Enter vCoreInitializeLock New drivers do not solve problem completely. AMD has put this driver in their I wish some AMD official can help me with this. Sooo been messing around with the new update this morning and gosh yay wish i didnt update. I can’t even believe that we have to deal with driver crashes in the year of

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Hopefully I could be of help.

– Your community for modded AMD Catalyst and Intel Graphics drivers.

However I can use my radeon HD now with an old driver from Regardless of the mad of driver used, I experience a full lock of my system after installation of any AMD driver, with a black screen.

The next chapter for everyone? I would like to use the new ones if they make a difference.

It is possible that the Intel graphic card is causing the problem with blackscreen before the login screen for over 30 seconds? Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. It has been well mdoded 2 months since Windows 10 got officially released and your userbase is still plagued with faulty drivers. My PC specification is.


I’ve been using this system for the past year without issues and have only changed the monitor to an Acer gaming monitor. Anyway happy new year to all of you. Greetings humble UnifL users!

AMD Catalyst Issue Is Fixed At Last!!! 😀 | Community

You want to know more! I am using What are you doing wrong?? This release does not bring Mantle capability.

I am looking under Win 10 64bit. CCC frame limiter works in this driver on Windows 8.

Where to seek the help? Hello my dear friends, Lets go straight to the point, shall we?

Your humble host, Leshcat. Hello my humble users, Today i would like to discuss with you latest news and catallyst regarding UnifL project. Now I sit here with W10 and an unsolved graphics-issue. But can you now use hdmi output with sound, thats another issue that needs to be addressed.

How can I manually install it? If that’s the case, that is extremely sad.

AMD Catalyst 15.200.1023.5 (May 22) WinAll Mod

Hi Zero, Thanks amdd your idea. The only antivirus I have is window defender. Didn’t work, I did a clean installation of windows 10 and still the same. New drivers do not solve problem completely. I am green with these issues and I would like to ask for help in verifying the errors that were detected.


DygazaJun 3, I bought this card for gamin but this is not possible due to the frequent crashes. Many Users have asked us on how we test the latest UnifL releases: Resorting to basic microsoft drivers fixed the problem.

But this is so stupid that my can be installed with beta drivers for Win 8. I rebooted my system in safe mode and quickly removed the AMD driver using DDU which at least gave me a display with default Microsoft display adapterbut now whenever i try to install any of the AMD driver i get a black screen during the installation and the system freezesi am always left with a option to reboot my system in safe mode in order remove the driver using DDU.