We have to flail about and experiment. Current RCR settings 0xe20e [ Please insert the device and run: The link light is blinking on the device. The result was a new command line. LoadStaus 2 , [ If not, run and post:

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EnGenius EUBH – WikiDevi

Frankly, you have no way that I can find, to determine the age of the driver in the file you downloaded. Are you running an older Ubuntu version? Shall I seatbelt myself in to my chair?

I must apologize for not being more specific. I am going to do some Googling while you test. To extract the package, you’ll need the package unrar: Thanks for the help chili. Autoload OK [ Please insert the device and run: If not, run and post: But, if it works, maybe it can help others in the community.


I’d prefer to either compile the official drivers I have linked to in post 1 of this thread, or find drivers less than a year old. If you try the command and it says the module is not found or doesn’t exist, then we’ll proceed. I got as far as “sudo make install’ and got this: Looks like your the man. I did sudo modprobe u. Help me keep this guy with Ubuntu by taking care of this issue.

Now I just complete the steps above?

Module u not found. HelpAre you running an older Ubuntu version?

But your advice should translate. Sorry if this ends up waisting your time. I don’t see any.

LoadStaus 1[ No such file or directory make: The site has linux drivers but since it’s not a gdeb that has its own installer I don’t know what to do with it. LoadFWStatus 1rtStatus 0 [ That means the command was accepted and executed with no errors, warnings, smoke, sparks, etc. With the device in the USB slot, it ought to load the module automagically. So, is that it or or are there any tests I should run?


Grep prints out the same result as before. The result was a new command line.

EnGenius EUB9603H Wireless-N USB Adapter Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Mac OS, Linux Drivers

So, I converted a friends laptop to Ubuntu and he wants to strengthen his wifi signal through this usb antenna-like device. The first is that you can’t compile, at least no way I know of, a file with spaces in the name; hence the rename.

LoadFWStatus 2rtStatus 0 [