Step up 2 moose and andie meet the robinsons

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step up 2 moose and andie meet the robinsons

Find amazing Kathryn Anderson GIFs from on Gfycat. Share your favorite GIF now. Andie West (played by Briana Evigan in Step Up 2 The Streets and Step Up: All In) is FAR AND AWAY the best female lead in the franchise. .. step up Moose Step Up, Step Up 3, Isadora Duncan, Best Dance Movies Step Up Revolution : Meet the Mob is a behind-the-scenes look at the talent, . Kimberly Robinson. Andy Malcolm, Sound Department: Blade Runner The Handmaid's Tale (TV Series) (foley artist - 2 episodes). - Postpartum () ( foley.

He later got a message from Luke, saying "Where are you? This is making him more worry and confused. He later then decide to ditch the test and go to the Battle dance.

step up 2 moose and andie meet the robinsons

When he come, he accidentally press the tap water, leaving the Dance floor filled with water. And finally win the battle. Moose come to college and try to find where Camille is.

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Then he ask Camille to the dance at the party and Camille is actually have decided to go with her friend, Kristin. Then she finally decide to go with Moose anyway. After that, Moose come to the vault and Luke told him about he get an Invitation party by Julien, where he used Natalie's phone. Then Luke tell Moose to come along, saying that he need a friend. Moose doubt to go cause he had a party to come to, but then he come along with Luke.

When they have finally arrived, the can't come in and the decided to get some clothes they saw through the kitchen. Moose and Luke got to the Dance party there, and Luke finally manage to get Natalie. When Luke and Natalie go, Moose send a message to Camille, telling her that he late and will be there as soon as possible. Though he was actually late and found Camille is sleeping. Camille got disappointed in Moose and decided to go. The next day, Moose comes to Camille and apologizes, telling her while he missed dancing, he misses her more.

Then he hears a radio song from an Ice Cream truck and asks if the seller can turn it louder by giving him 5 Dollars.

step up 2 moose and andie meet the robinsons

He and Camille go dancing. When finished, Moose goes to the Cafe where Luke is working after the Pirates had separated because their house has been taken away. He tells Luke to sit down and listen to Moose for a moment why he is dancing.

He encourages Luke to go for the World Jam once again and Luke finally decides to go along and try again with the other crew mates that are waiting outside. Moose then tells him that he has a place for the crew to rehearse. When they come to the place for them to rehearse, they heard the bell is ringing and the rest MSA crew arrive, along with Camille.

Moose says that he thought the crew might need some extra dancers. But slowly she learns that sometimes you have to put some things aside to let what you want really come to you. Sums up the actress: Although, like her character, Cassie is a natural singer, she turned out to be the only member of the astonishingly accomplished cast who had no real dancing experience.

But this turned out to be only a minor hitch for Cassie, who honed her natural talent in intensive rehearsals.

step up 2 moose and andie meet the robinsons

She also really understood that Sophie has her own arc in the story. THE Andie might find herself dancing in the rarified world of the Maryland School of the Arts, but her heart is back in the streets with the legendary underground Baltimore street crew she has long dreamed of dancing with: Casting the members of Theas well as the rival MSA crew, was a blast for the filmmakers because it gave them a chance to witness some of the amazingly diverse and magnetic dancing talent out there today.

The audition process began with massive open calls in Baltimore and New York, during which hopeful dancers were whittled down to just a handful of stand-outs under the demanding eyes of the filmmakers and the choreographers.

Authenticity was at the heart of every decision—the focus on dancers who could relate to the material with their hearts as well as their skills. The is Tuck, the intense street dancer who has his own feelings for Andie that get shaken up in the mix.

Telisha portrayed the character as someone who wants to believe in Andie, but everything in her life has shown her something different. She has to come to realize that the way you live your life is a choice you make.

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Danielle Polanco, a Bronx native who began dancing at the Alvin Ailey School as a youngster and was on tour with Jennifer Lopez when she was cast in the film, rounds out The crew as Missy, who brings a salsa touch to her dancing and is the only other person who 16 dances with both The and MSA crew. She, too, found herself deeply relating to what her character goes through in the film.

step up 2 moose and andie meet the robinsons

When everybody else is arguing, Missy just enjoys life and looks at the boys. Jon lets us all ad lib and add a little of our own flavors to the character, and that made it so much fun.

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Playing Moose is Adam G. Kemp sees Blake as conflicted between his long-buried instincts as a performer and his ambitions as an administrator. Also intriguing to Kemp is the contentious and realistic sibling relationship Blake has with his talented but far less conventional brother, Chase. Hi Hat worked with the champion crew, 18 choreographing their numbers as they rise to dominance, weaving break-dance pops and locks into the mix and even using trampolines to take their moves to a higher level.

Hi Hat is an incredible choreographer and having her work with the rival crew was very motivating. I think we brought out the best in each other. Malkin, in particular, had his work cut out for him, shooting on-the-fly in Baltimore warehouses and trainyards and trying to add a subtle layer of fairy-tale sheen to this often grey, grimy urban background.

Jon gave me a lot of freedom to do that and was open to a lot of new and different ideas that I think make the film far more visually expressive. They come together with a beautiful harmony in a very unpredictable way. Sums up Jennifer Gigbot: She would then have to make a backward flip in mid-air and he'd have to catch her.

Andie refuses because she considers it to be too dangerous and explains to him she is afraid of falling since she the last time she did she broke her knee. Sean tries to convince her she can do it but she refuses again and tells him she doesn't necessarily need to win because she's already happy to be back and dance with all her friends. She is disappointed because he only seems to care about winning.

While battling The Mob he once again tries to force her to do the trick in front of everyone, but she angrily refuses and after the dance storms off.

step up 2 moose and andie meet the robinsons

He follows her and once again they clash over the fact that the only important thing to him is winning at all costs and that he's willing to disregard her genuine fears and limits. As the two have their ups and downs, Sean begins to realize what is important and that he has feelings for Andie.

Sean comes to the realization that while winning would be very important because it would mean they'd all have not money, not glory, but a job, he also understands they all chose this life, chose to be dancers and worked hard to get there. They love what they do and that's what really matters, living in the moment while they're dancing together and savour every second of it. Andie overhears him and is genuinely happy.

He and Andie also perform their trick, perfectly succeding. Their crew ends up winning the contest and Andie and Sean share a passionate kiss and end up together while dancing with all their friends to celebrate.

Quotes "I miss my drug dealer. I don't even like moose. Relationships Edit Andie is best friends with Mooseit can be assumed they have kept in touch over the years as in Step Up: All In, he knew where to find her. She is also good friends and looks up to Tyler Gageher childhood friend who is somewhat her dance mentor.

He playfully treats her like a kid. She is probably good friends with Camille Gage as well, as she is Moose's girlfriend and Tyler's foster sister.