When do rufus and lily meet scott

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when do rufus and lily meet scott

Young actor Chris Riggi will appear in the Gossip Girl finale as Scott, the long- lost love child of Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Rufus (Matthew. Meanwhile, Lily and Rufus are in Boston, where they secure a meeting with his father, Christopher. He gives them a newspaper article about Andrew Rosson. he told Rufus but not Lily because she was still out of town he was saying that his brother is the one that drowned.

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Before he leaves, he tells his mother that he is finally getting the chance to do what he came there for; while looking at his birth certificate, revealing he is Rufus and Lily's child. At the match, he introduces himself to Rufus as a big fan of Lincoln Hawk. After the match, he and Vanessa kiss and enter into a relationship.

While there, he's questioned about his professor recommendations and he begins to shut down and act rudely.

The next day, he apologizes to Vanessa and gives her a report on every professor he had The Freshmen. Unbeknownst to everyone, Scott begins to take guitar lessons from Rufus; who is impressed with his natural ability.

At the same time, Vanessa is becoming suspicious of Scott and learns he is lying about being a student at NYU. She confides in Dan, who begins to plot with Georgina to find Scott's true identity. They realize that Scott's real last name is Rosson, and not Adler like he was saying it was.

Dan recognizes the name from the fan letter, and they wonder if Scott is some type of stalker. Meanwhile, Vanessa learns the truth: She encourages him to tell Rufus, and he agrees to do so at the Sotheby's auction.

Before he does so, he calls his mother to tell her of his intentions. She hurries to New York to tell him he supports him, and Scott decides not to tell Rufus at the last minute. He lies that Andrew was his son, and he is only his brother. Rufus is happily surprised, and asks him and his mother to come and talk. Scott declines, and says maybe they can develop things as time goes on. The next day, he tells Vanessa that he can't tell them ever and that he's headed back for Boston.

She admits she can't keep the secret forever, and they kiss.

when do rufus and lily meet scott

Once there, he sees them arguing and confronts them, worried that they aren't going to get married after all. Lily, annoyed at his rudeness, tells him off and he leaves. Serena vows to figure out a way to get them to start talking again to fix things. Vanessa tells her Dan is dating someone else, and Georgina tells Dan to dump her. She explains that she wasn't visiting her family, she was in Boston with Scott, and if Vanessa doesn't get Dan to dump his girlfriend she will tell everyone who Scott is.

They go back to the dorms, and Vanessa calls Dan to try and plant some rumors into his head about Olivia. Dan says that he isn't sure what she's trying to do, but he's in the middle of something and hangs up to go into a restaurant with Jenny and Rufus.

when do rufus and lily meet scott

After they hang up, Georgina tells Vanessa they're moving to the photoshop phase. At the restaurant, Serena, Eric, and Lily also arrive and the kids set up Rufus and Lily to eat and talk together.

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In Chuck's suite, Chuck gives Blair a massage. She reveals Carter is staying at her penthouse, and that she wouldn't tell Bree because she hates her. Chuck tells her that she hates that Nate is moving on, then leaves to call Bree. They suggest that it's because she has a crush on him, and he doesn't think it's true.

They tell him to tell Vanessa that. Back at the restaurant, Rufus and Lily are having a good time until they begin discussing wedding plans. They begin to argue about not compromising for the other and agree they aren't ready to talk yet. Meanwhile, Dan walks into Vanessa's dorm and catches her photoshopping Olivia's head onto a pregnant woman.

He tries to tell her that he wants to let her down easy but he really likes Olivia. She replies that she isn't in love with him, and that Georgina is blackmailing her. Dan asks what she has on her, and Vanessa admits that Georgina knows that she knows Scott is his brother. That night, Rufus and Lily look at the same picture of them together, happy and in love, and they head for the other's apartment to talk.

When each arrive, they call to find out that the other is at their place. They apologize for fighting, and then decide to take a leap and get married the next day. The next day, wedding plans are underway at the VDW's. Lily comes downstairs and begins to read her vows to Serena. At the loft, Vanessa tells Dan that he has to hold Georgina off for one more day. He agrees, and Rufus emerges from the back. Dan tells him he's headed out real quick and leaves.

Back at the VDW's, Serena tells Lily that her vows aren't very good and could really be applied to any of her exes. Blair then announces that the mayor is going to expedite permits so Rufus and Lily can get married at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Rufus Getting Married

Elsewhere, Dan and Georgina go for a walk. He tells her that maybe they should try their relationship again, and maybe go on a date. She invites herself to the wedding, but he says it's a family event and they can hang out the next day.

She kisses him deeply and he leaves. Once he's gone, she realizes he was lying to her. At the Waldorf's, Carter calls Serena to find out how she is.

She asks if he's coming to the wedding, and he promises he wouldn't miss it.

when do rufus and lily meet scott

When they hang up, Chuck appears in the room and reveals Bree told him everything about what he did to their family. Chuck explains that he told Bree that he will be at the wedding, and he's pretty sure she'll be there with her family. He says that he's providing a choice: Meanwhile, Georgina meets Scott at an incoming bus from Boston. He asks if Vanessa even wants to see him, and she says they're going to surprise her right then. At the wedding, Serena is worried that Carter won't show up.

Blair promises he will, then goes off the look. Meanwhile, Bree and Nate arrive. At the bar, Blair tells Chuck that Carter is really late and it better not be because of something he did. Chuck says he gave Carter an easy way out. Elsewhere, Dan is on the phone with Vanessa and says what happened with Georgina. She promises it will be worth it when Rufus and Lily are happily married, then gets in a cab to go to the wedding. Back at the wedding, Lily finishes getting dressed with Jenny's help.

Jenny explains that it wasn't easy for her when her parents divorced, and it was harder when she knew Rufus loved someone else. Then she says that she can't wait for Lily to hear Rufus' vows because they're so beautiful.

Lily thanks her, and Jenny leaves the room. When she's gone, Lily throws her vows out. Elsewhere, Chuck meets up with Blair and they see Carter arrive and greet Serena. Bree also sees and takes her phone out. Carter takes Serena aside and explains to her the whole truth: Serena hears the wedding begin and abandons Carter. Meanwhile, Georgina arrives to see Dan. She says she only stopped by to deliver a wedding present, then walks away.

Elsewhere, Lily asks Rufus if they can have a moment before the wedding. She reveals that she couldn't write her vows and that it's because they can't agree on anything and the stakes for them being together are too high. At the wedding site, Serena tells the audience there's been a slight delay; and thens sees Georgina get up and walk away. She follows, along with Blair, Eric, Chuck, and Jenny.

when do rufus and lily meet scott

While Rufus and Lily fight, Scott approaches them and asks if they're getting married.