Bam margera and ville valo relationship

HIM's Ville Valo on Bam Margera and The "Tears" of His Favorite Artists | Phoenix New Times

bam margera and ville valo relationship

Perhaps it's because he and H.I.M.'s frontman Ville Valo, bear a passing resemblance, but more likely it has something to do with Bam Margera. they are still very good friends! this photo was taken after a HIM show in Philadelphia. [source]. image. ville valo HIM bam margera ask Radio Bam was canceled tonight because all of us have to go to the bar. I found 'Tears on Tape' and thought it was exactly how Ville had explained it to be in the interview Whether or not he and you had been in relationships with others.

We sort it out one way or the other. Is someone had never heard of HIM, what album would you hand them to hear first that represented you guys? You should probably ask somebody else. I have all the reasons why I like each one. And it's always really personal. Musically, the last one would be a good one. Then Love Metal from That was the first album we really had the idea of our sound. Once again, as you know, when you hear a song from an artist for the first time, it's not necessarily the best song you hear So for a lot of people, in our case, that was the album called Razorblade Romance.

From the year It was big in Europe. For people in UK it was Love Metal. And people in the US it was Dark Light. I'm happy there are people that still dig what we do. Are you guys currently writing?

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I strum a bit, I hum a bit. That's what I do. But, I don't seriously write when I'm on tour. I may come up with some fairly simple ideas and record them on an iPhone or something. But I usually throw them away. They aren't good enough. I think it's important to be in a peaceful place.

bam margera and ville valo relationship

Not necessarily mentally, but physically. So I like to work on things back home where I have musically gear and can make demo and try arrangements.

I think that tour is a place where you should be absorbing the culture and all the information. Read books, meet new people, see new cities and taste new foods. Get to know different cultures. I think that's very important when writing songs too, because that's all the info that goes into making the music anyways is life. How is touring in the US different from Europe? That remains to be seen. We haven't toured here in so long I think the last time was in We had to take a break because our drummer had some problems with his hand and that took nearly a year.

I think the main difference at the end of the day is the driving distance. This country is so vast. You know, in Europe, or in England, the distance between cities is maximum miles. And here you drive every day and every night, easily, miles. You see the country from a different perspective then maybe a tourist might. We see the great skies. And the audiences are different too, but that differs from state to state as well, which is similar to Europe. Some sing along more, some dance more Wouldn't it be terrible if we knew that the best audience was in spot X and we didn't go anywhere else?

Is there a place you would like to spend more time in during you time in the U. Well, we're missing a lot of the major places.

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bam margera and ville valo relationship

Which is why I still tend to try and hide myself. I rode past Tavastia, and onward. Decided to stop at the record store right down the street. Then the memories came. I was going to ask if this would be nice for her birthday. I smirked and nodded. He gave a closed smile back and kept a hold of it.

Present Thought Bam and I had been together for about 6 months at that time. After he had admitted his feelings towards me 3 months prior to getting together. I had always thought he was so adorable. I fell in love with him when we first met years before. I had never known he had fallen just the same.

I never expected it. Though at first I had questioned it. But I always just kept it to myself. He was like a kid in the candy store. I knew he was still with Jenn at that time. And I had been with Jonna.

Engaged… Whatever I was thinking I will never know. I shook my head still keeping an eye on him. Finally picking up a Cathedral record and deciding that I was done. We purchased and left.

bam margera and ville valo relationship

Not much else to do now. We did pretty much everything. I looked to him. He shook his head. Like you have a collection we can choose from. I nodded to that. Popcorn, and beer out for our snacking. Watching through Dog Soldiers. Getting laughs from Spoon and his reactions, especially Bam. We had a good laugh out of that movie.

When we watched through Silence of the Lambs. It made me wish I had Hannibal. I reminded myself to get that back from him soon. I snickered and kissed his lips softly. I had leaned in my breath hovering his neck, I gently traced his nape with my tongue. He let out a harsh breath and quivered.

I gently kissed under his ear and around his cheek back to his lips. Gently biting and pulling his lip, he grabbed a hold of me pushing me back onto the couch. We were now fighting for dominance and soon found ourselves on the floor. We both looked at each other and started to laugh. We both looked away from one another. I felt like a teenager again. I snuck a peak at Bam and it seemed he was doing the same.

