Toni and guy hair meet wardrobe thailand bomb

toni and guy hair meet wardrobe thailand bomb

Quote: "We have met some dead ends, but we're confident law-abiding .. He is described as in his 40s, tanned, cm with stocky build, dark hair and possibly facial hair. . He stripped off his clothing and walked through a nearby paddock. Tony Franzone Fresh clues in suburban car bomb case .. Sgt Graham Guy. The Trailer For "Patriots Day," The Wahlberg Movie About The Marathon Bombing, Is Out. Feitelberg10/5/ PM. The blonde one met a guy an brought him home to the displeasure of the other and There's a girl with curly hair who has a boyfriend and another girl that kinda Hi, this is Thai drama. a girl whose mother is a servant at a wealthy family. her a film set in s about a girls who was injured in a bomb explosion from.

I watched it in the s or early 80s 7th December by Amber It sounds like you're remembering Elizabeth Taylor's character in Raintree Countybut it's actually a Technicolor film. It's an older movie I watched on tv in or An asian fantasy movie set back in time. I only remember parts of it. After the start there's a woman could be a princess being carried in the desert maybe on a palanquin with a group of soldiers.

toni and guy hair meet wardrobe thailand bomb

They get attacked and the girl is taken to cave in the desert and held captive. She falls in love with her captor and he lets her leave.

She leaves a white hair comb for him in the cave. Somewhere in the middle of the movie, there is a soldier who is not really a soldier but is pretending to be and he is accompanying a woman could also be a princess by foot somewhere.

There is a green meadow and they end up laying down and talking briefly before carrying on. The end of the movie, a woman sacrifices herself to save a guy by trapping herself in a sand prison using magic. Hope someone can help, this has been bugging me for years and I always get crouching tiger hidden dragon as a search result due to the white comb, but it's not that movie.

Hello everyone, The movie I am looking for was made in the 30s or 40s. She jumped from a window after the sister told her the brother won't marry her and gave her a check to disappear. When he learns the news, the young man accuses his family of killing her because they didn't accept her social status she was poor.

He leaves his family telling them he hates them and swearing revenge. He drives across the country, stopping only to get drunk until he has a car accident. He ends up in a bar and starts drinking with a local Indian Native American.

He accidentally gets shot by the Indian and a young Indian girl tends to his wound to avoid her friend or boyfriend being arrested. She is shunned by her tribe after spending time alone day and night with this stranger.

He asks her to marry him and she agrees thinking he loves her when he just wants to use her to embarrass his family.

toni and guy hair meet wardrobe thailand bomb

A grenade or other explosive device has just been thrown from a bridge across the busy Chao Praya river, narrowly missing a boat and pier and exploding in the water. CCTV footage shows people running in terror from a huge splash of river water, but there were no injuries. Sathorn pier, a short distance from the up-market Shangr-La hotel, is a popular starting point for tourists taking river trips as well as locals who use motor boats along the Chao Praya for commuter trips.

There are ominous signs that this could be the start of an orchestrated campaign targeting prime tourist and commercial areas. Two of its citizens were killed. However, the Australian prime minister stressed that his citizens should continue to visit Thailand. He calmly eases the black bag off his back, first from one shoulder and then the other. Unnoticed during the rush hour crush on Monday evening, he then stands up and appears to look into his mobile phone or take a photograph.

Near him, people are taking photographs of the Hindu shrine that is renowned for bringing good fortune. He then walks away, stopping another time to use his phone.

Different cameras track him as heads away from the scene down the busy streets, all the time clutching a plastic bag as he walks, glancing frequently at his phone.

He is wearing a patterned yellow T-shirt, long blue shorts and has a mop of black unruly hair and thick dark glasses. Thai media have referred to him as a foreigner or having foreign looks, while others have wondered if he is wearing a wig or fake glasses.

The man then walks out of sight of the cameras. Shortly afterwards, a bomb ripped through unsuspecting crowds. Small explosive thrown from bridge over a river in central Bangkok. No reports of injuries, a police office at the scene said, according to Reuters. Posted by Thairath on Tuesday, 18 August The intersection, one of the busiest in Bangkok, was littered with blood, body parts, debris and the scorched remnants of passing motorcycles after the blast.

Forensic investigators and police are still working at the fenced area inside the open-air shrine where the bomb was planted.

Workers clean the scene of Bangkok 's deadly bombing attack about 16 hours later.

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The footage showed the man, with a mob of dark hair and glasses, first wearing a backpack across his shoulder, but then walking without the bag. The images had circulated widely on Thai social media. Nicholas Razzell Prawuth Thawornsiri, Royal Thai Police spokesman, told the Khaosod website that the man is officially a suspect in the attack.

toni and guy hair meet wardrobe thailand bomb

The man, who was wearing a yellow T-shirt, arrived at the scene in a motorised three-wheeler tuk-tuk and left on then back of a motorcycle taxi, he said. Then he left the crime scene by a motorcycle taxi.

The office of Prawut Thavornsiri, a police spokesman, also provided a breakdown of some of the nationalities of those killed. The other victims have yet to be identified. This is the moment a tourist captures mobile phone footage of the bomb exploding in Bangkok She was in Bangkok with her husband, Riteish Deshmukh, to shoot an advert.

