Meet the barrett brothers home and away

meet the barrett brothers home and away

Joshua "Josh" Barrett is Andy Barrett's younger half-brother and also Casey Josh and Evelyn meet at the beach and he gave her a bunch of flowers, and tells . Home and Away brothers Josh and Andy Barrett have left Australian screens in very dramatic style, and here is a first look at their exit for UK. Andy Barrett is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by The character became popular with viewers as the Barrett brothers gained a fan-base. A reporter . The storyline began when Josh meets Maddy Osborne (Kassandra Clementi) at a party and she refuses to leave. Her friend.

His attitude towards them isn't necessarily changing, but he is seeing another side to them. He told Josh that he had bought a gun, as he believed prison was too good for Brax.

Josh had just found out his father was dead, he did not want to lose his brother too. But when Andy went to get the gun from his car, he discovered it was missing. Josh went into a panic and Gallagher explained, "in an effort to stop his mum, he puts himself in the firing line. So the bullet meant for Brax hits him in the chest. Ricky stayed by Josh's side, after telling him that Brax wanted her to watch over him. While they were going through Johnny's wallet they found a photo of a baby that neither of them recognised.

After speaking to his mother, he learnt that Johnny was Casey's biological father, making him and Josh half-brothers. When Evelyn MacGuire Phillipa Northeast revealed that she had a crush on Josh, Maddy exposed it to all their friends, leading to a confrontation between him and Evie.

His relationship with Maddy began to suffer when she pushed him away and turned to Spencer for support, as their foster mother was ill. Josh confessed to Maddy that he had kissed Evie, leaving her heartbroken and humiliated.

In the wake of Casey's death, Josh turned to Maddy for comfort and they had a one-night stand. She felt that Josh had sought Maddy out, as she had told him she was not ready to have sex yet. She met with Josh to tell him that she wanted to get back together and he agreed. Evie felt rejected, but Josh then surprised her with a romantic gesture and they had sex.

Josh asked Evie to have a coffee with him and look at some HSC brochures he had received. Josh asked her out to dinner, but Evie told him she only came over as a friend. She wanted them to get back together, as she enjoyed working with Gallagher.

meet the barrett brothers home and away

Josh was set upon and physically assaulted by the drug dealers Andy was working for, after they mistook him for his brother. Andy insisted that he was trying to support Josh, but she threw him out. Even after she found out he was attacked, she felt he should have turned to her.

Gallagher told an Inside Soap reporter, "Josh is aware that these guys are serious. They've already bashed up him and Andy pretty bad, and Josh really doesn't want Evie to get hurt. Andy gave Cody the money to pay off his debt, but when Cody tried to extort more money, Brax intimidated him and the other men into leaving. The actor also said Josh was furious with his brother for putting Evie in danger. When Brax invited Andy over to his house to help Josh get ready for his formal, Andy was surprised by the warm, family atmosphere and realised that they did not deserve what Jake was planning.

When Brax arrived, Jake fired a gun through the window and the bullet hit Casey, killing him.

meet the barrett brothers home and away

Gallagher said that Josh was worried, as he knew what type of guy Tank was, as he had grown up with people just like him. However, when Oscar spotted Tank outside, Josh went out to confront him. Tank then came up behind Josh and punched him, causing Josh to fall and hit his head on the ground. Josh was rushed to hospital in a critical condition and Gallagher explained, "Josh could die.

He's in a coma on life support. It appears he's brain-dead — there's a real chance this could be the end. But what if his sight's back just in time for him to take his revenge on Charlotte? He believed his family had the advantage because they learned to carefully think about their actions whereas Andy is an "act first, think later" type of character.

Her friend Casey does not approve of Maddy trying to lose her virginity and starts an argument with Josh. Younes explained that Andy gets involved and they fight, but he manages to defuse the trouble. He added "Casey has no idea who these guys are. He's never met them, but they say that they have.

He is left with life changing injuries. The crash and subsequent explosion were big stunt scenes for the show. The car chase scenes Andy featured in were filmed at night on location down a narrow road, the cast described the shoot as a "scary" scenario.

meet the barrett brothers home and away

Hara stated that "hot head" Andy is not afraid of a fight or Brax because of his upbringing. Andy and Brax have known each other for a long time and there was "bad blood" between them. He added that "revenge is something they've all grown up with. You strike someone and they strike back. I think Andy will be prepared whatever happens. Realising that Josh is homeless, Brax asks Josh to stay at his home. Gallagher explained that it was Andy's hatred that influenced Josh's feelings towards the Braxtons.

His attitude does not change but he begins to see another side to Brax.

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The actor added, "deep down he doesn't hold the same anger and resentment Andy does. Andy attacks Brax in retaliation. But Debbie steals the gun and tries to shoot Brax, but Josh is hit by the bullet but survives. The cast were not allowed to reveal who fired the shot before the episode aired.

A reporter from TV Week wrote that following Maddy behaving erratically Josh punches his brother for his crime. He also explained that the Barrett and Braxton feud had been going on long before Andy was born. Hara told Miller that it comes at a point in Andy's life when things were "looking up for him". It becomes apparent that Sean wants revenge because Andy made a deal to leave jail at Sean's expense by naming him for a crime. He threatens to hurt Josh and Maddy if he does not tell the truth.

He begins selling marijuana but his girlfriend Hannah Wilson Cassie Howarth destroys the drugs when she finds them in her home. This gets Andy into debt with the drug gang.

Andy Barrett

Hara told an Inside Soap reporter that Andy knows that the attack on Josh is a warning. Hara explained that his character is "dead broke" and "in some deep debt".

He believes he can prolong paying his suppliers off by meeting up with them and pleading for more time. Hara said that it does not go according to plan and Andy is left with severe injuries following an assault and being thrown from a moving vehicle. But Hara warned that his character would become more erratic, adding "Andy's heading down a path of self-destruction - and someone will pay for his mistakes.

But when Andy tries to defy him, Josh is kidnapped and Andy if forced to beg Casey for help. He added that the storyline was "very heavy" viewing. Younes explained that his character "sees the best in Andy" and wants him to change his life for the better. Home and Away's producers put an embargo on which character would be killed off in the scenes.

They kept viewers guessing by confirming one character at the scene would definitely die. Following a shooting, Casey dies in Brax's arms. But a high speed car chase results in a crash. Hara stated that "Andy and Brax need to end this before more people get killed.

But Brax is forgiving of his one-time-nemesis. Hara explained that "Brax doesn't blame Andy for what happened to Casey. He understands that Andy was manipulated by Jake.

The show decided to renew the partnership between Andy and Hannah. But Denny still blames Andy for Casey's death and lies to him. Andy sleeps with Neive Devlin Jolene Anderson in retaliation. One aspect of the storyline showed Andy afraid to have sex with Hannah in case he hurt her due to her disability.