Chuck and blair relationship analysis

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chuck and blair relationship analysis

But the plan for Chuck and Blair was always a 'long-term play' once we saw that She was very supportive of that stuff, and that relationship.”. The Gossip Girl series aired in depicts many relationships teenage girls look up too, such as Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. Their relationship was twisted . Chuck and Blair Belong Together: (my analysis) blairhappiness: Blair and Chuck's relationship took a turn for the worse but it doesn't mean it.

Blair reassuring Chuck that she believed in him, i affirm, was what made Chuck keep a composure of confidence at the beginning of s3. She had made him just by showing him that she believed in him.

But i always knew that at some point the confident boyfriend facade was going to crack. His father had always reprimanded his bad behavior and not often shown how proud he was of the rather good things Chuck did therefore Chuck was always seeking. And now it was back to square one.

Blair had persisted she must love Chuck for all she was worth and even more so because he was pushing her away. I wanted it to be the most romantic confession but somewhere inside of me i felt the symmetry of co-dependence in their relationship was shifting.

Blair understood it the same. You see, she would have really given herself as a pawn to Jack had Chuck asked her to. It was sick how perverse it all was. How wrong it all was. She would have literally sacrificed her body, her dignity, only had he asked her to. It was a matter of trust…it was honestly, the saddest thing. How could Chuck have done that to Blair?

But in truth it was both Chuck and Blair that had led themselves down that path. Blair had offered unwavering love and devotion to Chuck. She had given herself completely to Chuck and was willing to cross moral lines to save his beloved possession. I think the writers wanted to demonstrate exactly that Chuck and Blair are not perfect and that they were still young and naive about a lot of things.

Chuck especially was so naive about love. I think that he believes he would do the same for her. It was everything he had worked for. But his hotel, the one he had made on his own, the one he had worked for meant everything to him. Chuck Bass is the only person that can allow himself to be saved.

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It was the best decision to step away from that relationship to find herself. Chuck had done something terrible to her but she needed something to show her just how much of herself she had given up. Stepping away from the relationship had helped her regain a sense of morality she had lost in it just like she had lost herself. It was her own willingness that Chuck had nothing to do with. Even if Blair should never forgive Chuck in her own heart, i believe he should be redeemed.

Actually, i feel sorry for him. He just saw love through the wrong pair of eyes. So, no, the empire was not a deliberate sabotage of his relationship, though it cost him the same. How much more could he offend her? He is her kryptonite when it comes to character development, and she reverts back to immature scheming and lets him dictate how she should live her life.

One of my favourite quotes that Dan says to Blair speaks volumes of how healthy their relationship is. In Season 5, Episode 12, he says: And no man or magazine should be able to take that away from her. We see her genuinely happy and a return to Season 1 Blair. So it's disappointing to see that even when she's not with Chuck, she is negatively influenced by him. In Season 4, when she said that the reason she wanted the W magazine internship was so she could prove worthy for Chuck -- how sexist is that?

Her motivation for the internship should be accomplishing her own dreams, not to attract a boy who wasn't mourning her when he dated Raina and Eva. One of the scenes that best explains why Dan and Blair's relationship or friendship works so much is the hallway scene from Season 1, Episode 4. Blair is mad at Serena because she is reminded of how she has always been in her shadow. Dan decides to comfort her.

Even though they come from different worlds, he can relate to her and encourages her tell her mother how she feels neglected. Dan and Blair represent the idea that two completely opposite people can still form a relationship, despite class differences or prejudices against them. Unfortunately for us Dair fans, we didn't get the Pacey and Joey ending we wanted. None of us were really shocked, considering we got paparazzi photos of both weddings weeks ago. While I can accept Dan as the anonymous blogger, I wanted it to be Dorota just for the humour that reveal could have produced with her speaking in an American accent.

We had a shared denial that it could have possibly been all a trick from the writers, like the fake scene Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford filmed to fool fans into thinking Nair Nate and Blair were the endgame of Season 2. I would have been happy with Derena Dan and Serena but they have a shared blood sibling named Scott. Not to forget the fact that Serena has hooked up with too many guest stars to count.

Blair left Dan for Chuck without any explanation in the Season 5 finale -- that felt like the biggest slam in the face to all of us Dair fans. At least give us a proper closure for a couple we've invested three seasons in. All throughout Season 6, it was as if Blair's mind was stuck in Season 2. I don't remember a single moment in the final season where Blair said one nice thing to Dan. Instead, she's in a ridiculous pact to save herself for a guy who has caused nearly all of her tears because of his consistently douchebag-like behaviour.

