I expect a refund. I think otdays yellow color code is yester years blue color code. Hope no one flags me for it. Then I get an email from the site saying the club was shipped yesterday. I think I just stumbled on another sham site. My take on the game is this. Welcome cheap golf clubs.

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As soon as I received the receipt I knew I had been done. The cream coloured triangle displaying the Cleveland logo is not the same on the counterfeit – it is a pure white paint. Thank goodness I did more research!! Does anyone know anything about golfsuperstoreonline. Search Advanced Search section: If I just went off the Ping website and plugged in the numbers, it indicates a pong more upright lie yellowwhich would not have been accurate for me.

Pricing too good to be true? I just bought a set of diablo edge irons from the callaway pre-owned web site. From this list, the Hot was selected.

They have arrived promptly and well packaged but my husband is wondering if they are genuine. I took the risk, you can now reap the reward. My clubs arrived in great shape and I had actually talked to one of the guys at the shop at garagesalegolf before they shipped as I had inquired about a speedier shipment and they called me to try to rush it out I ended up choosing the normal route which still arrived a couple of days fame than I thought it would.


G’day Guys, First post, and just getting into a bit more golf.

How to Tell Fake Ping G10’s

The clubs were not rediculously under priced but very weary now. Diagnosed with chronic back and nerve problem and decided to try and make the iron game a bit easier if possible.

Lighter finish — much lighter in the fake putter. I live in U. You will enjoy them more. Anyway, all those sites lead back to a place named Hensol Golf Academy. I have been looking around for a set of Fakr X20 Series piing Ping G10 or Rapture V2 clubs to upgrade the “Golden Bears” I have been looking at used clubs for a start, but it appears there are a lot of fake clubs for sale.

fake ping G10s?

So the question you have asked is not really relevant to whether they are fakes or not. There prices are much lower then any others I have seen. My friend purchased a new set of King Cobra from the website last year.

I was looking at buying another iron set on ebay and I found a couple different listings on there that are selling ping and taylormade iron sets that seemed ridiculously low. Seriously guy, I feel absolutely nothing for your loss. They are made in China but are assembled in the United States. I bet you typed into your Google search engine the worlds golf clubs followed by such words as cheap, bargain, wholesale, really cheap, rockbottom, really super cheap.



Back to Deal or No Deal? I politely replied staing that i believe these are originals, they then replied pointing out that the 9. He was of course hitting Mizzy blades and a Titleist driver.

The counterfeit is the on the left by the way.

From four to PW are not same as Callaway golf set. My friend brought it a year ago and that set look good quality.

BEWARE FAKE PING G10 – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

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