Padme and anakin meet again fast

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padme and anakin meet again fast

Palo's back and to Anakin that might seem like a wrench into his marriage, but it . It zoomed straight at her in an alarmingly fast speed making her jump back. . "Padme, it really was such a pleasure to see you again tonight. In 'The Phantom Menace' (set in 32 BBY) Anakin is aged 9 and Padmé is He turns ten during the film. By the time of their (sexual). Anakin raced after his master, as fast as his feet could carry him. As they met again, Anakin took Luke off his shoulders, putting him down on.

And then the man of the hour arrived. His eyes still the lazy, dreamy grey she remembers. His dark brown hair ruffled and coifed, if one could even explain it as such. He was wearing the most fashionable of male Nubian clothes and even below the layers she could see his muscularity. He oozed masculinity and sexiness. And yet, none of that impressed her. They hugged and both her cheeks received attention from Palo's mouth. Padme was sure that Anakin seethed beside her.

Looking at you is like a breath of fresh Nubian air," Palo says. And these must be your-," Palo looked behind her. His beaming smile shone at Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and then… Anakin beheld a scowl and Palo, well he seemed to give him a critical glance as well.

padme and anakin meet again fast

We are here to celebrate your art, something that is still part of Jedi culture, we are Jedi Knights in your presence," Obi-Wan said in what Anakin would call his "Master Kenobi" voice.

I have followed your triumphs amongst the Holonet. I thank you for your service in the Republic. The first part of the gallery held nature pieces that demonstrated the beauty of the planet.

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The second part of the gallery contained Palo's abstract pieces. And the final part of the gallery, to Anakin's disdain, held only pieces of Padme and her handmaidens during her reign as Queen of Naboo. The whole time through Anakin kept seeing red, as Padme and Palo walked beside each other, regaling the group with stories of their past and the 'adventures' they had.

It seems that in talking so much I hurried through.

padme and anakin meet again fast

Do you mind observing my art while I whisk away the lovely Senator for a while? Obi-Wan smiled, "Of course. I certainly will have another observant look around. Anakin growled, "Did you know this womp rat used to be Padme's boyfriend?

The Senator has had many suitors and has fancied quite a lot of men, including yours truly. The good thing is that we have yet to hear anything but good things about her," said Obi-Wan as he grabbed a glass of wine from a serverdroid. She's nothing of yours and besides you live by a higher code. Be mindful of your thoughts, Padawan.

Meanwhile… "Padme, it really was such a pleasure to see you again tonight. Not a day has gone by in which I don't think of you," said Palo as he brought her towards a terrace that was attached towards the main lobby. She tried her best to be courteous but this situation looked like it was getting a little bit out of hand.

I would love to say the same but….

5 Plot Holes You Never Noticed In 'Star Wars'

You have and continue working arduously for the Naboo. For this I am very grateful. He seemed to be pondering something, and Padme was not to thrilled of this unspoken unknown, that is, until he finally spoke. Her face contorted into one of confusion. Now the situation turned quite dangerous. Padme mustered all her strength to carry on.

Why do you ask? In the inside she was desperate to run and hide under a rock. At this Palo turned away. You see I have invited you tonight more for your ties with the Jedi rather than simply enjoying your company. I am so ashamed but Exasperatedly she pulled away from Palo's clutch, "What is going on?

I had always been confused but I truly did find myself in art. Well now, all I have to show is this that you have seen today. But…there is one final part of the gallery. This is what I have been working for the past year and it is what truly marks me as a unique man of desire and passion. Come," and Palo ushered her in.

It was dark but when the door slid shut behind her, the hall illuminated with light. What she saw, was utterly peculiar. It was simply too much. Beside her, surprisingly not driving, was her husband Anakin Skywalker. His face seemed as if he had seen the Sith Lord himself. Anakin turned to look at her and then looked right back out to the traffic. A little while after he, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka were wandering around the refreshment, Palo came about and called everyone to the lobby where he announced a final part of the gallery.

Padme was smiling like a little girl and she avoided his eye. That's when he knew something was up. Lo and behold, there was. He sighed, "How embarrassing. That creep was going to keep all of them to himself.

But Anakin was still in a shocked, drunken haze. The only thing he had managed to utter to Obi-Wan was that he would be escorting the Senator back to her home. Now Anakin just sat in their bed, trying to grasp at everything that had occurred.

Portraits, paintings, all of him, or him with Obi-Wan, or him with troopers hung in that gallery. Some he was half nude, others he was in compromising positions with his lightsaber. In all of them it was obvious that he was the star, the main focus.

