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-I am (y/n) (l/n) and this is Shuuhei Hisagi! That is how you and Shuuhei met Kensei. Back then you couldn't stand the man, but at present time. Explore GamerAnime24's board "Kensei Muguruma and Shuhei Hisagi" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Anime boys, Anime guys and Bleach characters. Lieutenant Hisagi Shuuhei please come to captains meeting Kensei says as he faintly recalls the other from the battle with Aizen as well.

Fiction T - English - Adventure - Words: The man let out a groan as he leaned back into his chair and stretched out as he had been working for 3 hours straight. Glancing at the clock mounted on the wall when a soul reaper butterfly flew into his room he glanced over and stretched out one of his fingers as it flew down and landed on his finger. Lieutenant Hisagi Shuuhei please come to captains meeting immediately. Closing his eyes slowly before he slowly opened them and stood up and grab his zanpakuto that was leaning against the door.

Placing it securely by his side, he walked out of his office and looking at the garden that Tosen had looked after before moving to head to the meeting.

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As he made it to the meeting hall he kneeled on his knees before lightly tapping the door, "I, Acting Captain and Vice Captain, Hisagi Shuuhei has arrived to represent squad nine as requested. In the opposite direction of which Shuuhei had came from, 3 people came strolling into the room but only one had captured Shuuhei eyes widen as he saw the man who saved his life years ago and went failing back on the ground.

The Head Captain rose an eyebrow as he stared at Shuuhei. You're that kid from before. I hope to see great things from the both of you. Once this was done everyone was dismissed. I have to meet my new squad. You have gotten strong then, brat. Hisagi sighed, "I will give you a full tour of squad nine after the meeting since their has been many renovations and changes to the headquarters since the last time you had been here. It was not long before members of squad 9 began to show up and began to stand waiting to hear what the meeting was about.

Some of their eyes kept trailing towards Kensei and Mashiro who didn't acknowledge their presence. While Hisagi greeted them one by one and got them all situated. Once that everyone that Hisagi knew that was in the area came he began to speaking, "Everyone, I'm glad that all of you could make it today. With all your duties and personal lives but I have recently been given news regarding us getting a new Captain.

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Hisagi gave them a sad smile but shook his head. This created an uproar amongst the squad they began to yell, "Yes you are you been there since Touzen left. You will all be given notification as soon as everything is sorted out.

All three of us and chairs shall be working together to start bring Squad nine to new heights. Thirty minutes later, Hisagi let out a sigh as he finished answering all of his squad member's questions and they dispersed heading to handle their duties. They began the tour showing them to the barracks, training ground, mess hall, meeting halls, the archive, kitchens, restrooms, and several extra buildings that were used for training and entertainment purposes.

Before they began to head to the Captain and Vice Captain's Private quarters. There are some things that I must get started on immediately. As Mashiro took the seat opposite of Shuuhei that was at the left and also began to work. Knowing it would take a few minutes before they arrived Shuuhei sat down and began to work on the paper work.

When all the seats arrived Kensei began to distribute the paper work that Shuuhei had often done by himself to the seats. Shuuhei watched the seats noticing several mistakes were made he opened his mouth to say something when Kensei beat him to it. Second seat, you have filled out the report wrong make sure you are following the proper structure.

Shūhei Hisagi

Kensei looked to see that Shuuhei was staring at him in awe. I heard from the Monkey lieutenant that you have not slept for days so go get some sleep, we can handle everything else from here.

bleach hisagi and kensei meet

I will send someone for you when you are needed. Hisagi slowly nodded his head before rising up from his seat and exited the room going to the building across the way to get some much need rest. Shuuhei woke up in the middle of the night, slowly sitting up he slowly moved passed the captain's room along with Mashiro's and began to make his way to the training grounds with his guitar in hi hand.

Knowing that none would be around for at least another hour for rounds. Glancing around to make sure it none was around before he sat at the farthest end of the training ground and began to strum at the guitar. Not far away, perhaps, but a passing facsimile for solitude. Ground squished wet and muddy under his feet, the moisture penetrating his knit tabi socks.

