Black donnellys pilot ending relationship

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black donnellys pilot ending relationship

With their Black Irish roots, the Donnellys? fierce loyalty to each other knows no Pilot. Family first-The Donnellys are four young working-class Irish-American . In fact, I think only 3 or four episodes aired so we get to see how the series ended . . Careers · Blog · About Amazon · Press Center · Investor Relations · Amazon. [The Black Donnellys] Missing scenes from the pilot. This fanfic gives away MAJOR SPOILERS for the pilot, so if you don't want to know .. Their relationship may be tenuous at times, but if anyone could smooth this out. The Black Donnellys is an American television drama that debuted on NBC on February 26, The pilot episode illustrates a clear tension and rivalry between Irish and Italians. The episodes are Tommy is in love with Jenny Reilly, a childhood friend with whom he has a complicated and strained relationship. He struggles.

If it hadn't been for his bad leg, Jimmy would have made it out and Sean never would have been hurt at all.

black donnellys pilot ending relationship

In some way it was Tommy's fault all of this had happened. He made Jimmy the way he was. How could he blame anyone else for something he created? It was no one's fault but his own… Or at least that's what Tommy'd told himself for so long, but enough was enough. Jimmy's latest scheme put him way in over his head, and Tommy was done trying to fix everything. It was impossible to save a sinking ship when you only have a pail, but at least he could get Kevin and Sean away before they went under with him… Speaking of, Tommy had made his way back up the block where the Firecracker Lounge was located, without realizing he had come full circle.

It was past midnight, and he knew Jimmy was out making the drop. No amount of guilt tossed his way would ever dissuade Jimmy Donnelly from screwing up his life, but Tommy hoped his words had gotten through that tough exterior nonetheless… Reluctantly, Tommy shuffled up the street—his anger mostly vanished, but a deep-seated frustration boiling beneath the surface—and pulled open the door to the bar.

To his surprise he found out that his hopes were not entirely dashed. Jimmy was absent, but sitting on a stool at the bar, a Coors to his left and a deck of cards before him in the classic Solitaire formation, Kevin remained, alone and unusually quiet. He lay down a few more cards, surveying the pattern before him, then slapped the deck down on the table with a sigh and gathered the cards messily.

Without glancing up at Tommy he said, "third game in a row I just lost, would ya believe it? There's nothing at stake and I can't even get lucky. Joey's gonna help him instead. He took a seat next to Kevin and set the beer down on the countertop, then proceeded to bury his head in his hands with a beleaguered sigh.

The Black Donnelys Episode 5 (Run Like Hell)

There were a few minutes of baited silence with nothing but the sounds of the streets outside before Tommy lifted his head again and spoke. I swear," Kevin responded. Even if you did know I wouldn't expect Jimmy to listen to any of us.

But even before the drugs—he needs to stop. He's barreling towards something bad—I don't know when he's gonna get there, but I have a feeling it's gonna be soon. This is his worst idea ever. Everyone knows you guys got Louie. Everyone knows it's Jimmy behind this…" "He was only trying to help me," Kevin said quietly.

He hesitated, then, "I know Jimmy's got some crazy ideas, but he concocts 'em with the best of intentions. I got into debt. I owe Louie the money. Jimmy's only doing this to help me. You gotta believe me.

There are other ways to save yourself than by getting yourself in deeper. You know that, right? Tommy and Kevin both glanced up at it and Kevin cocked an eyebrow.

On the fourth ring, Tommy picked up and said, "Who is this? It was a girl's voice, one that Kevin couldn't place, and she sounded hysterical. Jimmy, is this Jimmy? Oh God, oh God…" "Who is this?

There's so much blood, oh my God…" Tommy felt his stomach turn over and that sinking feeling he experienced all too often in his young life. Feeling he already knew the answer, Tommy asked, "I have to help who? He talks about you guys so I figured—I didn't know what else to do! Please come help him! Tommy hopped over the bar and made for the door, Kevin close on his heels, still utterly confused as to what was going on. There was no explanation, but no words were needed.

The pair took to the street at full speed, running for the corner Joanie had specified. They saw her standing, nearby the payphone, and kneeling by a crumpled form near the curb. All other sound seemed to be drained out by a noiseless static that invaded his senses.

Nothing else existed; nothing else mattered. Shouting his name, Kevin and Tommy crossed the distance in what seemed an eternity, sinking to the pavement next to his beaten body. Joanie was sobbing hysterically and Tommy pushed her away—a little more roughly than he intended, but he would worry about apologizing later. Seany… oh my God…" Tommy muttered, taking his baby brother's bloodied face into his lap and stroking his hair.

black donnellys pilot ending relationship

Sean didn't stir at any of this, but grappling for a pulse in his neck, Tommy found one and shouted at his other brother, "Call an ambulance! Tommy could hear Kevin in the background banging on a dry cleaner's shop door to be let in, but his vision was focused on his baby brother. Sean lay curled up on the pavement in a fetal position, what was visible of his body already showing signs of deep purple bruising, and his foot crammed at an unsightly angle.

