time, he is the killer!

After spending a good portion of the plot hunting down the instigator of the latest incident, the Time-Space Administration Bureau officers eventually learn from Jail Scaglietti that Toredia Graze, their prime suspect, has been dead for four years.

Meanwhile, a mysterious masked person whose hair color happens to match Chrono's appears to occasionally help out the villains. Turns out that there's actually two of them, and they're the Cat Girl familiars of Chrono's mentor, sent to make sure the villains succeeded in their plan, then absorb them so that the Book of Darkness can be sealed away along with Hayate.

In Macross FrontierSheryl Nome is well Publicity for the series included judicious use of her full name, with the surname shared by Mao and Sara from Macross ZeroMayan High Priestesses with a unique blood type that gave them some fairly unique powers bordering on ESP if taken at face value though how much of that was actually done by the Bird-Human is anyone's guess.

Many fans assumed that this was a big hint for the plot of the show and that Sheryl would turn out to be something like Mao's granddaughter. The latter part turned out to be true, but did this really affect the plot at all? It truly never comes up, and becomes simply another Shout-Out to one of the previous shows Frontier was laced with these. When ghosts escape from prison because of the door wards failing - in the Arcanum arc of Muhyo and Roji - Biko, an artificer who makes wards, is implied to be the culprit after an envelope with Enchu's seal turns up in her house.

The real culprit is her teacher Rio. Itachi at one point claims that he let Sasuke live so that he could take his eyes as an adult. It is later revealed he was lying and let Sasuke live because he could not bring himself to kill him.

Everything the reader was ever told about Itachi is a lie or a coverup. The truth about him has only started coming out in recent chapters. It's so dramatic that for most of the series he appeared to be the unquestionable Big Bad of Sasuke's storyline, when in fact he's apparently the Big Good.

And who turned out to be Sasuke's personal Big Bad? Then it turns out that the real Madara is the mastermind behind the entire plot, as he used Tobi to act out his plans, and is arguably the real Big Bad.

Tobi, was later on revealed to be who fans speculated him to be all along: And then Obito hijacked Madara's master plan, promoting himself to the role of Big Bad. But after the defeat Obito, Madara right back resumed being the Big Bad. One Piece uses a Red Herring to take advantage of a recent reveal while hiding another one. When Garp visits Ace in prison and expresses his desire that he had wanted Ace and Luffy to grow up to be Marines, Ace response by reminding Garp this is impossible because "Luffy and I both have the blood of an international criminal mastermind running in our veins.

In fact, it does so while simultaneously hiding the later reveal that Ace's father is the Pirate King Gold Roger. Once upon a time, it was widely believed that Shanks was Luffy's long-lost father, and for good reason. There were too many seemingly genuine clues to this for it not to be intentional on Oda's part, which makes The Reveal of Luffy's father more shocking. This was certainly helped by the fact that the earlier art style made Luffy and Shanks look a good deal more alike than they do now.

Oda probably loves this trope considering how unpredictable One Piece is. This is used as a red herring in regards to Ace, as well. Soon after this reveal, we see a scene where Ace says that he despises his father, rejects him so thoroughly that he uses his mother's name instead.

The obvious implication is that Ace is talking about our friend Dragon, but in fact it's revealed that Luffy and Ace are not blood related.

one piece shanks and luffy meet again crossword

The identities of future crew members have sometimes been hidden this way. At the end of Alabasta, both Vivi and Bon Kurei look like they're about to join, only for Nico Robin to do so instead.

Water 7 started with the crew looking for a shipwright and finding a company of six, several of whom getting along fairly well with the crew.

Then Kaku and Lucci leave and Franky, who'd been written as a villain at first, ends up joining. Duval's identity was done like this. He started out having a personal beef with the Straw Hat Pirates, but especially Sanji, leading to some speculation that he might be Don Krieg. The real answer was far more hilarious: He'd never actually met the Straw Hats before, but he looked exactly like Sanji's poorly-drawn wanted poster.

In the Outlaw Star episode "Final Countdown", a terrorist group uses a red herring to its fullest extent. They set up an elaborate plan to crash an advertising ship rigged with a bomb into Heifong with its independence as the ransom.

As it turns out, this was just a plan to evacuate the city so that the "terrorist group" which is more like a group of petty, if clever, thieves can loot the empty city without fear of being caught. Unfortunately for them, the main characters catch on to this ruse and show them what for. Certain series of Pretty Cure have characters who are red herrings for the identity of the Sixth Ranger Cure.

She wasn't, of course. PreCure topped the others with Dark Magical Girl Regina, who shockingly did not join the heroes as a Cure - in fact, the series's Sixth Ranger was a character that had never appeared before. When Romio is talking about how she has selected a third magical girl, she shows a picture featuring Konoha prominently in the foreground and Eimi just casually strolling by in the background.

Take a wild guess who the third magical girl is. In early episodes of Princess Tutuit's quite easy to think of Fakir as the human incarnation of the Raven - his hairstyle looks like black tail feathers and his less than friendly personality. His hair is actually green, and he's a Jerkass Woobie.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica has two major examples: The witch in the prologue has some marked design similarities to Sayaka's Magical Girl outfit. Turns out that Sayaka's actual witch form has considerably fewer design similarities. In a more meta example, concept art shows Madoka and Homura both with bows, leading to speculation about Homura being future Madoka.