Trying to make Chuck into a tragic hero in his fight against his much more evil father was a mistake. That storyline ended in a death scene that had music that sounded like it belonged to an Saturday Night Live skit. In my idea of the perfect ending, Gossip Girl ends in Season 5, Episode He follows Serena and sees her entering The Ostroff Centera rehab facility where, unknown to Chuck and Blair, her brother Eric van der Woodsen is staying.

Chuck takes photos and shows them to Blair, who is pleased with what he found. She uses the information to out Serena as a drug addict during the mixer, but later learns it was Eric who was there.

In Victor VictrolaChuck invites Blair to come see the club he's trying to convince Bart to buy, and she's impressed with the place. However, Bart doesn't like the place and shames Chuck for looking for more ways to be around strippers and parties. Meanwhile, Blair learns from Jenny Humphrey that Nate mistook her for Serena and confessed that he still has feelings for her.

As a result, she breaks up with him and heads to the club, Victrola, to escape her troubles with Chuck.

20 Times Chuck And Blair’s Relationship Was The Most Romantic Thing In The World

While there, Chuck dares her to get onstage and she surprises him by going up and dancing. At the end of the night, he takes Blair home in his limo and she ends up losing her virginity to him in the backseat. On her seventeenth birthday, Blair realizes how much she misses Nate and wants him back. To remind herself of this, she disinvites Chuck from her birthday party before going to the jewelry store to pick out gifts for others to pick up.

Meanwhile, Nate's mother Anne Archibald tries to convince him to get back together with Blair to secure Eleanor's support in their recent legal battles regarding Howard Archibald 's embezzlement. Feeling pressured, Nate confesses what his mother wants him to do to Chuck, who uses that information to ruin Blair's interest in winning him back.

Blair is unconvinced, and promises Chuck that Nate will call her at midnight the same he does every year on her birthday. Unfortunately, he doesn't call and Blair instead gets a Gossip Girl blast containing a picture of Nate and a blonde, who is unnamed but Jenny. She excuses herself from her party crying, and says her birthday wish didn't come true. Chuck follows her, and gives her the diamond necklace she put on hold earlier that day.

chuck and blair relationship analysis

The two begin to kiss, and Serena sees them together Seventeen Candles. Cotillion season arrives, and it's revealed that Chuck and Blair still hook up from time to time. Meanwhile, Nate is noticing Blair's newfound happiness and realizes he misses her. He shows up to her penthouse after dance rehearsal one evening and asks her to go to the ball with him instead.

Chuck and Blair’s Epic Love Story: The Complex History of Gossip Girl’s “Chair”

She agrees while a jealous Chuck listens from upstairs. He tries to get Nate to lose interest in Blair by dropping hints that she's interested in his enemy Carter Baizen. On the night of the ball, Chuck goes to see Blair but she orders him to leave her and Nate alone for the night; and she accidentally reveals that Carter is on his way over to retrieve a jacket he left during tea. Chuck waits around for him, and takes a picture of him leaving the building to show Nate to prove he's dating Blair.

Nate falls for it, and punches Carter at the ball, getting himself kicked out over it. Later while dancing, Blair realizes Chuck set Carter up to make Nate jealous and was ultimately responsible for the scene.

She ends their affair, and goes to find Nate. Afterwards, he sees them enter a room together kissing and broken hearted, he leaves the city Hi, Society. Before Christmas, Blair, newly reunited with Nate, tries unsuccessfully to contact Chuck to ask him to keep their affair private.

On Christmas morning, he texts her a photo of himself with Nate, asking her who he would want to tell Roman Holiday. When Chuck returns, he continues to remain jealous of Blair and Chuck, and tells her not to do anything with Nate or he'll reveal what they did. As a result, Blair distances herself from Nate, despite his attempts to bring them closer together. After an incident at the school swimming pool, resulting in everyone getting in trouble, Nate finds the key to the pool in Blair's room and turns himself in as the false culprit to save her from getting in trouble.

Meanwhile, Dan's best friend Vanessa Abrams catches Blair and Chuck fighting about their affair on videotape, to the horror of both of them. Chuck buys the tape for ten thousand dollars, but she gives him a blank one while she gives the real one to Blair School Lies.

She takes a test and finds she isn't pregnant, and tells Chuck that she chooses to be with Nate. Hurt, Chuck tips off Gossip Girl that Blair slept with two guys in one week.

