Elographics touchscreen is a AccuTouch, connected through a serial link. I’ll ping Elo again about this, my last request was met with silence. This info should be in the Xorg. Again, thank you very much. In addition, patch 7 is not upstream neither is patch 19 so this conflicts with a few people who indicate the problem is fixed with the 1. I’ve submitted the hal information in Bug – see:

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Both the touchscreen and resolution issues I am having seem related although not identical to this bug, and none of the fixes proposed here work for me. Then I use the xserver- xorg-input- elographics package. With this configuration and the default elographics module I had a problem with the direction of the Y coordinate, It was inverted.

I just played with them until it worked. On hardy the cursor hangs on the edge of the display if we do this. Once this file is in place, restart haldaemon and check with lshal that elobraphics right options are assigned.

Comment on this change optional. Hello, within our configuration directions of coordinates differs for elographics driver against the screen Directions.


Thanks, that’s exactly what we ended up doing. Please elaborate on your comment if you could.

The good news is I got a beta driver from Elo and this now limux very nicely including a proper calibration utility, and control panel for further options config. Add dependencies for ttf-freefont and x-ttcidfont-conf. As I indicated before anyone with this hardware should be able to get such drivers elographkcs them directly. In this case, the device is a serial touch-screen connected via a serial-to-USB converter. I have the same bug with 8.

Who-T: elographics touchscreen setup

Changed in xserver-xorg-input-elographics Ubuntu: If this package solves the issue on hardy, it may be reasonable to consider putting an SRU to include it as a hardy update. So, good news and bad news. The issue still resides inside release 1. Several patches are mentioned in this bug report comments 7, 18, 19, 23 each of which is different.

EloTouchScreen – Community Help Wiki

On Thu, Apr 16, at Is the patch previously mentioned integrated in Intrepid? Bart could you please explain how exactly you did on Linux Mint 13? I have a suspicion that there is something hardware-specific about this bug, but unfortunately none of the many linuc who have confirmed this issue have indicated what hardware they have, so it’s impossible to determine this as the case, nor to develop a proper fix that conditionalizes the y-axis swap for that specific hardware.


See full activity log. Patch for merging functionality of 1.

elographics(4) – Linux man page

On Linu, Apr 16, at This essentially means it’s not suitable for use in an LTS environment where possible updates will break it unless carefully applied. So you will need an fdi snippet to match the device up with the driver.

An alternative is to build and then run touchcal from a non-X terminal to determine minimum and maximum values to use in xorg. I’ll research the driver options further.

elographics (4) – Linux Man Pages

Fabian, just to make sure I understand, could you explain elogrwphics issue you’re seeing? Dominic dominic-letourneau wrote on If you have athen you can just edit elo Xorg evdev Evdev is the current way to set up a Elo touchscreen. Friday, July 6, elographics touchscreen setup.