They were not far from the blast when it happened. Bomb set off just opp the mall we are currently in -can hear the sirens blazing all over- we are safe but feel terrible for the lives lost. This is the worst incident that has ever happened in Thailand. There have been minor bombs or just noise, but this time they aim for innocent lives.

They want to destroy our economy, our tourism. According to his office, two Chinese citizens from the mainland, two people from Hong Kong, two Malaysians and a Singaporean have been confirmed among a death toll of 21 at this stage.

Five Thais have been confirmed killed, while the other nine victims have not yet been identified. Investigators have been having trouble establishing the exact number of dead as victims were torn apart so horrendously that they are still trying to match body parts.

The revised list of nationalities reflects the popularity of the shrine with visitors from across East Asia and particularly Chinese communities.

toni and guy hair meet wardrobe thailand bomb

Prayut Chan-ocha said he was believed to be from an anti-government group based in Thailand's north-east, where the anti-coup Red Shirt movement is based, according to AFP. Today there is a suspect who appeared on CCTV but it's not clear Perhaps we will soon have more details of who they believe was responsible. This is what Prawit Wongsuwan, the defence minister, said a few minutes ago, according to AP: It is much clearer who the bombers are, but I can't reveal right now.

There are not many people. Authorities have a particularly tough job ahead of them. Thai police say calculating the death toll in Bangkok blast is difficult because bodies are split into many pieces. Authorities said earlier that the blast at the Erawan shrine in downtown Bangkok killed 10 Thais as well as at least one Chinese national and a Filipino citizen.

The nationalities of the other people who died were not immediately clear.

toni and guy hair meet wardrobe thailand bomb

Hong Kong's immigration department said Tuesday that it had "confirmed that two Hong Kong residents deceased in the incident" with six others injured and sent to hospital for treatment. The type of bomb used is also not in keeping with the south," Royal Thai Army chief and deputy defence minister General Udomdej Sitabutr said in a televised interview.

No group has claimed responsibility for the blast on Monday evening, which left scores wounded, and officials in Thailand have yet to blame any group. Thailand's three southernmost provinces are home to a long-running Muslim separatist insurgency. Sincemore than 6, people, most of them civilians, have been killed in violence in the region.

The violence has rarely spilled over beyond those provinces. Mr Kurlantzick said it was impossible to say for sure who might be responsible but added: A guess would be anti-government i. It is unlikely to be militants from southern Thailand; they have been fighting an insurgency for years and never really attempted to make serious attacks into Bangkok. This attack is likely to just cause more instability; the junta may crack down harder, but ultimately they have to allow the charter to move forward and the election to proceed.

We didn't think anything like this could happen in Bangkok. Our honeymoon and our vacation will go on, but with a very unsafe feeling. In February of this year, possibly in protest against the junta, two pipe bombs exploded outside a luxury shopping mall in the same area. - Title Help

No one was hurt and no one claimed responsibility, but the timing was significant. Just a month previously, a national assembly hand-picked by the junta ruled that the former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra could not enter politics for five years. The attack on Monday may well have been related to this political struggle, though it is hard to imagine how either side would gain from targeting civilians, particularly in a touristic area.

Whilst the fighting has mostly been contained in these provinces, this changed in in Marchwhen a series of bombs killed three people at a shopping complex in the predominantly Buddhist city of Hat Yai in Songkhla province. Eleven others were killed in co-ordinated blasts across the rest of the region. In Decemberin the Sadao district of Songkhla, several bombs exploded, wounding 27, and several others were defused.

On the same day, a bomb big enough to destroy a storey building was discovered and defused in Phuket. For some analysts, these attacks marked a clear expansion of the insurgents' target zone within Thailand. Others denied there was a deliberate shift in strategy, noting the lack of subsequent attacks outside the Deep South.

What may strengthen suspicions along these lines is the fact that since the junta seized power, peace talks between the insurgents, led by BRN, and the Thai government, have stalled. The last talks between the two sides occurred in Decemberwhen Shinawatra was in office.

Appeals for Chinese translators made at the police hospital where many of the injured were taken, seemed to confirm these reports. Initially, it was unclear whether the blast was from an exploding gas tank or a bomb. Subsequent speculations that a bomb had been placed on a motorbike, causing several passing cars to explode, have now been put aside after government officials stated that a TNT bomb was placed under a bench at the intersection.

According to local media, the police found several unexploded devices were in the nearby area. One of them was reportedly detonated.

Thai officials have stated that a state of emergency will not be declared. But all schools administered by the Bangkok Municipal Authority will be closed. I think it is very difficult at this point to know who is behind this, but what I find problematic are the claims this came from the insurgents in the south.

I think this is to do with national politics; if you look at past incidents involving bomb attacks, it is always in the context of rifts between red shirts and yellow shirts, rather than conflict in the south. Red shirts began as a group in support of deposed Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted as prime minister in The yellow shirts were opposed to Mr Thaksin and led protests which are said to have led to him being deposed.

It has been suggested that one of the perpetrators' motives for attacking the renowned Erawan shrine was to cripple Thailand's tourism industry. It was a huge shock. As someone who has visited Bangkok many times, it's something I would never expect or fear.