When Nate finds out and doesn't believe the rumor, Jenny confirms it for him and he gets into a fight with Chuck. He also breaks up with Blair. Feeling alone, Blair goes to see Chuck and tells him he is all she has now.

However, he tells her that he is no longer interested in her and wants nothing to do with her. After reminding her of their past, Serena has a breakdown in front of Blair, Chuck, and Nate.

chuck and blair relationship analysis

Wanting to help, the three team up to help her find closure and take down Georgina Woman on the Verge. On the eve of Bart and Serena's mother Lily van der Woodsen 's wedding, Blair and Chuck spend the night together to find the perfect plan to get rid of Georgina. In the season finale Much 'I Do' About Nothingthey wake up together, and Chuck goes to prepare his best man speech while Blair is to carry out their plan.

At the wedding, Chuck dedicates his speech to Blair and announces he intends to fight for her. Afterwards, they dance together and agree to take their relationship slow. A week after the wedding, Blair is packing to spend the summer in Europe with Chuck. However, Chuck is beginning to have doubts about his ability to commit and becoming fearful of growing up, backs out of going on the trip to sleep with Bart and Lily's apartment decorator.

His choice leaves Blair waiting for him on the helipad, before choosing to fly to Tuscany without him. When she returns, she brings along her new boyfriend Marcus Beatonmuch to Chuck's dismay.

He becomes suspicious of Marcus, especially after hearing him say things about his life that doesn't match with what he told Blair. During the annual Vitamin Water White Party, Marcus reveals to Blair that he is a British Lord that lied about his identity to make sure she wasn't using him. At the end of the party, Chuck approaches Blair while she is waiting for Marcus and asks her not to leave with him.

She asks him to admit he loves her and she'll leave Marcus to be with him, but he is unable to do so. Hurt, Blair leaves with Marcus. After returning to Manhattan, Blair throws a spontaneous back to school party to impress Marcus' step-mother, Duchess Catherine Beaton. Wanting to ruin her chances with Marcus, Chuck sets Blair up to insult Catherine before she officially meets her.

However, his plan doesn't work out when Blair catches Catherine with Nate and is able to blackmail her into giving her approval Never Been Marcused. Soon after, Chuck begins to have intimacy problems, which Serena diagnoses with having to do with his inability to move on from Blair. At a party she's throwing, he asks her to sleep with him but she refuses. Later during the party, the whole city experiences a blackout and Chuck feigns as Marcus to get Blair to kiss him and hopefully have sex with him.

She falls for it, and Marcus walks in on them kissing. At first Blair says she didn't know it was Chuck, but later admits she knew it was him. However, Marcus forgives her and Chuck continues to experience intimacy problems with other women The Dark Night. Meanwhile, Vanessa has taken an interest in Nate, which she loses when she learns he's sleeping with Catherine for money.

She soon discovers that Catherine is also sleeping with Marcus, and she tells Blair hoping to get Nate out of the arrangement. Later, Vanessa uses the pictures she took of Marcus and Catherine to blackmail Blair into helping her save an old Brooklyn bar. Angry at being played, she entices Chuck into seducing Vanessa for humiliation, promising to sleep with him if he succeeds. He agrees, but finds he likes the bar and plans to actually save it. When Blair realizes he is acting friendly with Vanessa and planning to help her, she ends the game and announces to him that he won after telling Vanessa everything.

When he comes to collect his prize, a night with her, he asks her to say she loves him. She refuses, saying she will never say those words to him and he replies that it's now her turn to chase him Chuck In Real Life.

After this incident, Blair becomes obsessed with getting Chuck to sleep with her. Serena suggests she ask Dan for help, and he advises that she become unavoidable to Chuck to make sure she's in his head.

Chuck and Blair essays. Chuck and Blair Belong Together: (my analysis)

Following his advice, she asks him out for drinks but he catches on to her desperation pretty quick and leaves when she spills her drink on his pants. After she explains what happened to Dan, he suggests she catch him at home. She goes to the VDW's and succeeds in getting him to kiss her, but their foreplay is interrupted when a text from Serena reveals her plans.

In a last ditch attempt, Blair decides to just tell him how she feels at Rufus Humphrey 's art gallery opening. Before she goes through with it, Dan finds out what she and Chuck did to Vanessa so he instills doubt in her telling him. As a result, she fails in doing so and Chuck, annoyed with her games, ends their relationship for good. However, Dan tells Chuck that he ruined Blair's revelation and was the result of the failure.

Later that night, Chuck goes to see Blair and tells her that despite their mutual attraction to each other, they aren't ready for a relationship.