How did kyra sedgwick meet kevin bacon

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how did kyra sedgwick meet kevin bacon

Every one of you must be aware of the names 'Kyra Sedgwick' and 'Kevin Bacon', among the short list of the longest lasting couples in the. This is either really sweet, or really creepy: Kevin Bacon was a guest on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" Monday (Jan. 13) and. Kevin Bacon—who was born in Philadelphia but now splits his time between Kevin Bacon Reveals The Secret Behind His 27 Years Of Marriage to Kyra Sedgwick. By As I meet up with the actor-musician at one of his local breakfast spots.

I'm not used to it anymore. That being said, it does get old to have to always be a monkey in a zoo. In the day-to-day thing to have people looking, talking, grabbing, needing something--I don't know what it's like anymore to be anonymous. Until you give it up, it's hard to picture what it's like, but yeah there are times that I do wish that it would go away, if only for a moment.

I won't draw the line at anything. Worrying about image is for celebrities, not actors.

how did kyra sedgwick meet kevin bacon

My concerns were more about not getting paid and whether we could make a compelling movie that people would go and see. I also knew it was gonna be a tough one to make, that it was really gonna suck. I had to go to a dark place. It was definitely a turning point.

Most of the film was done in L. I'm in this four-by-six cell--wet, naked, covered in shit, live bugs in my hair, live rats chewing on my leg, chained to the walls for a lot of it.

Being beaten by Gary Oldman ; of course, I can't think of anyone I would rather be beaten by. One day, it was four-thirty on a Monday morning, we'd been working all night, and the ground started shaking. We were right near the epicenter. It was a horrible experience. Here I was, naked, shackled in this cell, and just every day playing some new level of agony.

It was the closest I'd ever come to losing it. I'd cry on the way to work.

How Did Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick Meet: ‘Lemon Sky’ ON PBS

Most actors want to have the world look at us and love us, and those who say that that's not really a driving force for them, I don't believe. But she doesn't let you stay intimidated. She rolls up her sleeves and says, 'Enough of this. We've got to get to work. The temperature was beautiful, [but the water was] freezing. We wore wet suits and had one of those big horse troughs that they'd fill up with hot water, and we'd go sit in there and warm up.

And Kyra was like, 'Come on, this is a good character - he's the antagonist, but he's doing it for the right reasons. He's not a bad guy.

Tom and I spent a lot of time drilling those quick [dialogue exchanges] so that we would have that way of talking down. I spent time at Quantico. The Marines really wanted me to show them in a good light because I was the one good Marine in the movie, you know?

So they were constantly adjusting my uniform. There's gay porn running [on the TV]. Oliver introduces me to this extra, some kid he picked up in, like, the New Orleans meat market, and says, 'Maybe you could be making out with him.

how did kyra sedgwick meet kevin bacon

I mean, I'll kiss a guy, but I don't even know this guy. So I thought real quick and I said, 'Oliver, that doesn't quite work for me. Maybe I could be masturbating. The years between Footloose and JFK, there's not a successful movie in there. This one came out, and the phone started ringing - literally. It's one of the best movies John Hughes ever made. And I'm not just saying that to pat myself on the back.

It talks brilliantly to commitment issues and what a first-time parent goes through. It was a huge [commercial] disappointment for us. I don't make movies for my family and friends, I make 'em so people see them. It was absolutely awful. But I did have a classic horror-movie death, which is: You fuck the girl, you smoke the joint, you're dead.

So that was good. We never in a million years said, 'Okay, we've got to put a nude scene in,' but once it was in, I said, 'Fuck, leave it in, it's great. It's so bad it's good, so over-the-top with its Miami-ness, its sexuality, and the twists and turns.

I just loved it and felt like we should do something cool with it. It was a hard movie to market. I kept wanting to make it clear during press that we weren't taking ourselves too seriously. But that's a very fine line to walk. Lost a bunch of weight, was covered in bugs and rats and filth every day, was naked for a lot of it.

And we lived through the Northridge quake, one of the worst in California history. I'd be shackled and naked and then [feel] these tremors. It put me in a very dark place. I was a little bit nuts. The only chance in hell this movie had was for some kind of Oscar consideration, so I begged Warner Bros. They released the movie in January. It did very well.

A good career move, certainly. But it was a hard film for me to do, because I had a hard time with the character. He's honest, straightforward, decent-I wondered what the hell I was gonna play. Joel Schumacher 's take on it was degrees from mine. I thought the only way to deliver this idea of people medically committing suicide and bringing each other back was to approach it with hyper-realism. His take was to make it as gothic and fantastic as possible. But whatever he did worked.

They sent me the script and I loved it. No other actors were really responding to it. I saw the movie as this fantastic, subtle comedy. It was endless re-shoots; I re-shot more in that film than I have in anything else-over a year.

In one scene-because of all the re-shooting at all the different locations all over the world-I get hit over the head with a rock and fall off this cliff in Northern California, it cuts to a shot of me in midair in Canada, and when I land I'm in New Zealand. I went for this goofy audition for this movie, and then I forgot all about it. I'm living in this two-room shit-hole with another guy in a welfare hotel at 85th and Broadway. Then, months later, they called me up and said they wanted me to do some movie for scale.

