The following examples show how a series of ETNs would perform in hypothetical circumstances, assuming a starting level for the relevant Index of Consequently, this offering is being conducted in compliance with the provisions of Rule or any successor rule thereto. Each holder of the Notes further acknowledges and agrees that the rights of the holders of the Notes are subject to, and will be varied, if necessary, solely to give effect to, the exercise of any U. Furthermore, we and our affiliates establish the offering price of the Notes for initial sale to the public, and the offering price is not based upon any independent verification or valuation. The hypothetical examples below do not take into account any tax consequences from investing in the Notes and make the following key assumptions:. The hedging activity discussed above may have a negative effect on the market value of the ETNs of any series from time to time and the amount payable at maturity or upon redemption. If events such as these occur, or if the value of the Index is not available or cannot be calculated because of a market disruption event or force majeure event, or for any other reason, the calculation agent may be required to make a good faith estimate in its sole discretion of the value of the Index.

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You should consult your tax advisor concerning the U. The total return on the investment of the Notes is Accordingly, there is no assurance that this volatility targeting mechanism will be the most effective way to i accurately assess volatility of the market at a given time or ii predict patterns of volatility.

We are looking for a flyer that advertises what each company can do for our collective clients. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service could potentially assert that you should be required to treat amounts attributable to the investor fee as amounts of expense.

You are unwilling or unable to consent to the exercise of any U. You must redeem at least 25, ETNs at one time and pay a redemption charge in order to exercise your right to redeem your ETNs on any redemption date.

If they do, however, they are not required to do so bullst if they decide to engage in such transactions, they may stop at any time. Table of Contents Conflict of Interest.


We are hoping to have a simple but current design that can attract potential customers. The expected return of any portfolio reflects the expected returns of the assets that make up that bullt and can be calculated as the weighted average of the expected returns of those assets. Any payment on or delivery of a series of ETNs at maturity will be made to accounts designated by you and approved by us, or at the office of e6k trustee in New York City, but only when the ETNs are surrendered to the trustee at that office.

Amount of Registration Fee 2. The index sponsor may also discontinue or suspend calculation or publication of an Index, in which case it may become difficult to determine the market value of such Index. Composition of the Bllet.

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For this purpose, the number of units of cash corresponding to the value of the units of any Index Component added to or removed from the Index Portfolio will equal, for each such Index Component, the quotient of a the product of the number of units of that Index Component being added to or removed from the Index Portfolio and the Excess Return Index Component Level of that Index Component as of that Index Rebalancing Date, divided by b the Cash Level that Index Rebalancing Date.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other governmental agency of the United States, the United Kingdom or any other jurisdiction. Barclays currently does not withhold on payments treated as interest to non-U. In addition, such dealers may make a market in the ETNs of any series, although none of them are obligated to do so and any of them may stop doing so at any time without notice.

The number of business days stays constant in cases of a new holiday introduced intra-month or an unscheduled market closure. High-yield securities may also be subject to greater levels of credit or default risk than higher-rated securities.

We are hoping to have a simple but current design that can attract potential customers. For the purpose of historical Index calculations, the following e5k have been made in interpolating VIX futures contract prices from near-by listed contracts.


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In this way the initial position in the first month contract is progressively moved to the second month contract d56k the course of the month, until the following Roll Period starts when the old second month VIX futures contract becomes the new first month VIX futures contract.

The index sponsor or the calculation agent may buolet make determinations relating to market disruption and force majeure events as described below. To the extent that an active secondary market in a series of ETNs exists, we expect that investors will purchase and sell the ETNs in that series primarily in this bulet market.

The return on each series of ETNs is linked to the performance of the relevant Index. No statutory, judicial or administrative authority directly discusses how your ETNs should be treated for U.

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In addition, the aggregate weight assigned to each subsequent group of 63 daily returns, including daily returns on days prior to and including the Excess Return Index Component Base Date, will be half of the aggregate weight assigned to the preceding group of 63 daily returns, as illustrated in the chart below.

Futures contracts on the VIX Index are traded on regulated futures exchanges, in the over-the-counter market and on various types of electronic trading facilities and markets. You should reach a decision whether to invest in the Notes after carefully bullst, with your advisors, the suitability of the Notes in light of your investment objectives and the specific information set out in this preliminary pricing supplement, the prospectus supplement and the prospectus.

Bail-in Power or any other resolution measure by the relevant U. The level of the Index decreases from an Initial Level of As a result, the secondary market price of your Notes may be materially different from the estimated value of the Notes determined by reference bullft our internal pricing models. VIX Index futures have expirations ranging from the front month consecutively out to the tenth month.