And then Homura is revealed not only to be her own person, but to have a completely different weapon. As it turns out, the art's still meaningful - Homura can use Madoka's bow, and in the timeline where the latter ascended ends up inheriting it, wielding it in favor of her own weapon to signify a "lighter" aspect of magical girl-ness.

To cite a very early example, the English dub Speed Racer had a one-off character named Red Herring for completely no reason. However it is also a subversion because the actual character did have a sizable portion in the episode.


At the beginning of the Bullet of Bullets Tournament there are three suspects in the tournament who might be the murderous "Death Gun": Pale Rider, Jushi X, and Sterben. All Kirito and Sinon know about them is their names, so that's all they have in the way of clues.

In the anime, the audience has an extra clue if they were paying attention to Kyoji during the opening. The problem is that each of the three separate suspects' names can be read as a reference to death in English, Japanese, and German respectively. In universe, this means that given a choice between going after "Sterben" or "Jushi X", the two Japanese teenagers opt for "Jushi X" because that can be read as the Japanese for "Death Gun" backwards, with the X representing a cross.

It is only once "Sterben" is confirmed as "Death Gun" via process of elimination that the Japanese nurse reveals to the non-German speaking members of the audience that "sterben" is German for "to die" and is a loanword particularly used in Japanese hospitals. However at the outset, Anglophone members of the audience would tend to be more suspicious about the English name "Pale Rider" since that is a Biblical reference to Death as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

That it doesn't fully work in the anime version because of his voice is another story The Mysterious Protector has blond hair and blue eyes, and there's another character in the cast possessing these traits Ryou Shirogane. The manga, in addition to pointing out those similarities, briefly uses another character Keiichiro to make a red herring via a subversion of the Revealing Injury trope. The real identity of the Mysterious Protector looks nothing like his transformed form, but the abovementioned voice link in the anime version, coupled with healthy amount of Genre Savviness from the audience, renders the whole point moot.

His surname "Aoyama" contains the word for "Blue" in Japanese, which gives some hint as to his identity. The principal of the school, Chihiro, is set up to be the main threat as throughout the series she spies on Maya and disapproves of her snooping around. Then the Wham Episode hits and it turns out that a seemingly sweet and innocent girl named Mikaze, that Fumiaki was dating, was the true villain all along.

What's more Chihiro is actually an ally that was looking after Maya at the behest of her father. Tristan theorizes that a mook hides in the tower and uses a telescope to look through the hole and spy on players' cards, then relay the info to Pegasus via a receiver. The hole is just a coincidence, and Pegasus really does read minds. Funnily enough, in the Battle City arc, the Phony Psychic Esper Roba uses exactly this trick with the help of his younger siblings.

It first happened with Pegasus in his duel by videotape with Yugi in the manga version. Yugi accuses Pegasus of not really using magic powers to predict his moves, instead claiming that Pegasus used subliminal messages to get Yugi to build his deck and play the cards that he wanted. While Pegasus did use subliminal messages, Pegasus proceeds to actually use magic from that point on. In the "Turnabout Showtime" case of the Ace Attorney manga, the defendant, Julie Henson, is suspected of killing her ex-boyfriend Flip Chambers because he left her for another girl.

She's innocent, and this piece of information is never brought up again. Turns out both of those roles were taken by the supposedly murdered redheaded conductor. The name it was checked out under was simply "M", and Kid notices that the date is the same day Medusa abandoned her cover as the school's nurse. Turns out Maka checked it out by borrowing her father's security ID. Near the end, Rikka gets kidnapped outside of the school and the kidnapper contacts Yuuta by phone and talks about taking Rikka for himself if Yuuta can't find her in time, with the voice distorted to the point that Yuuta wasn't able to recognize it at all.

It turns out to be Satone, however, who actually wanted to break them up so that she could take Yuuta for herself. In episode 4 of Tamako Marketit appeared that Anko had a crush on a hyperactive classmate, but in the end it turned out it was on the sweet boy he was walking with. Turns out it's actually the next enemy stand user, Rubber Soul, using his stand powers to masquerade as Kakyokin.

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei introduces the perpetually-injured and covered in bandages Abiru by having Nozomu investigate a possible domestic abuse situation. After following Abiru's father around as he goes shopping his paranoia making him think that every single thing he tries to buy is going to be used to abuse his daughter, he eventually finds out that Abiru's injuries actually come from her obsession with pulling animal tails. In Umi Monogatarithe Elder Turtle is often wary of Kanon and is convinced she will fall into darkness if not watched.

The other characters gossip about the other prisoner being horrible, completely mad, in a wheelchair, and that he created the Daleks - all of which would cue the listener into thinking the prisoner is Davros. He turns out to be this timeline's version of the Doctor, who has been imprisoned solitary in a tower for a hundred years and has gone mad. Comic Books An odd example in Watchmen: