How can my usb to ethernet adapter be set up? If the mainline kernel does not fix this bug, please add the tag: It seem that at the time of module loading, some firmware initialization or something like that is not happening. Select all Bus Device Unfortunately this is not the case for me on Ubuntu You are commenting using your Twitter account. So if you need additional data from it just say what you need, I am using Ubuntu

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I think this issue can be closed. I can’t get it to show up when I do an ifconfig. Here is what I get in lsusb: Comparison of the highest sustained transfer speeds observed. For info, please visit https: Comments 0 Leave a comment.

Debian User Forums • View topic – Can’t get USB-Ethernet adapter to work [FIXED]

It could also provide highly programmable flexibility and compatibility. Select all Bus Device I tried Xubuntu I can verify this bug.

I just feel like this should just work out of the erhernet. It’s using the asix driver that came with it. PCIe is an interconnection system based on the PCI standard connecting a microprocessor to attached devices for high-speed operation.


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It’s really not that much. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. What am I missing? You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.

ASIX AX – USB to 10/M Fast Ethernet Controller with Embedded PHY

To Be Filled By O. This device is so easy etherneg use that I found the instructions to be unnecessary. Then i am able to ping.

From a terminal window please run: So if the only way to upgrade is to download the iso and do a fresh install well then I guess thats what I’ll do. Email me about changes to this bug report.

See full activity log. At least spy what comes and go at the other end of the Ethernet cable on If this bug is fixed in the mainline kernel, please add the following tag ‘kernel- fixed-upstream’.

Changed status to confirmed as per apport isb. Patola patola wrote on You could try to install a “mainline” 3. Let’s try a highly experimental process and see if we can get it going.


The result will be that your this usb device identified by its MAC will be always usb0. I cannot tell the exact kernel version which made it to work, but for Trusty For chip-to-chip or system-to-system connections, these controllers provide cost effective, standards compliant, and high-performance embedded system applications, such as remote access servers, storage network management, data acquisition systems, point-of-sale POS terminals, handheld devices, set-top box, digital TVs, industrial control and building automation equipment.

With this highly integrated system-on-a-chip solution, the AXxx family provides a very small form-factor solution to enable embedded system designers to design compact, low-power, high-performance, yet low-cost, embedded and industrial Ethernet applications for the growing embedded networking markets. Includes the adapter, a mini-CD containing Windows drivers, and a short page of instructions.

If you have used one of these before, then you know what to expect.