Norbit and rasputia meet the fockers

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norbit and rasputia meet the fockers

Thus the entire clan (Rasputia included) represents what Norbit is not and should not aspire to $t=$(this),rating=parseInt($,$article=$tankekraft.infos('article'). first() Maybe it's their meeting, and their mutual recognition as two individuals . In the film, Rasputia first meets Norbit as a child in the school playground and becomes Rasputia's parents were never seen or mentioned in the first movie. See more. norbit rasputia how you doing | One Man Wolf Pack: “How you doing? . Monstrous woman meets the woman of his dreams, and schemes to find.

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Deion turns out to be a self-centered, unfaithful jerk who is involved in a plan to turn Norbit's orphanage into a strip club and has several children with different women. But if the genders were reversedthen it would be a different story Averted for the Latimores. Yes, they lose and get chased out of town and never bother Norbit again, but they end up opening a successful strip club, which was their motive in the film, albeit they opened it in Mexico.

Nevertheless, they seem well-adjusted and happy enough. Rasputia is feared and reviled by the entire town. Earn Your Happy Ending: Poor Norbit goes through a lot. But in the end, he is finally free of Rasputia's hold on him and can marry his true sweetheart Kate. Even Evil Has Loved Ones: The brothers may fear their sister, but they still stick together to the very end of the film. Even Evil Has Standards: Rasputia is an abusive, violent woman, but she scolds herself when she swears in church.

Then she swears at herself for swearing Rasputia did one after she maimed Lloyd and another one during Kate and Deion's wedding when Norbit initially failed to expose Deion's unscrupulousness.

Rasputia Latimore

Norbit until the end when he is willing to make a stand in front of the entire town and publicly call out Rasputia. Rasputia is a walking example of this trope, with countless jokes at the expense of her obesity. Though the movie can never decide on what her actual weight is thanks to her weight being Played for Laughs: Despite being rather cunning in her own right, Rasputia often displays a lower-than-average level of intelligence.

Rasputia is the largest and most physical threat, making her the Big Badas well as The Brute though she is The Heavy of the story. Big Black Jack serves as the leader of the Latimore Brothers.

norbit and rasputia meet the fockers

Blue serves as both The Dragonbeing Jack's right-hand man, and also The Evil Genius as Rasputia even says he is the smartest brother. Earl is The Dark Chickpretty much too unfocused to do anything right.

Deion is the Sixth Ranger. Deion - he marries rich women only for their money, then makes a killing off of divorce settlements. February This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: Events are out of order and at one point, a sentence referenced an event that wasn't described previously. Please help improve this article if you can. January Learn how and when to remove this template message Norbit Albert Rice Eddie Murphy and Kate Thomas Thandie Newton are best friends as children at an orphanagewhich doubles as a Chinese restaurant owned by their father figure Hangten Wong Murphybut are separated when Kate gets adopted by an unnamed family.

norbit and rasputia meet the fockers

Five years later, while being bullied by twins at a playground, Norbit is saved by a tough, overweight girl named Rasputia Latimore Murphywho scares him into being her boyfriend and in turn protects him from the bullies. She protects Norbit from the other children and intimidates them into letting Norbit play with them. Years later, as adults, Rasputia's bullying nature gets worse as she grows up to be a grumpy, arrogant, vindictive, and mean-spirited woman.

She eventually pressures Norbit into marrying her and bullies, insults and controls him to make sure that she keeps him all to herself. The Latimore brothers also run a " security business " and instill fear in everyone in the town except Mr. Wong, who is the only person in the community that doesn't put up with their antics and refuses to sell his business to them.

When Norbit discovers that Rasputia is cheating on him with her dance instructor Buster Perkin Marlon Wayansshe carelessly brushes it off like nothing happened. Norbit yells at Rasputia and she becomes angered and chases him a couple of blocks. He escapes her and throws away his wedding ring due to her deception.

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They requested his help to get Kate to unknowingly sign a contract with a liquor license that gives the Latimores ownership and control and turning the orphanage into their strip club. Kate came to visit Norbit, but he saw Rasputia watching and said that he didn't love Kate to save her from Rasputia's wrath. Kate thought Norbit was telling the truth and left, hurt and angry. This pleased Rasputia, but Norbit was so heartbroken he decided to leave during the night.

Wong, the owner of the orphanage he used to stay at, told him he was a man on the inside. Unfortunately, Rasputia and her brothers found Norbit and they told him of their plan to turn the orphanage into a strip club and Rasputia locks Norbit in the basement and instructs Blue to keep guard.

Rasputia and her two other brothers drove to the wedding to watch Deion marry Kate so the plan would succeed. However, Blue called to tell them Norbit had escaped.

norbit and rasputia meet the fockers

Furious, Rasputia and her brothers went searching for Norbit and saw him riding a bike to the wedding. When Norbit stands up to Rasputia and tells her that Kate taught him to ride a bike, she puts him in a headlock, but another car comes and nearly hits the car so Rasputia is forced to let go. Norbit makes it to the wedding and tells Kate that he loves her, much to Rasputia's fury.

Norbit is unable to convince Kate that Deion marries women for their money, and Rasputia gloats that she has won.