So we meet again obi wan costume

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so we meet again obi wan costume

What follows here is the script for The Tragedy of Obi-Wan Kenobi, a play I wrote What does that mean? beep All right, we'll come back to it later. beep R2 C3PO: When R2 met Anakin, she learned a new word — slave. We've laid out the theory about the most mysterious new hero of 'Star Wars. What was Obi-Wan doing during his 30 years in hiding? . Rey handing Luke his own lightsaber becomes if it's again a Kenobi reuniting .. Meet the trainer who helped Michael B. Jordan get buff for 'Creed' and 'Black Panther'. But do we have to get into the nitty-gritty about Old Ben Kenobi's bathrobe? Luke and Rey dress very similar to Jedi when we first meet them 2/12 day since you came back into my life,” so what else would you expect?.

In the spaceport city Mos EisleyObi-Wan uses the Force to trick Imperial troops into letting them through a military checkpoint. They enter a local cantina and make a deal with two smugglers, Han Solo and Chewbaccato fly them to Alderaan aboard their ship, the Millennium Falcon. During the journey, Obi-Wan begins instructing Luke in lightsaber combat.

He suddenly becomes weak and tells Luke of "a great disturbance in the Force". Emerging from hyperspace, the party finds that the planet Alderaan has been destroyed by the Empire, and the Falcon is attacked by an Imperial TIE Fighter. The trio chases the TIE fighter to the Death Star, and subsequently get caught in the space station's tractor beam.

On board the Death Star, Obi-Wan shuts down the tractor beam, but Darth Vader confronts him and they engage in a lightsaber duel. Although Vader strikes Obi-Wan down, his body mysteriously vanishes the moment he dies.

so we meet again obi wan costume

At the climax of the film during the Rebel attack on the Death StarObi-Wan speaks to Luke through the Force to help him destroy the Imperial station.

Despite Yoda's skepticism, Obi-Wan convinces his old master to continue Luke's training. He appears later to beseech Luke not to leave Dagobah to try to rescue his friends on Cloud City, although Luke ignores this advice. Obi-Wan acknowledges that Darth Vader is indeed Luke's father, revealed by Vader himself in the previous film and confirmed by Yoda on his deathbed, and also reveals that Leia is Luke's twin sister.

Their ship is damaged in the escape, however, and they are forced to land on Tatooine, where they discover the nine-year-old slave Anakin Skywalker. Qui-Gon believes the boy is the "chosen one" prophesied to bring balance to the Force, and brings him to Coruscant to begin Jedi training, although Obi-Wan expresses concerns. While leaving Tatooine, they are attacked by Darth Maula member of the Sitha dark side-using cult thought long extinct. However, Obi-Wan manages to turn the tables and defeat Maul, slicing him in half and sending him plunging down a vast reactor shaft.

He promises to fulfill Qui-Gon's dying wish of training Anakin in the ways of the Jedi, with or without the Council's blessing. Over the years, Anakin has grown powerful but arrogant, and believes Obi-Wan is "holding him back". He is introduced to bounty hunter Jango Fettthe clones' template, and the two fight after Obi-Wan deduces that Fett must be behind the attempted assassination.

Fett escapes to the planet Geonosis with his clone son Boba while Obi-Wan is in pursuit. After sending a message to Anakin, Obi-Wan is captured, interrogated, and sentenced to death by Dooku.

so we meet again obi wan costume

Obi-Wan and Anakin confront Dooku during the ensuing battle, but the Sith lord defeats them in a lightsaber duel. Yoda intervenes and saves their lives, at the cost of Dooku's escape. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker remains Obi-Wan's partner, and the two have become war heroes and best friends.

The film opens with the two on a rescue mission to save the kidnapped Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from Separatist commander General Grievous onboard his starship. Count Dooku discovers the attempt and fights the Jedi, knocking Obi-Wan unconscious; while Obi-Wan is out cold, Anakin defeats Dooku and executes him on Palpatine's orders.

Soon after returning to Coruscant, Obi-Wan is called away to the planet Utapau to track down the escaped Grievous. The set was built only 12 feet above the floor and extended by a matte painting. It was on this leg of the shoot that the director told the actor Obi-Wan was to be killed off.

The fight was shot before the meeting of their characters went before the camera and proved tricky.

so we meet again obi wan costume

This was shot on the roof of ILM with finely ground walnut shells for sand and carved foam for rocky outpourings. Petersen also created an ickle Jawa around half an inch tall to fit in the side hatch.

so we meet again obi wan costume

The Millennium Falcon approaches the Death Star. The shots initially caused lots of problems after ILM failed to deliver usable background plates images of space for front projection for the actors to react to. Fifty "stunt" stormtrooper helmets were created plus "six" hero helmets for close-ups. I only once freaked out and said, 'Get me outta here! The UK crew recreated every detail of ILM's miniature including mistakes such as a thick edge of styrene.

The construction was so large that sets - Docking Bay 94, Death Star hangar - were built around it. Lucas envisioned the Death Star trench being around 40 miles long.

