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15 Things You Didn't Know About Adventure Time That Will Make The Show Even More Amazing

Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Throughout the series, Finn and Jake interact with major characters, .. heard in the pilot episode; in that version Ward is accompanied by an acoustic guitar. During the Fionna and Cake episodes (viz. season three's "Fionna and . Stakes is an American animated miniseries based on the show Adventure Time by Pendleton Conversely, a few commentators felt that the miniseries did not meet However, as Finn and Jake chase the vampire, a mob of angry villagers . was created that features Olson singing the theme song over a bass guitar. My Strange Obsession with LAW & ORDER: SVU .. addition to the show's mythology — Finn and Jake learned about Billy because . Miami Connection FULL MOVIE - YouTube (42) 17) We meet Dragon Sound, who have keyboards, hexagon drums, red ) and still isn't really playing the guitar.

As John Mulaney points out in the above stand-up act, this provides an excuse for all manner of horrifying violent sex acts to be described at three in the afternoon.


The network seems vaguely aware of how absurd it is that such a violent, horrifying show is practically their flagship, particularly now that they need to use it to plug more holes in their schedule with MONK and BURN NOTICE having concluded their runs. Jerry Lewis not playing a rapist, thank god! Ludacris, who actually did a pretty good job! Wikipedia episode guides have let me place most of the USA-rerun episodes in a period from seasons The show has, during these years, a real tendency to take something vaguely realistic and twist it into…something else.

A few years before, SVU did an ep on it…which somehow turned into being about Robin Williams as an anti-authority mastermind who puts Det. Benson in a morality-questioning deathtrap.

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When notified by Peppermint Butler voiced by Steve Little that the Hierophant cannot enter houses without permission, Jake shapeshifts into a house and the group takes shelter inside.

The Hierophant then tells Marceline that he didn't come to fight, but to propose an alliance to take down the Vampire King together. Marceline agrees only on the condition that the Hierophant no longer drinks blood, but he attacks her instead.

During the struggle, he is accidentally knocked into Jake and dies due to entering a house uninvited. Marceline reabsorbs his shapeshifting powers but then falls ill, having been stung and poisoned by the Hierophant's stinger. Princess Bubblegum takes Marceline to the Candy Kingdom to try to find a cure for the Hierophant's poison.

Meanwhile, Finn and Jake track down the Moon in hopes of using her healing power to heal Marceline. Upon finding the Moon, they find that due to her healing powers, they can't kill her with their stakes. However, when they try to fight back, the Moon uses her powers to incapacitate Finn and Jake as she attempts to kill Marceline.

Fortunately, Peppermint Butler stabs the Moon in the back, her only weak spot. Marceline reabsorbs the Moon's healing power and fully recovers from the poison. Marceline and the group prepare for their final confrontation with the Vampire King. However, they are surprised when he appears before them and openly declares that he no longer wishes to be a vampire. Marceline believes this to be a ruse, and she attacks him.

Maintaining that his will is good, he refuses to engage, and so the group reluctantly agrees to remove the King's vampiric essence. Bubblegum places the Vampire King in the same contraption that she used on Marceline, which causes him to turn into a relatively harmless lion. The vampiric essence, on the other hand, is placed into a bucket. Bubblegum tasks Peppermint Butler with properly disposing of the essence, but he accidentally trips, which causes the most heinous fluid to detonate and form into a new monstrosity: This looming essence begins ambling towards the Candy Kingdom, causing Finn, Jake, and Bubblegum to go on the offensive.

Marceline, however, loses the will to fight, and she openly laments the futility of resistance. But when she is at her emotional nadir, the Ice King arrives. He briefly talks to Marceline and instills in her a sense of purpose; at the moment, she realizes that it is her destiny to stop the Dark Cloud.

At the same time, the Candy Kingdom's ruler, King of Ooo voiced by Andy Daly is overthrown by his citizens, who then head out to defend their kingdom from the Dark Cloud. Other Kingdoms across Ooo, such as Flame Princess's Fire Kingdom, also join the campaign; however, their efforts are not enough to defeat the Cloud. When all seems lost, Marceline finally arrives and uses her demonic soul-sucking abilities to drain the Dark Cloud's from the inside out.

However, she does so at the cost of once more becoming the Vampire Queen. Once the incident is over, Marceline comes to terms with her vampiric nature, telling Bubblegum that her time as a mortal has made her more mature. Rob Sorcher left was influential in getting the network to take a chance on the show.

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The series can trace its origin back to a seven-minute, stand-alone animated short film of the same name this short would later be identified as the show's pilot post facto. Ward created the short almost entirely by himself, and concluded its production in early Cartoons on December 7, Cartoon Network asked Ward to submit a sample script for their consideration, but Frederator convinced him to rough out a storyboard instead, as "a board would give a better sense of what was on Pen's mind", according to Frederator's vice president Eric Homan.

This tactic proved successful, and Cartoon Network approved the first season in September McHale later recalled that during the pitch of an episode titled "Brothers in Insomnia" which, for various reasons, was eventually scrapped the room was filled with executives from Cartoon Network. The pitch went well, but the production staff was soon inundated with questions about the stylistic nature of the series. Hoping to resolve these issues, Cartoon Network management hired three veteran animators who had worked on SpongeBob SquarePants: Derek Drymon who served as executive producer for the first season of Adventure TimeMerriwether Williams who served as head story editor for the show's first and second seasonsand Nick Jennings who became the series' long-serving art director.

As 'Adventure Time' wraps, a look back at how the series broke barriers and changed the genre

Dan "Ghostshrimp" Bandita freelance illustrator who had also written and storyboarded on Flapjack, was hired as the show's lead background designer; Ward told him to create background art that set the show "in a 'Ghostshrimp World'". The lead production crew for the show which included Ward and McHale were initially hesitant to bring him on board, but they were soon convinced by director Larry Leichliterwho assured them that Rynda was talented and could draw in a variety of styles.

He eventually assembled a team made up largely of "younger, inexperienced people", many of whom he discovered on the Internet. In an interview with Rolling StoneWard revealed that he had stepped down from this role sometime during the fifth season. As a naturally introverted person, he found interacting with and directing people every day to be exhausting. Following Ward's resignation from the post, Adam Muto became the series' new showrunner.

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Until lateWard continued to work on the cartoon as a storyboard artist and storyline writer. In terms of tone and genre, Ward—a self-professed fan of ambivalent emotionssuch as feeling "happy and scared at the same time"—has described the show as a "dark comedy". We like cute stuff and nice things. ClubWard said the show's writing process usually began with the writers telling each other what they had done the previous week to find something humorous to build on.