It’s divided into 10 sections, and roughly half is in a classroom, and half is driving under instruction. Portas is the Europe travel limited to just the countries served by the EuroRail Pass or does it include all of Eastern Europe as well? Is driving trains that good a job that they get snowed in? Nov 09, Last Visited: How come if you wish to learn about the training process, have you not contacted Connex directly? Back home in Frankston. The max age for recruitment is

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Come second Interview with the managers of my group of lines all things were rosey till I had a brain explosion and started saying silly things. How they can make assumptions and choose suitable candidates based on that on-line ‘quiz’ is beyond me.

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And as a journalist who, over the years, has watched with dismay an increasing trend for companies to a hide behind PR reps to suppress facts and deliver their own spin rather than speaking directly with journos and b prohibit staff from speaking with the press because they won’t be primed to deliver the doctored company line, Whatever happened to the good old days where you got a position based on experience and your overall record, I think tests like these are frankly a load of crap and as CityRail has found with its new Trainee Drivers that they are loosing many of them in the first 12 months, so much for their psyco testing.


I don’t know what you mean there One thing I do have to say for journo’s; they have a way with words. Maybe that’s why I’ve never seen a newspaper article on a subject which I know without an error in it – just something small like not knowing the difference between a Sea King helicopter and a Seahawk.

Oct 30, Last Visited: My guess is that since Melbourne train passengers have already been told that the majority of train cancellations are due to a driver shortage and that drivers are emerging from the training programme so slowly because it’s such a lengthy process to train them, they might just be interested in what trainees are learning during their 17 or 18 months.

I have an unblemished record and I thought that my experiences in the UK would make me an ideal candidate So far no trainees have contacted me, and maybe it’s because they’re all too busy or think there’s nothing much they could say anyway.

If Connex has been co-operative why don’t you ask them, if you can interview a couple of there trainee drivers, rather than going behind connex back.

Connex Trainee Drivers

I was wondering how many people on this foram applyed to Connex to the Trainee Drivers Position? What was it that the pot called the kettle?

Anyone else with a reply yet When I get the chance Portas I’ll email you if you don’t mind as I am really interested in finding out more information. How come if you wish to learn about the training process, have you not contacted Connex directly?

Well, it’s always the best way of getting the truth. Grim, I would suggest you contact Connex or the Training Centre directly. Oct 21, Last Visited: Sounds a bit fishy Fishy?


Jan 14, Last Visited: But I’ve been told if you have previous driving experience to ring up Connex’s head office as you will get a job direct with them rather than been stuffed around by some stupid consultancy firm who wouldn’t know what a train is if it hit them!!! The former went through a recruitment agency and consequently I heard no reply.

Jan 30, Last Visited: Jan 06, Last Visited: Mate – while also this is not a personal beatup – I wouldn’t trust a journo as far as I could throw them. You can syndicate our news using one of the RSS feeds. This is not a comment directed at you personally I don’t know youbut at journalists generally. Need to find out where they are trained.

It’s divided into 10 sections, and roughly half is in a classroom, and half is driving under instruction. You can remain anonymous if you wish, but be assured there’s no intention to do a beat-up or bash Connex.

I really don’t need to tell you that in order to find grainee trainee to ambush you need to firstly. Hell, has a good news story ever sold a newspaper? Within a few days I had a group interview.