The miniature trench ran for around 60ft and included 10, "windows" painted on by hand. In very early drafts of Lucas' scripts, Artoo talked rather than beeped. The Empire Strikes Back A herd of miniature AT-ATs less than two inches tall used for shots looking through Luke's cockpit as he flies toward the walkers on the horizon.

Only three full sized walkers were created. Each four-six second shot took around six hours to shoot - i. Prowse was often in the dark about the true nature of the script after a Lucasfilm report showed he had the biggest blabbermouth - Harrison Ford had one leak, Carrie Fisher had one leak, Prowse had nine. Known as the Exogorth in the Expanded Universe but the far simpler space slug to the ILM crew, the puppet was 79cm in length and operated by Jon Berg in over 50 takes.

The ILM night crew also shot gag footage of a space slug puppet replaced by a sock. The good humour belies the pressure the cast was under. The shoot took place in Norway's coldest winter in years, with temperatures dropping to C and the crew facing 18ft of snow.

Luke's leap out of the window was performed by stuntman-gymnast Colin Skeaping who undertook the jump without a mini trampoline or wires — just a round-out followed by a back somersault.

so we meet again obi wan costume

There are times when he is suddenly pulled up short and I think that slightly upsets him. With the script reading "Obi-Wan killed your father," it was Lucas who informed Hamill that Vader was Luke's father just before cameras rolled. As well as the emotional demands of the scene, Hamill had to back away from Vader along a nine-inch wide plank some 30ft above the ground with two wind machines blowing full blast.

Due to ill health, Guinness' participation in Empire was a touch-and-go thing. Happily the actor shot his scenes in four and a half hours - for one-quarter per-cent of Empire's gross. Frank Oz gets to grip with Yoda.

Initially Mark Hamill had Yoda's dialogue relayed to him through an earpiece. Soon the earpiece was abandoned and Hamill would do the scene without Yoda's dialogue. The Falcon arrives at Cloud City. The party atmosphere spilled into the shoot. He said something unmentionable when he kissed my hand. This scene was captured by the Second Unit while Irvin Kershner captured Han being tortured in prison, such was the time pressure faced by the Empire crew. Star Wars biographer Jonathan Rinzler has done exemplary detective work in identifying the people in the background — on the extreme right is assistant to the director Debbie Shaw, the daughter of actor Robert Shaw.

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Kershner and Lucas confer on the Dagobah set. While it is difficult to imagine it now, the shoot of Empire was suffused with a fear that Yoda wouldn't work.

The look of the ship was based on an outboard motor. The shot was revised once the film was in release: Lucas felt the spatial relationship between the frigate and the Millennium Falcon needed clarifying so created a trio of shots to connect the dots. I think it was then Effects DP Dennis Muren who was instrumental in advising George to attempt to do something quasi-animalistic.

The rationale was that the artifacts of stop-motion - a mechanical look - would still be okay. This wasn't the only kiss shot for this scene. After Solo tells Skywalker, "You look strong enough to pull ears off a gundark," and Luke responds with, "Thank you", Harrison Ford kissed Hamill rather than say, "That's two you owe me junior" - the crew cracked up.

Star Wars Episode VI: In early drafts of the film's finale, Yoda appeared as flesh and blood, Vader's turning to the good side freeing him from the "netherworld".

Yoda also stopped Vader becoming one with the Force and Anakin joins Luke at the celebrations. By the second draft, Yoda and Obi-Wan appear as shimmering figures. The full scale Imperial Shuttle sits on the second Death Star set. The shuttle's three winged design was inspired by the shape of the T Skyhopper model that Luke plays with in Episode IV. For model maker Lorne Peterson, it has "the elegance of a landing swan", something perhaps out of step for the militaristic Empire.

For the shot where the AT-ST is crushed by a dual log combo, the head of the walker was built out of Styrofoam and crushed by miniature lead-filled logs - the miniature two-man crew was also weighted so they would drop realistically to their death.

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Lucas poses with the unfinished Death Star. Budgetary concerns initially saw the second space station conceived only as a matte painting to keep costs down but Lucas insisted the model be built in 3D.

The edges of the superstructure were created from layered platelets of edged brass, as it was intricate enough to retain detail yet sturdy enough to withstand studio lights.

Still the model was too fragile to travel on museum tours and has a prominent place in the Lucasfilm archive at Skywalker Ranch. Model maker Paul Huston works on a massive X-wing fighter for Jedi. The bigger-than-normal miniature was for a planned shot that would see the fighter approach the camera close enough to see Luke Skywalker's face, then soar away.

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The four feet model was something that ILMers Mike Fulmer and Ira Keeler had been working on in their spare time and included a motorised miniature pilot. Unfortunately, the shot was never used in the finished film. Lucas and Dennis Muren shoot the speeder bikes against blue screen. Despite the now famous Blue Harvest smokescreen, the set attracted fans who traveled miles on the strength of a pre-internet rumour. T-shirts spotted hanging around the gates included "I've seen Star Wars 80 times" and "R2-D2 is a four letter word".

And one day I happened to see a sculpture that I really liked and I thought my problem was solved.