Murdoc and 2d relationship goals

I don't get what the relationship between 2D and Murdoc is : gorillaz

murdoc and 2d relationship goals

Hello, everyone! My name is Sinner and today, I'm gonna be talking about my personal thoughts and opinions about the relationship of the. Later in the interview, 2D, Noodle, and even Murdoc compliment Russel's It's a bit nostalgic, calling back to Noodle's relationship with Murdoc in the early. Noodle, along with 22 other children, were trained with the sole purpose of Murdoc claimed, in the Gorillaz book Rise of the Ogre, that Noodle was "off in the .

Makes it a lot more heartwarming the official Gorillaz instagram and Noodle's own instagram shows the band a lot more happier these days! Throw the Dog a Bone indeed. The video played with the live performance of Broken has some low-key sweet moments of Noodle and Russel smiling at each other.

murdoc and 2d relationship goals

In the "We Are the Dury" interview CD, Russel begins to describe the loss of Del and the struggle he went through trying to make his own album during his own misadventures. But then Murdoc gets him to calm down, as he was getting a bit too deep, which even he felt would not help Russel's mental state.


He even says "It's best not to dig too deep, dark place this one". Not bad for the satanist who chloroformed 2D, and especially when you consider that Murdoc and Russel genuinely don't like each other. Later in the interview, 2D, Noodle, and even Murdoc compliment Russel's drumming skills, calling him the best live drummer they've ever heard. Remember when you were a little kid and you would look at the clouds in the sky as the sunlight bounced off them?

And something that simple would make you feel a part of everything, and all alone at the same time. No, 2d was not gay by any means, but he'd always felt something for Murdoc in a someway.

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There was no way he would ever form a relationship with him, no matter how hard the tiny part of him wanted to. It was something that wouldn't happen anyway. There was hope at many times, when the Satanist wouldn't smack him around but still gave him slight attention. This was something the singer cherished, but would be forgotten soon when he was beaten up again. He wasn't desperate, or obsessive, so he continued to date women, and kept this hidden deep inside.

murdoc and 2d relationship goals

As memories came up, 2d pondered this, wondering what had actually brought him to develop a crush on the man. It couldn't of been his looks or attitude, considering both weren't exactly his style.

murdoc and 2d relationship goals

There was something about him that 2d loved crazily, but had no clue what it was. But, that wouldn't do. This was his new mission. He was going to figure out what made Murdoc so… Murdoc. No matter how much he hated the man, he was going to figure out what made Murdoc.

murdoc and 2d relationship goals

And it will be slooow at first, but something will happen eventually, and will make you want to read it for some reason. I own nothing, and the info I gather mostly comes from Wiki, and a bit from the Gorillaz Game there, but the info from Wiki may not be accurate.

murdoc and 2d relationship goals

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