Tom branson ending relationship

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tom branson ending relationship

In defense of a Mary/Tom romance: The 'Downton Abbey' ending we deserve you'll realize that you want Mary Crawley and Tom Branson to get it on, too Mary and Tom's relationship is, and has always been about seeing. Tonight's series finale is set at the end of while its pilot took place way back in Take for instance the relationship between Anna Smith (Joanne Brown Findlay), Irish socialist chauffeur Tom Branson (Allen Leech) was. Downton Abbey's Lady Mary really needs to listen to Branson's romance advice if Despite their story coming to a tragic end, and the fact that women were still seen More: Is Downton Abbey's Thomas trying to woo Andy?.

Laughing, she says that that sounds more like something he would say. Lord Grantham would certainly fire Branson had he known about this inappropriate conversation, but Sybil promises not to say anything to her family. Although Branson is visibly discouraged by this rejection, he is touched that she would not reveal his admission of feelings for her to her family, granting it would be hard for her to forget about being a nurse and her family even if she reciprocated his feelings.

A few months later, Branson has been called up by the war office, Sybil rushes to see him, not wanting him to go, but, being Irish, he does not intend to fight for the British Army, instead he plans on being a conscientious objector.

She tells him that he will go to prison if he publicly speaks out against the war, but he doesn't care if he does have a record for the rest of his life, saying that at least he will have a life. When Branson finds out he has been rejected by the army because of a heart murmur, Sybil is initially worried for him, but he says it is only dangerous if you want to humiliate the British Army.

She is glad that he isn't going to be killed or to go to prison, but wonders why he has to be angry all the time, saying that she knows Britain wasn't at it's best in Ireland during the Easter Rising in This is the first time Branson has been seen to be moved negatively by something Sybil has said.

He tells her that during the Easter Rising one of his cousins was walking up North King Street in Dublin and an English officer shot him dead on the assumption that he was "probably a rebel".

She says she didn't know and he drives away upset. Tom Branson's note to Sybil when about to humiliate an Army General. Branson thinks of another way to get back at the army by offering to be a footman and serve at a dinner party at which an important army general is a guest.

tom branson ending relationship

Branson writes Sybil a note asking her to forgive him for what he did to the general and puts it in some of her washing to be taken to her room.

Anna finds this note and runs to tell Mrs Hughes, believing Branson to be about to assassinate the general. Together they find Mr Carson and stop Branson before he had chance to act.

Branson contemplates making a scene anyway, but looks over his shoulder to Sybil and decides to leave quietly with Mr Carson. As it turns out, Branson was not planning to kill the general, but to pour a mixture of oil, ink, cow pat, and sour milk over his head. In the kitchen, the staff decide not to get the police involved, as news of the attempt would bring similar embarrassing attention to the British military as if it had been successful.

Carson lets Branson off, with the promise that he'll not do anything like it again. She doesn't understand how he can be contented with tinkering with a car all day. He tells her that she is the reason he won't leave Downton and states that she feels the same way towards him but is too scared to admit it, but Sybil tells him to not be ridiculous.

Unaware of Mary Crawley 's presence he continues to try and convince her to run away with him. Luckily they are out of earshot, but Mary has been made aware by Violet Crawley that Sybil may have a inappropriate beau she has had to keep secret. Seeing the two of them conversing alerts Mary to what is going on. Sybil finds Branson in order to tell him that Mary knows about them.

At first he is worried that he will be made to leave without a reference, but is cheered by Sybil's address of the two of them as 'us'. Branson tries to convince her that she loves him, otherwise she would have told her family about his feelings and intentions years ago. In turn, Sybil challenges his assumption that she must love him just because she has not given him away.

This meeting turns into an argument, Sybil has thought about the the consequences of running away with him, asking if she will be accepted by his people and how she could ever leave her family, she hopes that she is a free spirit like he says, but he is asking her to leave behind everything she has ever known. A moment of despair results in Branson belittling Sybil's work serving tea to a bunch of randy officers.

Tom Branson

Branson finally tells her that nothing else matters but the two of them: The rest is detail. He reassures himself by saying that maybe the future needs terrible sacrifices. This leads to a conversation about Sybil's politics, during the war the suffragette movement was put on hold out of respect for England and for the men off fighting. Much to Sybil's annoyance Branson suggests that she has given up on her cause and should have stuck it out.

Sybil tries to leave but he stops her by the waist, she stops abruptly, resulting in a moment of stunned silence. Knowing that this was not the done thing, he removes his hand hastily away. Not meaning their politics anymore he says her future is up to her.

She hesitates for a moment, looking between his eyes and lips and leaning in as if to kiss him, but abruptly pulls back and turns to leave. Branson is left standing alone, watching her go. Sybil later tells Branson that she cannot give his proposition for them to run away together adequate consideration until the war is over.

