Callie and erica relationship questions

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callie and erica relationship questions

Erica stood in front of Callie with a big smile on her face. Giving Arizona a kiss to try to avoid the questions Arizona would more than likely ask. During the sixth episode, “Life During Wartime,” Callie and Erica finally have strong feelings and faces her own personal turmoil over the relationship. It took a tragedy for Arizona and Callie to put aside their issues and. They talk about their relationship and with each other. Erica leaves midway through Season 5 with no explanation, leaving Callie alone to play the field.

Callie, Erica's romance over on 'Grey's Anatomy'

Moving into the kitchen, she set Sofia in her high chair. Rounding the kitchen counter she started prepping her bottle.

callie and erica relationship questions

See you at work? She seemed like she was in her own bubble. Arizona turned back into the bedroom, quickly putting her clothes on. On the way out the door she made a pit stop in the kitchen to kiss Sofia on the head, and Callie on the cheek.

Callie, Erica's romance over on 'Grey's Anatomy' -

She turned one last time to look at the little family, and with that she was gone. Callie sighed hearing the door close, she needed to find a way to tell Arizona the truth about Erica's sudden appearance. Before she finds out that she is back and Erica somehow tells her herself.

What was she even doing here in the first place? She abandoned her when she was vulnerable and pregnant.

Even Dr. Meredith Doesn't Know Who Dated Who On Greys Anatomy

Who even does that? What kind of human being does that to somebody they "love? She somehow ambushed Callie in front of the daycare after Callie dropped Sofia. After everything you have done, this is what you are going with, 'hey? We aren't going to do this Callie wasn't ready to talk to Erica She doesn't even know if she will ever be ready. In the back of her mind Callie knows that she needs closure. Especially if she wanted things with Arizona to work out. Damn it she really needed to find her and explain everything to her.

She hoped she wouldn't be mad at her. Or worse Arizona would run with this, jump to conclusions end things with her. Suddenly the fear of losing Arizona, the best thing that ever happened to her, after Sofia made Callie want to talk to Erica once and for all. She was determined to erase Erica completely from her life. In the end Erica is just a far and unpleasant memory. She didn't have any rights to Sofia, so it was supposed to be easy to have Erica cut out of Sofia's life.

callie and erica relationship questions

But this bitch didn't want to sign the damn papers. Enough of that, she needs to find Arizona and fast. Arizona was talking with one of the intern telling him to go prep her patient, when she saw a blonde woman with a hard face walking toward her.


Noting that she never saw this blonde women at the hospital before, Arizona concluded that was probably the doctor the chief told her was coming to help her on her case.

Not that she needed help because she was awesome. The chief just wanted this surgery to run smoothly for this very important patient. He doesn't want to take any unwanted risks.

A little annoyed by the woman being late, Arizona forced one of her best super magic smiles on her face, and stuck out her hand. If you call it a hand shake. Arizona thought that this name sounded oddly familiar but she didn't remember where she heard it.

Not liking the vibe she was getting from Erica, this woman was rude and late. Arizona came to a halt, stunned by the woman behavior. This woman is unbelievable!

Behind the Lesbian Story Line on “Grey’s Anatomy”

The day barely started but Arizona knew that it was going to be a long day. She took a deep breath to compose her anger towards Erica and followed the cold doctor.

Callie stood frozen in front of the board where it was written that Arizona was in surgery with Erica. This day couldn't get worse Without looking Callie pointed her finger toward the board where she was looking.

What was it like to work with the writers and the actresses? I was just really impressed that they wanted to tell this story so honestly. And they really wanted to understand the relationship and the dynamic — falling in love with somebody of the same gender.

And their questions were really thought out.

callie and erica relationship questions

And the writers were just really invested in that, and so were the actresses, actually. They had a lot of great questions. Brooke Smith left and Sara Ramirez Photo credit: What kinds of questions were they asking you? They asked us how do we identify ourselves: Are we lesbians or did we just fall in love with another woman?

How your friends reacted to it. And how everyone is now. Did you lose any people in your life, like friends, family, things like that.