Worst mistakes you can make in a relationship

10 Huge Mistakes Women Always Make In Relationships | Thought Catalog

worst mistakes you can make in a relationship

It's easy to find yourself in a failing relationship, and that's probably because you' re failing to avoid these relationship mistakes couples make. The universe gives us mixed signals when it comes to relationships, especially at the beginning. Should we have lots of sex, or hold out?. So here they are in no particular order, the 10 Biggest Mistakes The fact is, if you can do it all by yourself, a man will look at you and see no.

Dumping your insecurities onto him. Trying to change him. When you get into a relationship, you need to take that person for exactly who he is, not who you want him to be.

18 Worst Mistakes People Commonly Make In Relationships

He is who he is, take it or leave it. When it comes to minor things, like the fact that he wears running shoes with dress pants, be gentle and encouraging. Not loving him in the way that makes him feel loved.

worst mistakes you can make in a relationship

Everyone feels love differently. Most women feel loved when their man brings them a bouquet of flowers while this type of gesture would be meaningless to a guy. Guys have their own ways of feeling loved. It could be gifts, food, compliments, a cup of tea, or a massage at the end of a long day.

12 Biggest Relationship Mistakes Most Women Make

Do you see a theme here? Likewise, women who are jaded, frustrated or have been burned too many times can kiss a good man and turn him into a frog. The fact is, women are far more complex and men are fairly simple creatures who actually are pre-wired to want to serve you — if you know how to inspire them.

I can teach you how to make a man crazy about you and then condition his behavior to treat you like his queen.

worst mistakes you can make in a relationship

At best, unrequested suggestions are usually unwelcome. How would you like it if he did that to you? They are not grateful that a man opted to spend his time, talent and treasure with her.

worst mistakes you can make in a relationship

In fact, they have an attitude of entitlement. You may be surprised how many women stay in relationships with men — or even multiple men — for the gifts and prizes. In fact, he takes great pride in it and will oftentimes even willingly risk his health or life in order to do that effectively.

So what, you may ask, is the gift of the feminine sex?

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The essence of femininity is the innate desire to nurture, caretake or look after your man. They love to prove their value by solving problems and making things easy. It's sad that I have to even write that, but couples are busier and more distracted than ever, and it's destroying your relationships.

Many couples who come into therapy have stopped having fun together, and are no longer prioritize special time for just the two of them to connect.

Though a relaxing night in with takeout and a movie is comfortable and convenient, aim for new experiences, such as trying a different restaurant, going to a concert or comedy show, or walking around an unexplored city to get the full benefits of date night.

worst mistakes you can make in a relationship

You need to support your partner when he or she is in pain. In the best relationships, partners function as a team. Consulting with your partner shows you value their opinion, care about their feelings, and have their interest in mind. However, I included it at the end because I believe cheating is a symptom of a bigger crack in your relationship.

It may occur when all, or even just one of the other mistakes I highlighted have happened.

The #1 Biggest Mistake You Can Make in a Relationship

Though it may feel easier to get your needs met outside of your relationship, rather than break this sacred boundary, shift your focus and energy inside of the partnership. For all of these mistakes that you can make in your relationship, you may not have the skills to remediate and work though them on your own.