Gohan and videl meet future pan fanfiction

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gohan and videl meet future pan fanfiction

With the help of a little someone from the future, can they finally express Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor/Romance - [Videl, Gohan] Pan. Gohan steps forward to greet Mirai and Pan. "Hey Mirai Videl, Gohan, the Briefs and the time travel people all head for capsule corps. (Videl. videl and gohan find out they together from future pan complete!!!!!!!!! i changed the ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Gohan, Videl - Chapters: 6 - Words: . He said "for you to meet your kid" Pan.

After Hercule and Serena had calmed down and been introduced to their granddaughter, they went back downstairs to do what it is they do all day. Videl closed her door behind them and sinks down onto the floor beside her bed sighing. I never knew you had a daughter," said Eraser. The purple haired guy, Mirai Trunks, is Bulma's son in the future timeline. Anyway to cut a long story short, I found out I am Pan's father and later Yamacha asked who her mother is and she pointed out Videl.

Did I tell you about Dende? And you never told me? Please don't tell anyone. Eraser rubs her hands together excitedly.

Two minutes later, when Videl was just about to dare Gohan albeit with bright red cheeks, Eraser's phone rings. She answers it then a few minutes later says, "Sorry guys, that was my mom on the phone, I've got to go home. I'll see you at school tomorrow right?

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Why don't you stay here tonight? You've seen what my mom's like, and what about your dad? Please say you'll stay Gohan," begged Videl putting on her best puppy dog look. Eventually Gohan agreed and Videl spoke to her parents while Gohan phoned his.

After it was all settled the two went upstairs to get ready for bed. They decided to sleep on a spare mattress on the floor so as not to wake or move the sleeping chibi's. Please support the official release. And so together, they all exited the chamber Only to walk straight into Vegeta. Growling he said, "About damn time, brat. I was just about to go in there, and pull all of you out by your hair," he said. Now if you move your ass, my future brat and I can get to training.

Trunks, or Mirai, said, as he walled into view. What Gohan noticed right away was the look of absolute sadness in his eyes, to which he said, "Hey Mirai, are you okay? You seem pretty down. She got tuberculosis, and without any sort of treatment available, she died," he said, nearly in tears. The surprising thing was that Vegeta was patting his back, giving him support. What they didn't know was that secretly, Vegeta was just as shaken up as Mirai.

To have to see Bulma as she slowly died like his son had, without being able to do anything about it? He would have killed himself, if it meant giving her even the slightest chance at survival. Managing to hold in his tears, he said, "I came here to live in this time.

gohan and videl meet future pan fanfiction

There's absolutely nothing holding me back there. The earth is doing fine with the rebuilding," he said, before smiling at Gohan. She's waiting for you two back at mom's place," he said, looking at both Gohan and Videl. She stopped eating, she would lock herself in her room, it was as if she had lost the will to live," he said. Videl couldn't help but agree with him. During their time in the chamber, she had realized that her 'crush' ran deeper than she had thought. She had fallen in love with him.

Meanwhile, Gohan stood in shock. Videl, well, at least one Videl anyways, had feelings for him? Looking over at their Videl, he smiled. He had a chance to be with Videl, one timeline was proof enough that it was possible.

But over the next few months, she started to get bigger," he said, while the teens had a look of realization. Sad, because Gohan never knew he was going to have a family. But it wasn't meant to be. One day, she got sick. Sure, she was eating, but it still wasn't enough, and her body was failing her.

So, when she heard mom saying that it was either her, or the baby, she immediately chose to save the baby. One of the last things she said was her name. Then, he turned to them, and told them, "I brought her here with me.

She's back at mom's, just like i told you. It was nice to see you again, Gohan, Videl. I don't know your name, sorry. It's Erasa, with an E.

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Okay I'll-" Mirai said, before getting cut off by Vegeta. Grabbing him by the collar of his jacket, Vegeta growled, "That is quite enough of this sentimental bullshit! You are wasting valuable training time. And so Mirai got dragged into a room meant for training for a whole year with last thing anyone saw from his face was a look of betrayal. It stopped just in front of Gohan, revealing itself to be an eight year old Trunks wearing his green gi with an orange sash, who rambled out, "HiGohan!

After giving up from trying to understand Trunks, he turned to Erasa and Videl, and said, "So, I guess we're going to go to Capsule Corps. Despite having spent a year with the two, Gohan hadn't gone around to telling the two about himself. Regaining the ability to fly, Videl and Erasa floated back to Gohan's level. Openly starting at him, Erasa said "You mean to tell us that you know Bulma Briefs, yet for the past year, you haven't thought of mentioning it?

Walking up to the front desk, he greeted the secretary. How are you doing? It hung low over his face, forming bangs in front of his emerald green eyes. He had been working for Capsule Corp. Long time no see! Were going to see Bulma. They used to live in the main compound, but over time, they had decided to move out, preffering to live near, rather than on the compound.

gohan and videl meet future pan fanfiction

Mainly though, it was because of Vegeta. Reaching the metallic doors, Gohan walked up to a section of the wall, next to the door. Waving his hand in front of it, it slid down, revealing a keypad. Typing in the code,the door opened, revealing a spacious living room. Walking inside, he made his way to the lab, where he felt Bulma's ki signature.

He also felt another one, similar to his and Videl's, but it was relaxed, as if it was asleep. He decided to let it go for now, despite how he felt right now. Feeling that ki made everything real. Granted, she wasn't really his, it was Mirai Gohan's, but still. He was brought out of his thoughts by a set of heavy steel doors.

gohan and videl meet future pan fanfiction

Typing in the door's code,it opened, revealing Bulma, dressed in oil-stained overrals, trying to work on a jumbo plane they've used while Cell was around. Spotting the elder Son boy, Bulma called him out, "Gohan!

Come and help me here, I need to work on the underside. Rolling his eyes, Gohan picked up the plane regardless, and Bulma was just about ready to chew him out for bursting two girls brains, when she noticed that they seemed unsurprised. After watching Bulma stare at the girl's lack of expression, Gohan set up the winch, making sure it was secure, and turned to Bulma.

Snapping out of her rude stare, she turned to Gohan, and said, "So, you saw Mirai? Well, since he ruined your surprise, she's in your room, passed out. Laughing at their overprotectiveness, she told them, "Don't worry!