Number of bytes to read from the read buffer of an open comm port. The number attached to the desired camera via the BitFlow configuration program SysReg starting with 0 for the first camera. Real time video display and capture application. It also installs some of our high level applications which can be used on their own right to capture and analyze images. Number of bits per channel.

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This can be achieved by removing the current processing from the user-specific callback function to a separate thread that is controlled via signals or events.

In addition, the high level Buffer management library BufIn makes the task of writing an asynchronous, multiple host buffer application trivial. New parameter ‘resnap’ to enable a second grab in case of an overflow.

Older images are invalid!

BitFlow has highlighted five technology trends that will be strategic for the vision industry in In case of -1 the current bit depth of the camera is used. HyperTerminal like application for roadrnner communication through the Camera Link board’s serial port. Bitclow installation, enter 0 for the serial number and all of roavrunner necessary binary components will be installed this is a useful feature for OEMs deploying their own systems.

This means not only x16, x8 and x4 slots, but also, as is becoming the trend, x1 slots that use x4 or larger connectors. Specifies whether to reset the DMA engine and to try a second snap in case of an overflow.


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Support of line scan cameras. Provides the most direct access to board control and status registers and memory. Note that simultaneous grabbing is not supported in 24 bit per pixel mode. Multiple frame grabber boards. Eyes on the aisle. To do so, you will need a special camera file that sets bitflwo the board to transfer the n images to memory as one big image with the individual images stacked atop each other.

Note that R3 boards are treated in the way as RoadRunner boards and that Alta, Karbon and Neon boards are treated in roafrunner way as the legacy R64 boards. BitFlow is encouraging Road Runner users to upload their application photos to its Facebook page or to email photos to sales bitflow.

Using user-callback functions Note that the execution time of a user-specific callback function should always be as short as possible since during the execution of a callback function the handling of further internal callbacks might be blocked. However, what is less well known is that the PCI Express bus is always peer to peer. BitFlow is committed to supporting its customers over the long haul, and the Neon-DIF is a testament to that. External trigger with software override of the camera configuration file.


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Switch to the camera with the specified number attached via the Roadrunndr configuration program SysReg – starting with 0 for the first camera. These parameters provide the minimum, maximum, step width, and default values for the corresponding integer or float parameter as a tuple with 4 elements, e.

Another niche that this product fills is differential applications where the PC needs upgrading, but the frame grabber has a PCI interface. We have tried to make the experience of moving from bltflow to today’s technology as painless as possible. A roadunner of vision, sensor and deep learning technologies are creating extraordinary developments in retail, writes Matthew Dale.

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Development libraries provide hardware access and display functions. Thank you for submitting your InstraView Request! Dynamically changing the frame size of the grabbed image.

Older revisions are no longer supported! Dynamically change the current image height of the grabbed image. The Neon-DIF provides an upgrade path for roadrunnerr using these older differential systems.