He stood and helped me up and changed to the last movie, as Silence of the Lambs had ended. I had started licking and nipping at his neck again. Our eyes locked, and again we started to make-out. This time we took it to the bedroom. That night we had finally become one. I had stopped in front of the old flat. I looked up to the window I knew was mine. I pictured Bam and I walking in and out of the doors. My eyes began to glass over. I felt it coming.

bam margera and ville valo relationship

I sniffled and coughed holding it back and started again on my ride. Is his number the same? I stopped again by the park, deciding to walk through. As I got to the end I looked over at one of the trees, that was off the trail.

Bam and I had always sat over here, he always would climb and do something crazy. I decided to climb up to the first branch, like I would so with him sometimes. I sat there for a few minuets, the breeze picking up, the sounds of cars and people on the streets. And the children over on the playground. I remembered the time we had come through here at night. We were walking from the Corona bar. And Bam started running around the playground.

It was like we were teenagers again. It had been snowing, and at one point we made snow angels. I smiled at the memory. I checked the time on my watch and decided it was time to do just that. And as I was about to jump down, from the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like a carving. I carefully stood up to get a better look at it. And I was right. I traced it with my finger choking back a yelp. I carefully jumped down and grabbed my bike, pulling my scarf up over my mouth I started for home.

Everything that happened the night before, I remember clear as day. I went on like it was a normal day. Fucked around, went to the bars, partied hard, fucked with Novak, made love to my girlfriend, and passed out. Anything that happened to start the dreams again. But, they kept coming back.

Something with a burning house, a really bad car crash that burst to flames, the concert hall catching fire. Everything to do with fire. When I had the dream of the car crash… I lost it. It reminded me too much of when Dunn had died. I shook it out of my mind. I looked over to the empty bedside. Nikki was still downstairs cleaning the little mess Novak left. And she knew I was too tired to deal with it.

I rolled onto my side and drifted into sleep. When I woke up, I was in Finland. I had met up with Mige and even saw Gas with his wife. They knew I was surprising Ville with a Visit. I had decided to go and apologize to him. Mige told me a good time to go over, that he would at least be awake. Taking a walk around town, past Tavastia, the old record shop which brought up memories, and the old flat. The building looked the same as ever, but the area seemed to have gone down over the years.

I looked up to the place where I made him mine. The memories flooding back. I was more then ready to get this over with. As I was walking through, the memories sprung up here too. All the times we sat under the tree on the far side of the park, the playground where we had many random adventures, making snow angels, playing drunken hide and seek. Over by the port-o-pod even though as raunchy as it sounds, our drunken make-out sessions in the night.

I shook my head to that smirking at that particular memory. And as I neared the end of the trail, I walked off a bit to the tree. It looked like half of it had been singed. As if a fire had been set to it. I gently placed my hand on the bark, soot and ash over my fingers.

I kicked it gently and there was still the base. I climbed up the branch I always climbed. It was still bare and it was still safe. I checked on the carving and it was still there. Above it looked like a message. I had to see him. I looked down to the old carving, and decided to add to it. I took out my pocket knife, and started to dig into the bark.

Finnish Rockers H.I.M. Say Everything They Do, They Do For Bam Margera - MTV

I wanted to make this right, and I would. When I finished the carving, I jumped down and continued onward to his tower. I started to run having a bad feeling. Making it to his front door, the gate had been opened. I started to knock on the door. There was no answer.

bam margera and ville valo relationship

I started to Panic. I saw the smoke escaping one of the windows off on the far side. I tried opening the door but it seemed to have been locked. I looked for anything to try and pry it open, but nothing.

I started to kick it in. After the 4th try, it finally breached.

Smoked started to escape the house harshly, and I had to cover my face with my scarf. I threw on my sunglasses to protect my eyes and I ran in. I walked by the kitchen where the Fire had been covered, Some trailed and reached into the front room and the living room was filled with smoke.

His studio room was open and untouched except for some smoke. The bathroom was wide open and the same as the studio. I made it to his bedroom, and the handle was hot. I backed up and kicked the door in. Flames were on the edge of the door, and covering half the room. I looked around finally finding him on the floor. His face was covered in black. His breathing was shallow.

I started to do CPR. I needed him to be awake, to be conscious. I just needed him to open his eyes. I breathed into him once more and pressed on his chest and he started to cough. He coughed and looked to me. I nodded and grabbed one of his scarves and placed it over his nose and mouth. He wrapped his arms around me and leaned onto me. I picked him up and held onto him and started to make a run for it down stairs. The fire had spread across and into the living room. The front door was open.

I just had to jump through the flames. Just as I was about to make a run, the roof collapsed in. I fell backwards dropping Ville in the process.