Honestly, I not only didn't know how much scale was, I didn't know what the fuck it was. Man, when I found that out it was incredible! But they needed me out there the day after tomorrow. I had to get on a plane the next day. So I was flown first class to San Francisco, stayed in a hotel overnight Man, I was in seventh fucking heaven. I'd been on a couple of flights before, but I'd never flown first class. I couldn't believe you didn't have to pay for a beer in first class, couldn't believe it.

I take out my script and start reading it, hoping the stewardesses will notice. I think it's the rawest, most complex work that I've had to do, and the thing I'm most proud of. And - fitting into the strange irony of my life - it's the thing that probably the least number of people have seen! Some things I audition for. But there's no formula. I've had 15 auditions for, like, a nothing film by some guy who hasn't done anything-then again, Oliver Stone and Rob Reiner will say, 'You like it?

If I really gotta spend a long time waiting to hear about something, it's not gonna work out. I think it got the short end of the stick. It was very painful for me that it got such a critical bashing.

Nobody went to see it. I mean, these things come along where somebody says it'll take a couple of weeks and I go for it. The big draw for me was meeting Levon Helm.

how did kyra sedgwick meet kevin bacon

I'm tired of doing things that only one person will tell me they've seen. If I want that, I'll do a play. I've done my turn in the independent market. After I was a big movie star, I went back to independent films because I really believe in them.

But I'm fucking sick of it. I want big, mainstream movies. Quality, yes, but big, mainstream movies that people are gonna see. Actors are by nature vain people. Aside from looking good, vanity is about wanting to be watched, wanting to be seen. Actors who deny that are totally full of it. I think that's really fundamentally what drives them into being actors.

Now, that said, in my own work I'm not afraid to be ugly. I only want to look good if I think it's part of who the character is, or part of the story we want to tell. In The River Wildfor instance, my character's not a nice guy, but he should look good.

Because you have to sort of be seeing him through the Meryl Streep character's eyes. He's a prick, but he should look good, because you had to know what drew Meryl to him.

In Sleepers, no, the guy did not need to look good. And Barry Levinson made sure that the camera angles were unflattering. I've gotten to the point where I'll go up to the guy and I'll say, 'Here's 20 bucks, please don't play that song. I think the songs are great. When I was a kid, my heroes weren't actors. I never went to the movies, or hardly ever, and if I did it would be maybe something where I could catch a glimpse of titties or a horror movie. To this day, if I meet an actor, it's really not that big a deal for me.

But if I met Wilson Pickett. I'd shit in my pants. But, believe me, I'm not gonna give up my day job. There's a difference between saying that and saying. But when a director says, 'I want to see what it is that you're going to bring to the table,' that's the best possible work environment. Barry creates an environment that makes you want to explore.

When I took Sleepers, I thought to myself, this is going to be a really heavy, horrible experience, because I gotta do all this bad stuff to little boys. It's the story of four friends from Hell's Kitchen who get sent to a juvenile home, and I play the guy who tortures and abuses them. He's the head baddie. A sadist, a pedophile, an extremely bad person I kind of pride myself on trying to discover some kind of humanity in the darkest of characters, and I think usually I'm pretty successful.

I don't know if I was in this case. I mean, I didn't play him with drool coming down his chin; I tried to play him real, but he's pretty dark. The funny part was that I thought I'd have to stay away from the kids between takes, to stay in character and not relate to them in a very human way. That's not the way it turned out at all.

It was one of the best times I ever had making a movie. It was a gas to be with these kids. We'd sit around and carry on, tell jokes and stories, and then the camera would roll and-boom! I ran into Stanley Tucci on the street the other day. We're standing on the corner of Broadway and 60th Street, just catching up with each other, and someone walks by and they go, "Hey Stanley, I liked your work on Murder One Cowboy Arliss Howard are some of the Marine recruits experiencing boot-camp hell under the punishing command of the foul-mouthed Gny.

Warner Bros The action is savage, the story unsparing, and the dialogue is spiked with scathing humor, as the raw grit and brutal drama of the Vietnam War comes through loud and clear. Between Good and Evil" featurette and Theatrical Trailer.

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The story of Knock On Wood 2 begins on October 31,when four friends, living in Los Angeles, decide to go on a self-made tour of haunted Hollywood houses and famous celebrity murders hoping to capture these famous ghosts on camera. After several uneventful ghost hunts they came upon a house known as They have been missing ever since. One year later their film was found miles away from their last known location. Their footage was compiled and made into a movie. Interviews with the cast and crew.

Disney Let It Shine: Leading the choir at his father's church by day, while working as a busboy at a teen club by night, Cyrus is a talented rapper with just one thing holding him back -- his lack of confidence. When a local music show announces that pop star Roxie Coco Jones -- Cyrus's former classmate and schoolboy crush -- is judging a contest looking for the next big single, Cyrus submits a track. Much to his surprise, Cyrus wins, but he allows his ultra-confident best friend Kris Trevor Jackson to take all the credit while he fades into the background, feeding him lyrics and rhymes.

However, Cyrus's music works too well, and when Kris finds himself getting Roxie's affections and musical acclaim, Cyrus has to learn to speak up for himself.

How Did Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick Meet: 'Lemon Sky' ON PBS - dBTechno

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The truth is in the music. For video clips, games, photos and more, click to the Disney Channel Official Site http: In September at the height of the battle for the Atlantic, a German U-boat torpedoed the RMS Laconia, sinking the British ship without knowing that it carried more than 2, passengers, many of them civilians. What followed is a tale of humanity and heroism unlike any other in the midst of one of the bloodiest conflicts in history.

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