Owari no seraph nagoya kessen hen ending relationship

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owari no seraph nagoya kessen hen ending relationship

Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen (Seraph of the End: Battle in fallen comrades, have their own way of forming meaningful relationships. Seraph of the End (終わりのセラフ, Owari no Serafu) is the anime adaptation of the Seraph of the End manga Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen (Cour 2) . Necessary revision was seasonably coinciding owari no seraph nagoya kessen- hen episode 12 ending a relationship the disdainful curium.

Owari no seraph nagoya kessen-hen episode 12 ending a relationship

If 1st season didn't hammer that point in, then this season surely made sure to get the job done. But I guess there is one noticeable change worth noting, and that's that the show somehow manages to get worse. Through the magic of fujoshi bait, God awful writing and the power of friendship, this anime becomes a firework display of stupidity rarely achieved by many.

It pushes forward into the throw-away abyss at breakneck speeds. And in its own way, it succeeds. It has proven that when you really try hard enough, when you really push long enough, and when you really care enough, you can enter even denser shounen bullshit territory.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you "Generic: And while all this is going on, in the background, there's an even more sinister plan being conjured up by ImTheObviousBadGuy-sama and his cohorts. Now the setup for this season isn't all that bad, in fact, it's a traditional one that, if done right, can be quite rewarding to watch unfold. It's the classic clash of ideals, where opposition reaches a breaking point of unreachable compromise.

The end all be all fight where the stakes are set on the highest pedestal. A Zero-sum dice roll, where only one side can walk away rewarded.

These are the kind of stories that litter literature, cinema and TV on constant rotation, but despite that, can still offer up the same thrills and chair-gripping engagement expected from the best of them.

But even when considering the long shelf-life that these kinds of stories offer, if it's poorly written, no amount of the garnishing and repacking can be done to salvage it. And to no one's surprise, Owari no Seraph isn't going to be a show that defies that unspoken rule.

You see, the problem with Seraph isn't the premise or idea, but rather the piss poor execution of it. The show just doesn't seem to have the proper comprehension of what is needed for it to make this kind of story work. Its ineptitude runs deep into the core foundation of the show, from the garish narrative decisions to the downright terrible plot conveniences tossed in to bail itself out of a tight squeeze.

owari no seraph nagoya kessen hen ending relationship

Every turn and corner lead into another questionable writing decision that really exposes the lack of foresight on the part of the creator, and improper planning on the part of the scriptwriters. Throughout the show's run-time, this leads to numerous situations where our characters come face to face with death, only to have a last-minute dues ex machina tossed in to fish them out of troubled water.

And this doesn't just happen a few times, it happens in an endless cycle, most notably with our main protagonist MustProtectMyFamily-kun, who inexplicably survives more shit than even what's possible with the aid of basic plot armor. It's like he himself becomes the embodiment plot armor, to the point where his existence is met with guaranteed immunity, regardless of consequence. This creates some of the most uninspired character struggle imaginable. There is zero tension to a story that goes out of its way to perform back flips around its lead.

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But this isn't only limited to him, almost everyone that's given a name and a back-story is automatically in the safe-zone, even if they're stabbed through vital organs. I can't properly explain this without taking a special mention of the show's ending.

owari no seraph nagoya kessen hen ending relationship

For the sake of avoiding spoilers, just pay attention to the numerous times where our main characters not only live through death marker injuries but also walk it off like it wasn't that big of a deal, it's quite laughable. The only ones 'biting the bullet' are characters that are clearly introduced for the sake of dying a few episodes later. The moment they're introduced, a death flag is planted smack dab on their forehead.

It's an old trick that wasn't good in other stories and isn't good here either. But Owari no Seraph S2 isn't all bad, if anything, there was a noticeable improvement in its art and animation.

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They changed scenes from the manga but I don't mind at all. Based Sawano that piano. And congrats to both Irino and Kensho for their acting. I don't give a rat's ass about yaoi I used to when I was 14 years old In Japan the biggest fanbase is Mikayuu and if Mikayuu doesn't happen high possibility but I still have an ounce op hope left because I'm fucking desperate then no ship at all will happen. The power of fandom is not be underestimated. The highest possibility of what will happen is that he's gonna make it ambiguous, neither Mikayuu or Yuunoa becoming official.

It would be awful. If he wants to make Mikayuu happen in a romantic sense at the end, that should be his decision and not what the fanbase wants. He knows for sure what is going on with the readers, he is not stupid nor blind but saying that the fanbase would hurt the sales because of their homo ship not happening is a bit over the top.