Furthermore, it is written and illustrated in such a manner that anyone from upper elementary school to the experienced amateur astronomer will find the book readable, interesting, and informative. Guide book, introductory either: Too tight and the mount may not move freely, tracking will suffer and battery life will be shortened. The encoders provide continuous feed back of position to the Keypad Controller display. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This is the book which Company Seven suggests be taken into the field by those who already own, or are soon going to own a good astronomical telescope. I was used to my simple Newtonian so I had to learn a lot of the Schmidt-Cassegrain design, in particular how to keep it optically aligned and collimated and how to set it up in the field.

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I wanted to do some track and stack imaging and the early price for the “kit” of the flip top wedge, computerized hand control and the mount was too tempting. The display will read Select Location then you simply enter your latitude and longitude or that of the nearest city – many are provided in the Instruction Manual Appendix C. They are loose, so set them aside to prevent dust from accumulating in the grease.

The complete telescope optical tube assembly with the single tine fork mount a first for the 8 inch SCT and the standard telescope weighs just about NexStar Hand Control 22, bytes.


The telescope can be aligned to permit the accurate tracking of celestial objects with either “Two Star” or “AutoAlign” techniques. The very real possibility exists during the celextron described here that you may damage something. The adjustable height lightweight aluminum tripod furnished by Celestron with the NexStar 8 is economical but just barely adequate. Apply power to the mount and ensure free movement. Softcover, by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. After the warranty has expired you should consider the possibility that you will cause costly damage when working on your scope.

Odds and Ends – NexStar SE Series, 5i/8i, 8i Special Edition

I included as many pictures as was practical for a book, but thought additional pictures would be useful. The power input is wired so that AA batteries in the drive base are not necessary to operate from external power sources.

You can see it in one of the pictures above. How to use This Site. Car Battery Adapter power cable 12 enxstar DC. King, Sidereal, Lunar and Solar. This play is evident by how long it takes for a star to move in the eyepiece when the hand control arrow buttons are pressed especially when changing directions. Sorry for the Celestron label.

Some Internet sites which may help users set up the NexStar telescope: I got it through eBay from an auction of the Salvation Army, which was collecting funds for a senior citizen auspice.

The Backyard Astronomers Guide: Standard accessories of the NexStar 8 telescope include: The NexStar 8 may not replace the Celestronnit compliments the line with a more affordable simpler to use interface, geared for visual applications.

  D-1156I R5B DRIVER

This is one of only two up to date books which Company Seven suggests to those who have decided to buy a telescope, and who are now considering the choice of astronomical telescope and the related accessories. This menu selection may be disabled neexstar the user when desired such as when operating the telescope from internal batteries. The technical support people at Celestron has also been patient with my questions, given the fact that the Nexstar 5i is no longer fabricated.

Celestron Nexstar 5i

Electronics and Computer Software Features: E-mail webmaster to report abuse, problems, or comments. Align the red dot Star Pointer sight to place the red dot over the target observed with the telescope. Once there, then the display will ask you to use the directional arrows on the Keypad Controller to aim the Star Pointer sight at the star. After removing the cover, the nut is now visible. I give my large kudos to Michael Swanson.

Note detachable Keypad Controller stored in Fork Tine 38, bytes. Starting out in Amateur Astronomy. Includes numerous tables, charts, and adequate line art illustrations.

Guide book, introductory either: