Email Required, but never shown. When you say highlight an element, do you want to mimic the user holding down the mouse and actually highlighting that element? VS Achuthanandan 1 2. Find Xpath of an element and Draw Border around it,. Ajay February 9, at

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Did anyone face the same issue.

How to highlight Web Element in Selenium WebDriver:

Sure i will help and will update you after trying them. Below code will achieve highlighting elements during WebDriver execution. A highlighted element is also helpful for debugging purposes, since it allows us webeement focus on the elementfor which the code was actually intended.

Not a problem at all. Highlighting elements webdrover WebDriver The Native application, desktop based automation tools will have the native movements and we will visually see where the tool clicks and on which element it is focused and so on. This change at run time, with the specified changed CSS allows us to highlight the element that highligbt want to highlight.


You can try replacing the usual findElement By method with an adjusted one that uses JavaScript to highlight the found element: Does not set it back anyhow.

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WebElement ; import org. Share on Twitter Tweet.

Leave a Comment Cancel reply. I’m not aware of how to actually do this using WebDriver.

Sign up using Facebook. Post as a guest Name. You can webelejent replacing the usual findElement By method with an adjusted one that uses JavaScript to highlight the found element:. Share on LinkedIn Share.

How To Highlight Element Using Selenium WebDriver

This will others too. But in IE browser, after highlighting the element it is not dehighlighting again for that WebElement.

If you really worry about this, include a java code snippet to calculate the time difference of execution of 1 script with Js and without Js. WebDriver ; import org. I am Mukesh Otwani working professional in a beautiful city Highllght India. Yash 4, 1 26 Slance – Thanks for this! In that case Js comes to rescue.


With selenium there is no any Native movements hence its mystery for a selenium user to recognize where the selenium clicks or highlibht know currently on which elements its being executed. By ; import org. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I will check and let know you know the findings.

We cancertainly, with the power of code and with a little help from the JSExecutor that we have. You can use HighlightElement. It helps us to track our execution flow which step is being processed. Hi Amit, I want to highlight multiple elements.