Meet iggy pop and david bowie kraftwerk computer

Trans-Europe Express Misheard Lyrics

meet iggy pop and david bowie kraftwerk computer

If Ralf Hütter had his way, the world would think Kraftwerk came to life in . we then return to Düsseldorf, where we meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie. After Computer World (), Kraftwerk's influence on electronic music. Trans-Europe Express. Kraftwerk Meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie Trans- Europe Express Trans-Europe Trans-Europa Express by Kraftwerk. Music Video. Kraftwerk's, "Trans-Europe Express" And David Bowie. Original Lyrics: From station to station. Back to Dusseldorf city. Meet Iggy Pop Computer World.

It was named after the reusable laboratory being developed by Nasa at the time. A future in space was still a sci-fi prospect back then, its soundtrack made by men who sounded more like machines. Why it took so long is simple: British synthpop was in full flow by then, with groups such as the Human League and OMD taking the influence of their German inspirations into the mainstream. Until the mids, Kraftwerk had always been ahead of the game with their sounds and their subject; now the world was catching up.

The lyric also belies the bewitching nature of fame and surface gloss, an appropriate sentiment for the decade that was flashily unfurling.

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Tour de France Kraftwerk are often dismissed as faceless automatons, but the presence of the human being in their songs is essential to their DNA. In The Hall of Mirrorseven the greatest stars find themselves in the looking glass. In Computer Lovelonely people stare at the TV screen, longing for a rendezvous.

In Tour de Francethe human breath drives the song, fast, hard and strong.

meet iggy pop and david bowie kraftwerk computer

Kraftwerk, as we will see, have said no to so many ideas, to so many people, and for so long, that rejection, dismissal and moving forward only through a process of rejection is without question their guiding philosophy. It is the same policy that they use today, to be absolutely on their own. Nothing completely influenced by other music styles, cultures, instruments, sounds or countries … We had to be on our own, self-referential.

That was their decision.

Iggy Pop - The Passenger

It would, in all probability, have broken Kraftwerk globally. Bowie, in effect, still used Kraftwerk as tour support.


Either way, both would become key elements in the work of the most commercially successful female singer of all time. Perhaps more than any of the other songs Bowie was writing at the time, this was the one most influenced by Kraftwerk — it was slow, jarring, a mix of the freedom of funk and the robotic discipline of the synth.

I like that idea, if you have to play music. When we arrived there was Bowie, Iggy Pop and their court, and when Ralf and Florian walked in they received a five-minute standing ovation. Iggy Pop was gazing devotedly at them, he completely adored them. He was travelling by Mercedes, listening to nothing but Autobahn all the time.

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We should co-produce with just him [Wolfgang says this as if it was the clear message they were getting from Bowie at that time].

He wanted to produce his next album with Kraftwerk.

meet iggy pop and david bowie kraftwerk computer

I was not invited to these meetings: In the end, finally, they decided against co-productions; and they have their reasons.

We loved him [David Bowie], and he loved us. He is a very mild man, he is an educated man. He has a very good aura, fantastic. We went to Frankfurt to see the Station To Station tour. It was so super-good with the wall of neon lights.

Trans-Europe Express (song)

The preponderance of electronic instruments convinced me that this was an area that I had to investigate a little further. Most of it lazy analyses I believe. Theirs was a controlled, robotic, extremely measured series of compositions, almost a parody of minimalism. One had the feeling that Florian and Ralf were completely in charge of their environment, and that their compositions were well prepared and honed before entering the studio.

The music was spontaneous for the most part and created in the studio. What is known is that the Bowie camp and the Kraftwerk camp were on friendly terms. We had a very nice time doing that! They wear their suits.