Toriel and ashore meet the press

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toriel and ashore meet the press

Toriel attacks with fireballs in various formations, but will not hurt the The safe corner spots still exist despite this but are smaller and harder to reach. A police force that protects criminals, a press that covers up stories, who . He even meets rivals that competes with him and plans to thwart his plans of being a Pro. .. Updated: Mar 17 - Published: Apr 14, - Frisk, Papyrus, Sans, Toriel Hikari washed ashore on the islands at the age of 6, along with another girl. Grandkinds (sans x frisk) 2 by jjaydazo even Toriel ships it .. Toriel, Frisk, Papyrus, and Sans - MobsterUT AU - comic Undertale Cute,. Undertale.

In the harder version of this attack, the Bullet Board is shorter, and fireballs are hovering at the sides. The safe corner spots still exist despite this but are smaller and harder to reach. This attack does 4 damage per hit. Thicker streams of fireballs, too thick to dodge through, but they do not sweep back and forth, allowing a careful player to keep their SOUL safe between the streams.

This does 4 damage per hit. Fireballs missing the protagonist in battle. Fireballs fall haphazardly from the top of the Bullet Board, but deliberately move away from the SOUL if they come close, making it impossible to take damage from this attack. If the protagonist's HP is 2 or less, Toriel will use this attack exclusively, and she will end her other attacks immediately if they reduce the protagonist's HP to 2. She will also use this attack after the 11th Spare, regardless of health.

After the 12th, she stops attacking entirely.

toriel and ashore meet the press

Strategy After being spared enough times, Toriel stops fighting and talks. The option to "Flee" disappears. If the protagonist continues to spare her, she will allow the protagonist to leave the Ruins. She asks the protagonist never to return before hugging them and walking back down the corridor. Missing attacks have the same effect as sparing her. Quotes Pre-Fight You wish to know how to return "home," do you not?

A one-way exit to the rest of the underground. I am going to destroy it. No one will ever be able to leave again. Now be a good child and go upstairs. Every human that falls down here meets the same fate. She tries to keep the protagonist in the Ruins, as Asgore killed the other humans who left her care. If the protagonist spares her, she lets them leave the Ruins, but not before giving them a parting hug.

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Toriel's reaction if the protagonist kills her after she is spared thirteen times. If the protagonist kills her during a Neutral Route, she uses the last of her strength to give them a warning about what lies ahead and calls the protagonist "my child" before she turns to dust.

If the protagonist calls Toriel "mom," it surprises her, and she states that if it makes them happy, then she heartily approves of it.

toriel and ashore meet the press

Calling Toriel on her phone in the Ruins and flirting with her makes her assume the protagonist is joking, if they do it again she is unsure what to make of it.

She also mentions this in the epilogue. They were once extremely close, winning first place in the '98 Nose Nuzzle competition [18] and were open about their affection for one another.

toriel and ashore meet the press

While she appears to be civil with Asgore when she speaks to him about the future of the Underground in the aftermath of the fight against Asriel, once they are on the surface and everyone else has left, Asgore wonders whether he should leave too, and Toriel glares at him, prompting him to leave her and Frisk alone.

However, in the ending credits, she does not mind his presence while trimming the bushes, hinting a developing tolerance or gradual forgiveness.

Flowey Toriel calls Flowey a "miserable creature" [25] as she fireballs him to protect the protagonist. She is unaware that Flowey is Asriel.

Sans Sans and Toriel do not meet in person until the end of a True Pacifist Route and the Family and Exiled Queen endings, where they both have become good friends. They started their friendship by telling jokes to each other through the door leading to the Ruins. Gallery Toriel's sprite if she kills the protagonist. Toriel glaring at a hostile Froggit. Froggit leaves, Toriel glares even harder. Toriel still confused by the strange outcome of the boring dummy fight.

Toriel forcing the player to fight her. Toriel in a Steam trading card. A side to side comparison of Toriel committing suicide right and Toriel being killed left.

The only difference is the mouths. Toriel plush sold on Fangamer. Toriel's name is a play on the word "tu-torial," as she teaches the protagonist about how the game works. Despite Toriel's motherly nature, she is not above swearing: The narrator's reaction to Toriel's sock drawer [31] and Sans's sock pile [32] is similar. Toriel once wore a flower-patterned muu-muu; other monsters complimented her by saying "nice muu-muu," but she assumed everyone was calling her a cow and never wore it again.

If the protagonist bores the Dummy during their encounter, Toriel stares in disbelief and confusion and starts thinking in a confused manner before moving to the next room without comment.

Toriel/In Battle

When attempting to name the fallen human "Toriel," the response is: If Toriel was killed and the protagonist resets to the point before her battle, Toriel remarks that the protagonist looks like "they have seen a ghost. If the protagonist spares Toriel, she can be found by the flowerbed where the protagonist initially awoke after falling into the underground.

If the protagonist backtracks to talk to her, she tells them "Do not worry about me. Someone has to take care of these flowers.

Asgore x toriel comics

The player cannot call Toriel once they exit the ruins even if she was spared. While most players may assume that Toriel intentionally refuses to answer the protagonist's calls outside of the Ruins, she is actually unable to answer due to the Annoying Dog having stolen her phone.

Calling her with the Annoying Dog in the inventory causes ringing in the protagonist's inventory, implying that it stole and ate her phone. Attempting to open the menu by pressing C after fleeing her battle will have the menu disappear instantly, leaving the room will not reproduce the error.

This may come as a surprise to you But I have always wanted to be a teacher. I am only protecting you, do you understand? I will not stop you. However, when you leave Please do not come back. I hope you understand. So you must have a place to return to, do you not? What will you do now? You really are a funny child. If you had said that earlier, none of this would have happened. It is a good thing you took so long to change your mind.

toriel and ashore meet the press

If you really do not have any other place to go I will do my best to take care of you, for as long as you need. Well, I hope that I am not keeping you. Listen to me, small one If you go beyond this door, Keep walking as far as you can. Eventually you will reach an exit. His plan cannot be allowed to succeed. Be good, won't you? To think I was worried you wouldn't fit in out there You really are no different than them!

Now I see who I was protecting by keeping you here. And then asked to call me "mother?