He grinned at the thought of getting dirty as he passed under the crowns of trees stately with age. He remembered them as saplings and as the thought crossed his mind, his face fell. They had changed on him too.

There had been an ancient pear tree in the middle of this growth way back when — there — ahhhh. Kensei was satisfied, relieved even, that it was still there, its prominent roots thrust into the craggy soil surrounding it.

His face lit with a smile and he carded his hand through his short, white hair. He used to climb that tree and sleep in the "y" of the strong branches, long ago. A few moments later found Kensei running his hands over the rough bark of the ancient tree, reacquainting himself to one of the few things that had not changed in the intervening years.

The blossoms were almost gone and bright green leaves graced its branches. It smelled the same as he remembered it, the bark digging into the digits exposed by his fingerless gloves. He reached up, grabbing a branch by feel alone and swung into the tree as he had done so many times in the past; one, two, shift over and then a blind reach up — he swung his long body, using momentum to reach for the upper branch but grasped only empty air.

His left foot slipped off the younger, smoother wet bark and he fell to the moist ground with an empty thud. He shook off his embarrassment and climbed up again, this time looking ahead as though the tree were new to him. And fuck, but some asshole had pruned his old pear tree. He looked around and indeed, the familiar branchings felt more open somehow, the thick waterspouts which made his path so many years ago were now but healed scars in the bark. Kensei climbed a bit higher, more careful of his suddenly unfamiliar surroundings, and settled against a thick branch which had used to be inaccessible back then.

His tree, seemingly isolated in these little woods, and somebody had the gall to touch it, to change it. Everything looked familiar but nothing was the same. Kensei leaned back and closed his eyes. Sudden moisture threatened to make its way between his shut lids and he breathed in and out with quiet determination, willing it away. This was not the time to mourn — not for the old tree he used to know and not for the old home he lost and was never going to find again.

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Both this tree and this home were different now, changed by the flux of time. The old tree was gone, just like the old 9th division was gone and the old friends were gone, all subtly and indescribably different from the originals of one hundred years ago which were so clearly emblazoned and embellished in his mind.

Kensei Muguruma

For the first time in decades, Muguruma Kensei felt truly alone. Kensei leaned out with great care to investigate. Three 9th division officers — all new faces in his mind - sat right below his tree, their bento boxed in their laps.

He's so — so responsible. He does everything, knows everything about everybody — he really cares. He was handling everything so perfectly. Until he got sick — but he's fine now and we don't need another captain. Everything looks the same but it's different underneath. Like our training schedules — we train, sure, but all joint exercises with the 6th division have been cancelled. Kensei remained painfully motionless, his mind focused on not-moving.

Not-moving was a lot harder than just being still; suddenly he felt every bump of tree-bark under his shihakusho, the itch on the sole of his foot became intolerable and his tabi adhered to his ankles with clammy wetness from the previous mud-bath.

Yet he could not afford to be discovered. He recognized this unique opportunity to hear what his officers were really thinking and feeling. Oh…I won't be having lunch with you tomorrow.

bleach hisagi and kensei meet

Kensei grinned, but the young man's next comment sobered him: I know I'll miss seeing someone special, too. Really, "69th Division" was the best of both worlds. Abarai-fukutaichou even agreed to help me control my shikai. That won't happen now. He sat up there in the pear tree, parsing over their words, juxtaposing their feelings over his own. They felt the same. It all seemed the same, but it felt so jarringly different. His troops missed the old schedule and their friends and their Hisagi-fukutaichou just as he missed his old climbing branches.

bleach hisagi and kensei meet

The jarring fall he suffered was still fresh in his mind, and he now wondered whether he was subjecting the 9th division — his division — to those same feelings of impermanence and loss by his very presence. One thought was a constant in his mind, however: Shuuhei was not the stoic rock of support and the endless well of sympathy as his subordinates viewed him.

Shuuhei was still empty inside, still in need of healing. He was doing too much for too many, and with sudden clarity Kensei saw why he was so popular. Hisagi-fukutaichou gave of so much of himself to others that there was very little left for himself. His unruly black hair begged to be ruffled and Kensei stuck his thumbs into his obi to prevent himself from doing just that.

Here, these forms require your signature. Kensei cleared his throat and looked away.