Blood oozed from several wounds on his face and Tommy tried desperately to wipe it away. He didn't mean to be so dismissive, but he couldn't help it. Some animalistic motivation took over, and he didn't want to let anyone touch Sean but himself.

Joanie backed off and sat quietly watching until Kevin returned and knelt at Sean's side once more.

They should be here any moment. Kevin had to pry him away so the paramedics could get at Sean and as they stood there together, everything appeared to be a blur to Tommy. When they packed Sean up on a stretcher and put him in the back of the ambulance, Tommy wanted to go, but they said they could only bring one person and the girl was bleeding.

Tommy hadn't even noticed she was injured but when he looked and saw the bruising on her cheek and jaw, he felt bad he had treated her so roughly. She gave them a sad look as the doors closed and they were ushered off into the night. Tommy stood still for some moments before Kevin called out to him cautiously. The older brother realized then that this was all revenge—a reaction to Louie's kidnapping. The Italians had taken the situation into their own hands by taking it out on someone who didn't deserve it.

And if that's what they did to Sean… they would probably murder Jimmy… A wave of nausea interrupted Tommy's dark thoughts and he found himself emptying the contents of his stomach into the nearest trash bin. Wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his jacket, Tommy saw the blood—Sean's blood—and tried to erase the emotions that it evoked. He turned and looked at Kevin, whose comforting hand was placed on his back for support.

The younger brother's face was red and tear-stained, but spoke volumes. They needed to find Jimmy and they needed to tell their mother about her baby boy. When he got back to the bar, it was as empty as he'd left it.

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He was about to head downstairs to check for his brother there, but when he saw the door wide open, the chair empty, and the telling bloodstains on the wall and floor, he knew that the situation had just gotten worse. Jimmy already knew what had happened to Sean. Somehow, he already knew, and he had retaliated in kind, which meant that he'd just made the situation exponentially worse than he had ever imagined. He doubts every bet that he makes, and therefore loses every bet except one: The horse won, and as it was the last thing his father did with him, it caused Kevin to believe he is lucky.

His gambling debt to Louie Downtown created the chain of events that lead to the season finale. Kevin is often caught between helping Tommy and Jimmy. He is very loyal to his brothers and is much more of a follower than a leader. Sean "Seanny" Donnelly Michael Stahl-David — Seanny is the youngest of the brothers and is noted for his popularity with women.

Sean would like to help his brothers with "business", but they try to keep him out of the loop to keep him safe. He works for a delivery service that serves Reilly's diner, and makes a point of delivering extra food for Jenny free of charge. He and Huey were the bosses of the Irish neighborhood when the Donnelly brothers were kids, though Bobby was the head of the union local, a position that earned significant respect for himself and his family.

Kate Mulgrew as Helen Donnelly. She watches out the most for young Sean, but she fiercely defends all her sons and turns a blind eye to their acts of revenge. While the boys feel she needs protecting, she gives hints of being much more capable and streetwise than they would ever guess.

He is typically willing to help them out in their times of need. Something of a Scheherezade figure, he is a classic example of an unreliable narrator, revising his story frequently when called on iffy details.

She and Tommy have a complicated and strained relationship. Jenny married a schoolteacher who, unbeknownst to her, stole from drug dealers to pay his student loans and ended up stuffed in an oil drum.

black donnellys pilot ending relationship

No one has the heart to tell Jenny. Nicky Cottero Kirk Acevedo — Nicky is an Italian gangster currently attempting to take over the area formerly controlled by his mentor, Sal.

He befriends the Donnellys to try to take down both Dokey and Alo. He is known for carrying an axe and chopping off people's toes. He wants more than anything to gain the prestige and respect his brother had, but has trouble putting up with the aggression of the Italians and the wayward ways of the Donnellys. He was killed in the pilot episode. Louie Downtown Joe D'Onofrio — Louie Downtown is a low level bookie who doesn't mean anything to anyone, except that he's the nephew of the Italian mob boss Sal Minetta.

Louie is kidnapped by Jimmy, Kevin, and Sean because Kevin owes him money. They hold Louie for ransom to the Italians, but when the Italians discover the Donnelly brothers are behind the kidnapping, Nicky Cottero severely beats Sean.

In response to the attack, Jimmy shoots Louie to death. Joanie Betsy Beutler — Joanie is Jimmy's drug addicted girlfriend.