How did debi mazar and gabriele corcos meet the robinsons

Meet Cooking Couple Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos

how did debi mazar and gabriele corcos meet the robinsons

Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar's second cookbook, Super Tuscan: Heritage Recipes from Our Italian-American Kitchen, is as delightful as. Extra Virgin on the Cooking Channel This is a great show! Tv Chefs, Food Extra Virgin: Sauciest Show on TV with Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos. kim lisanti. An interview with Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos. Debi also has a cooking show with her Florentine husband Gabriele Corcos, The Florentine recently sat down How did you two meet? I was on.

An interview with Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos | The Florentine

What makes your new Cooking Chanel show Extra Virgin different from other cooking shows? Our show is a hybrid that has not been done before. We do let people take a look to our life in a very personal way, but at the same time the reality element is what actually drives the recipes we feature.

We always try to approach the writing of our episodes as if they were real moments in our life. This is how we live, how we cook for our children, our family and our friends, regardless of the show.

Our kitchen is the warmest room of the house. We do not have a television in our kitchen, we do treat it as a sacred place that exists not just for quenching our hunger, but where we talk about our days, where we bond as a family. We winged the first season. You both have a lot on your plate, so to speak, how do you fit it all in? Oh, it is real hard and exciting at the same time. We really do not have a support system here in L. It is us and our daughters.

So family always has the priority, even if that sometimes means slowing down business a bit, or forcing ourselves to do something with our daughters rather than spending hours on the phone or on the computer. We do indeed have many ideas, a few products we would like to introduce into the food market here in the U.

Debi Mazar: Olive Oil ‘Nurtures My Soul’

Also, I am writing a new food centered show, already shot a pilot and in the process of giving it the final touches before starting to shop it around. I drink good red wine!

how did debi mazar and gabriele corcos meet the robinsons

Seriously, we put kids first to avoid the guilt. We are a team. Both travel separately, so one of us is with the children unless we are promoting Extra Virgin. Often, as an actor, I travel…never for more than two weeks away is the rule. We try to stay open minded, and always continue to dream and try to make things happen.

We almost never take real vacations and spend little on new stuff. We try to create the beauty in our lives. We keep a beautiful home with love, fresh paint, flowers, good food, and friends! Anything else is icing.

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How did you each develop your individual cooking styles? Why do your styles blend together so well? How do you cook and eat seasonally in California when there are no seasons? I have almost lost my love of strawberries. I used to look forward to them in the summer and couldn't wait to bite into my first strawberry of the season. Now I can have them every day, so it's just not the same.

We try to cook according to the calendar seasons, even though we don't have much of a winter here.

how did debi mazar and gabriele corcos meet the robinsons

My girls and I get cozy when it rains and imagine it is a winter day. Gabriele, is there anything special about being married to an American and living in the United States? I realized that my Florentine friends who are artists and entrepreneurs have left Florence because there you are constantly being told you can't do something.

Here, in LA, the possibilities are endless. I was kind of the black sheep of my family because I was always looking for new things to do and learn and new ways to grow. What do you miss when you are away from Florence? The country, the simplicity. I'd like to go back and harvest my own olive oil, grow our own herbs and have more of a connection between what I'm eating and how I am living.

And what about you, Debi? What do I miss about Florence? The food, our family there, the country, the air, walks in the streets, driving to Siena, my friends, the history. I am very curious about the past. I transport myself through time with literature and museum visits while I'm in Florence. I try to imagine how my life would have been in the Middle Ages or Renaissance.

I wonder how the people lived in my house years ago, how they cooked and dressed, how they bathed.

Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos Talk 'Extra Virgin' | BUILD Series NYC

Of course, I miss my American water pressure, but that's about it. I'm more relaxed in Italy, I watch less television and news and my life is fuller in a more romantic way.

My children are profoundly happy there and are fluent in the language.

how did debi mazar and gabriele corcos meet the robinsons

It's sort of a no-brainer: Los Angeles or Florence They saw Disneyland once already. The fields at sunset were misty, and the wild boars which I had never seen would roam in the distance.

The olive orchard of 20, trees glistened, and the branches looked like they were coated in silver. It took my breath away.

how did debi mazar and gabriele corcos meet the robinsons

I became obsessed with the Roman and Etruscan history. I would pretend I was a Renaissance lady, and I studied how olive oil was used for medicine and for beauty. I rubbed olive oil on my breasts and stomach during pregnancy and ended up with no stretch marks, which run in my family. Olive oil in our home is always on the table. We cook with a less expensive one and use extra virgin to dress all food.