She then asks him to wait until then -- "just a few more weeks" -- for the answer. Branson responds, "I'd wait forever. Bored of her life now that she is back in the same old routine that she was stuck in before the war. The war has changed her irrevocably and she knows it, she cannot and will not return to her mundane existence of waiting around for a suitable bachelor, whom her parents approve of, to stumble her way. When Matthew and Lavinia announce that their engagement is back on and that they are going to get married at Downton, Sybil realizes that the war is well and truly over and it is time for her to move on.

Mary, Edith and Anna find them and convince Sybil to return to Downton with them.

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Before departing she tells him she will stay true to him and kiss him, he closes the door behind them. Still trying to convince Sybil to see sense, Mary and Edith are horrified to hear she has invited Tom over in order to tell the rest of the family that evening about their plans. Tom is now a journalist, which will hopefully, according to Sybil, sound better than chauffeur to Violet, but nevertheless they are all stunned.

Robert orders them to break it off, but neither of them waver in their love and determination. The day after his and Sybil's announcement, Tom arrives at the Servants Hall. Meanwhile, Lady Mary finally shared a kiss with her love interest Henry Talbot, thanks to a convenient downpour of rain.

Downton-Abbey-Staff2 Episode 4 A suitor finally appeared for Lady Mary in the form of dashing race-car driver Henry Talbot Matthew Goodeand the couple enjoyed some flirtatious banter of a lavish dinner in London. Former housemaid Gwen returned to Downton as a guest — which prompted bitter Daisy to make some revolutionary comments.

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The Crawleys — with more than a little prompting form Daisy — offered Mr Mason the farm which had conveniently been vacated by the Drews in the previous episode. Episode 3 The wedding we had all been waiting for finally took place — and, thankfully, Mrs Hughes got her own way in the end and was married in the school house. Luckily, help was at hand in the form of new suitor Bertie Pelham. Episode 2 The second episode of the series saw Lady Mary meddling in the servants lives — all of it well-meaning, but only some of it appreciated.

The episode ended with the Drew family agreeing to move away from the estate.

tom branson ending relationship

The murder trial saga endured by Mr and Mrs Bates Brendan Coyle and Joanne Froggatt was finally over, but the couple felt unable to celebrate when Anna revealed she had suffered a string of miscarriages. Getty At Downton Abbey James Crawley and his brother Patrick drown leaving the Earl of Grantham without an heir. The Duke of Crowborough visits and the family feel he is a good match for Lady Mary.

tom branson ending relationship

However, it transpires that he had an affair with footman Thomas. This causes problems for the ambitious Thomas, while head housemaid Anna takes quite a shine to him. Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk arrives in Downton after the conference and dies, following a scandalous liaison with Lady Mary. Housekeeper Mrs Hughes turns down a former suitor. Lady Sybil takes up the Suffragettes' cause. Matthew asks Mary to marry him but she turns him down, owing to the scandal that is still circulating concerning she and Pamuk.

Cora, Countess of Grantham, discovers that she is pregnant but suffers a fall and miscarries. Matthew Crawley, heir to Downton, meets footman Thomas Barrow in the trenches. Matthew becomes engaged to Lavinia Swire. Isobel Crawley heads to northern France to work for the Red Cross. Footman William, who is fighting on the Front, asks kitchen maid Daisy to marry him. Thomas returns from the war and starts working with Lady Sybil at the local hospital.

Matthew returns from the war paralysed from the waist down. William is seriously wounded and later dies, but not before marrying Daisy. Chauffeur Branson proposes to Lady Sybil. Bates visits London only to discover that his wife, from whom he is seeking a divorce, has died. A badly disfigured Canadian serviceman arrives at Downton claiming to be heir Patrick Crawley. However, the Earl casts doubt over the veracity of his story and the man soon disappears. Her father, Robert, was able to save him from going to prison but on the condition he could never go back to Ireland.

tom branson ending relationship

Sybil was not entirely disappointed at this; she had missed her childhood home and knew it could offer them peace and safety until the baby was born. Sybil planned to resume her nursing career once the baby was born. She had found her place in her married life with no regrets of marrying Tom, but back at Downton she felt a sense of safety, and longed for Tom to be accepted by the world she had always known. She confided in her sister, Maryall of this.

Before she was due to give birth, Mary went to see her, where they discussed the issue that her and Tom's child would be christened as a Catholic, and that the christening would have to take place at Downton. Mary told Sybil that she didn't need to let the baby be baptised as Catholic as it was her child too, though Sybil said that she didn't mind because she loved Tom so much. Before leaving so she could rest, Mary replied that she would help her to fight over the christening when the time came.

This was the final significant conversation anyone had with Sybil.

tom branson ending relationship

Edit Sybil with her husband Tom, and their newborn baby daughter. Sybil entered labour and began to show early symptoms of pre-eclampsia, which was correctly diagnosed by Dr Clarkson but ignored by Robert and Sir Philip Tapsellwho believed that taking her to a public hospital would be far too much of a risk to Sybil and the baby.

Sybil gave birth to a baby girl. Everybody was relieved and delighted at this outcome except Dr Clarkson who saw what was coming.