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Lyrics to "If We Ever Meet Again" song by Timbaland: What's somebody like you doing in (with Katy Perry) Won't let you get away say if we ever meet again. If We Ever Meet Again - Timbaland Music Video and Lyrics If We Ever Meet Again - Timbaland Timbaland feat. Katy Perry Whats somebody like. Say, what's somebody like you. Doing in a place like this? (One, two, three, c'mon !) [Hook: Timbaland & Katy Perry] I'll never be the same - if we ever meet again.

"If We Ever Meet Again" lyrics

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Chart performance[ edit ] In the Republic of Ireland, "If We Ever Meet Again" entered at number 15 on January 28,and week later rose to a current peak of number three. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, the single entered at number 17 on January 31,and one week later jumped to its peak of number three. The song was at number one for 4 weeks, before it was replaced at number one by J. Williams with " You Got Me ". The song originally peaked on the Billboard Hot at number 98, but then re-entered at number 96 on the issue date April 10, It has peaked at number 37 in the United States, making it the third highest-charting single on the album.

Perry starts the song in a high-pitched voice while her vocals grow stronger as the song progresses. Lyrically, "Teenage Dream" discusses being with a lover who makes one feel young again.

The song has topped the Billboard Hotbecoming Perry's third number-one single on that chart, and her second consecutive number-one single after " California Gurls ".

A music video for the song was filmed in various locations around Perry's hometown in Santa Barbara, California and was directed by Yoann Lemoine a. The video showcases Perry being in love with her high school lover. Rolling Stone listed the song as the fourth best song of while Billboard declared it the second best song of the s.

When Perry and McKee first met inthey both were "really into Lolita " and "had a mutual fascination with the adolescent state of mind. Perry wrote One of the Boyswhich touched on the early stages of discovering that boys could be more than friends, whereas McKee wrote " Confessions of a Teenage Girl ", which was about using sexual power to one's advantage. Perry at first wrote a lyric about Peter Panbut they later deemed it as "too young" since "we wanted it to have more edge, more sex.

There was a final version that was based around the metaphor of "trying me on" comparing clothes to sex, in a similar manner to Madonna 's single " Dress You Up ".

It was rejected by the producers, as McKee explained, "Luke always makes us 'Benny Proof' everything. He says that if Benny doesn't get it, America won't get it.

McKee said that "[We] looked at each other with dread, knowing we had to start all over again We were both so over it we just called it a night.

She explained, "I thought about my own adolescent years, my own first love. I thought about watching Baz Luhrmann 's ' Romeo and Juliet ' and putting on a little mini disco ball light and just dreaming of Leo.

It is a very descriptive word; it packs a lot of emotion and imagery into three syllables I couldn't believe after all of our agonizing over 'youth' themes, that we had overlooked such an obvious one — the teenage condition. McKee tried to approach Luke about her idea, but he was upset about the amount of time he had spent working in the chorus, so he banned them from changing it.

They started working on the verses, where Perry had already prepared most of the imagery. And also it kind of exudes this euphoric feeling because everybody remembers what their teenage dreams were — all the girls that were on your poster walls. The chorus was rewritten, and the line "Skin tight jeans" was taken from the early "trying me on" version. When the final version was finished, McKee said, "We were all so pumped that it had paid off.

I remember Max sitting back and saying 'I wish we could bottle this feeling'.

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It was really magical. It's intense being in love and being a teenager. She added, "To me, this year is pretty heavy. I am going to be getting married and putting out this record, and there is so much going on that it's nice to think of those young dreams. According to James Montgomery of MTV, the lyrics refer to being in love, and about the feelings of commitment and security that it brings. He focused on two factors: At the same time, however, Perry begins singing the melody on that note, and returns to it frequently, even when it clashes with the dominant V chord as she sings "feel like I'm living a".

Her voice is the sun and the song is in orbit around it," he concludes. This contributes to the feeling of suspension that I mentioned above. As listeners, we're waiting for her to get to the point.

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Pallett than calls it "genius" that the chorus itself inverts the weighting of the verses, as the line "You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream" goes from off beat to on and then back again, in a single line. The title of the song is rhythmically weighted two ways—it's like a flank attack.