No wonder Palo had eyed him the minute they were introduced. What was worse was that both Obi-Wan and Ahsoka had witnessed everything first hand. They would never let him live it down. Padme found him like this. His eyes still staring straight ahead. She no longer wore the elegant dress but rather a simple nightgown. She walked until she was standing right in front of him and began undressing him. Carefully she set his lightsaber next to table on his side of the bed. Finally, she parted his inner robe, leaving him half naked.

His eyes were still stationary, being much too distraught. That is until her fingers ghosted over his chest and abdomen. Now she had piqued his attention. She pushed him back into the bad and continued onto his boots. It was only after she had taken the right boot off that he spoke.

She held his left boot in her hand ready to pull, when she paused to respond. Too much has happened tonight. Her lips pressed into his in a chaste kiss. Come on, we're going to be late. The little boy took handfuls of his father's hair. We're gonna see th' council! We'll play bantha-back later. I'll play with you later. Right now, we're going to see the Council. You have to be really good, or you won't be allowed to come back.

Are you gonna show them that all Jedi should be allowed to have kids? As they met again, Anakin took Luke off his shoulders, putting him down on the floor. Luke took his father's hand and eagerly continued pulling him towards the Council. Anakin pulled his son back to his side when they reached the door and allowed Obi-Wan to enter first. Luke started to try to pull away again, but Anakin gripped his hand tightly, holding him back.

He met Yoda's eyes. He nodded, and Anakin took his seat. He was still technically on the Council, but he had a hard time participating fully. He was only even aware of meetings when someone, usually Obi-Wan, was able to get word to him.

This was because of Luke's most recent hobby. There was nothing in the galaxy the three year old loved more than grabbing any machinery in reach and taking it apart to see how it worked.

Anakin was rather proud of his son. He was impressed by the boy's ability to dissect it without breaking any parts, and a surprising amount of the time he was even able to piece it back together when he was done with it. But, that took hours, days sometimes, and it made using any kind of technology to try to get news quite pointless.

Luke had even had a go at Artoo once, but a slight shock any time he got too close to any of the panels on Artoo had been enough to deter him. Artoo had taken to the children immediately.

Anakin got the feeling that Luke was quite fond of Artoo as well. In fact, the reason that Anakin didn't use Artoo as a babysitter, aside from needing him when flying, was that the robot seemed to think that the twins' particular brand of destruction was more like creativity.

When Anakin had tried to explain to Artoo about what the twins were allowed to do, and what they weren't, Artoo had responded that he didn't let the children do anything that Anakin wouldn't do. Anakin felt that that was a ridiculous criterion when dealing with small children, but Artoo had just whistled that he wouldn't let anything happen to them and trundled back to where he was watching Luke take a com apart. Anakin sat down in his chair and scoped his son up, resting him on his lap.

Luke reached immediately for Anakin's prosthetic hand.

padme and anakin meet again fast

Anakin had managed to establish that that was one of the four pieces of equipment in the house that were NOT to be destroyed, no matter what. Luke still enjoyed opening up the panel in Anakin's wrist and poking around at the inside.

He was infinitely amused; it seemed, by making his father's hand twitch. As his son opened the panel up, Anakin tuned into the beginning of the meeting. Anakin nodded, "Yes, Master Yoda. Made them clear, we have. Um, yeah, you do get attached to them, but I think that's the way it is with anyone you really care about. And I'm including masters in that.

And as far as being distracted by that in battle, I think you'd fight a lot harder if you have something very specific to protect. For the original Jedi, I guess the Order itself was enough. But now the Order is so huge, that it's pretty impersonal. I can't believe that none of you have ever been attached to anyone.

That just seems kind of ridiculous to me. But I think in many cases, it is true. I know Luke and Leia are, and they only have one Jedi parent. I don't doubt that a lot of Jedi would fall in love with other Jedi, and their children would be stronger in the Force than ever.

Passed the Force is, from parent to child. Made stronger by two Force sensitive parents, it is not. And I think that parents might be really good teachers for their kids. A parent would be much more careful about teaching their child to protect themselves. But what of his troops? He would want his son to put himself before his troops. And even with the Separatists more or less gone, I don't think we can really risk having a smaller Order anymore.

The Republic has come to rely on us more than a small order can cope with. Anakin felt a bit more confident. From what he knew of Yoda, if he didn't answer with any problems he saw right away, then he probably didn't see problems. The boy was being very good about sitting with his father in a meeting that would have bored Anakin if he hadn't been desperate to make his points. Slowly, the meeting slipped back away from Anakin's consciousness.

His son, on the other hand, seemed to be listening quite intently. Finally, the little boy tipped his head up to look at his father's face.