Machine robo rescue ending relationship

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machine robo rescue ending relationship

An organization, Machine Robo Rescue (MRR), was established for robots and children to . She's a former child actress and now MRR public relations liaison. Sortie! Machine Robo Rescue is a mecha anime television series produced by Sunrise. . She is a former child actress and now the MRR public relations liaison. .. toy robots · Television shows based on toys · Japanese television series debuts · Japanese television series endings · TV Tokyo shows. Looking for information on the anime Shutsugeki! Machine Robo Rescue? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online.

In Vehicle Mode, he resembles a Drill Tank.

Robo Machine

In Robo Mode, he somehow has a strange resemblance to Rod Drill. His special attack is Drill Attack. He has a cool accent and can understand with the animals of the ocean and he really loves the ocean.

In Robo and Hyper modes, he is like Police Robo except for the different features and design. His special attack is Bubble Smash. When he's activated once, he almost destroyed the facility so he was deactivated until the Disasters got a hold of him and Jay chose him to be his Robo Master.

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His special attack is Burst Tempest. Fitting his name, he can turn invinsible. His vehicle resembles an F Stealth Fighter. It resembles a set of bullet trains. It carries Fire Robo and the Aider Robos to their chosen destinations.

machine robo rescue ending relationship

Alice Beckham Blue Siren's Transport unit. It reassembles an armored van in Vehicle mode. It's the shortest of all the transporters of the MRR. It reassembles a Haul Truck in Vehicle mode, which is pretty huge. His special attack is Burning Storm. He was the last to be destroyed and by Machine Commander Robo. His special attack is Exhaust Bomber. He was defeated by Stealth Robo using Jet Robo's parts.

His special attack is Power Crusher. All three of the Black Machine Robos were in command of Col.

machine robo rescue ending relationship

He also took the Police Robo and the Bike Robos with him. Being Tsuyoshi's twin, Susumu knows exactly what his brother is thinking and doing at all times.

machine robo rescue ending relationship

Susumu is the machinery expert among the twins. Being Susumu's twin, Tsuyoshi knows exactly what his brother is thinking and doing at all times. She is a former child actress and now the MRR public relations liaison. The main backup for the Blue Sirens, she has a crush on Makoto, proven when she got jealous when Makoto went on a date with Aki.

She also volunteered to be one of the instructors of the next MRR generation. Their specialty is extreme rescue situations involving earthquakes, debris, building collapses and underwater rescues. The team's color is yellow and the team's symbol is a closed hand, which is the "rock" sign.

The team emblem has two gears on either side of an embedded plate. They are headed by Instructor Marie.

machine robo rescue ending relationship

He is usually shy and his stomach hurts before a rescue. He also owns the company where the new parts for Machine Robos are built hence Professor Suidoubashi addressing him as "Company President". They are the happy group of MRR, with Sho and Ken, making people laugh and smile so as to forget their problems and believe in the quote "Laughter can Save the World. She is the main backup of the Yellow Gears along with Ken. He is one of the backups for the Yellow Gears together with Sayuri.

He sometimes acts in a feminine manner. He met a ghost pirate girl named Nina which follows him but is not determined whether they still contact each other. He later becomes the official doctor for the next MRR generation. The team's color is violet and the team's symbol is a hand with a finger pointing northwest and a thumb pointing northeast. The team emblem is the same with the emblem of V-Stealth Robo, featuring a simple drawing of the vehicle mode of V-Stealth Robo with lightning striking it.

He is a combat specialist and also a "survivor natural" like Taiyou. His past is unknown but it is believed he was involved in space exploration when he was a baby. He was the only survivor from an accident that happened in space where he was sent out in an escape pod and found by an exploration team.

He was sent to an orphanage then captured by the Disasters. He was brainwashed and trained to be a warrior. Later on in the series, he and Kai were both assigned to space for International Hyper Rescue. He is in charge of the Red Wings.

machine robo rescue ending relationship

He is a calm, cool guy but can become upset when trainees get into trouble. He is in charge of the Blue Sirens.

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She is in charge of the Yellow Gears. He was also involved in the creation of Kaiser-G and the subsequent disaster it caused. He is also a survivor of the same plane crash that killed Taiyo's parents. Disasters[ edit ] The Antagonist Group in the series.

Hazard Kaiser-G's right-hand man, he is a psychopath who wants to create more disaster and bring chaos to humans.